Does Anti-Glare Coating Wear Off? (Explained!)

Anti-glare glasses or eye protectors do cost a lot more than ordinary glasses or eye protectors. Well, if we are indeed paying a good amount for that, we do have the right to know if it will last long. 

Does the anti-glare coating wear off? If yes, then what is the point of spending so much on it anyway? Why not use regular glasses instead? 

Well if you are not sure if you want to spend more for anti-glare coating, read on. We can help you make a better decision by weighing in all the pros and cons of getting anti-glare coating. 

Does anti glare coating wear off? 

Yes, anti-glare coatings do wear off eventually. The lifespan of an anti-glare coating is about two years and by then they would peel off, ruining your style and vision.

The lifespan of the anti-glare coating can increase or decrease depending upon how you treat your glasses.

Rough usage can cut short the life of your anti-glare coating whereas careful handling can tremendously increase its lifespan. 


Pros of anti-glare coating 

Anti-glare coating is a special coating that is designed to minimize the amount of light reflected by the lenses/ glass surface. The following are the benefits of using an anti-glare coating on your glasses

1.) Clearer vision: The coating prevents positive light from entering your eyes and therefore provides clearer and sharper vision. 

2.) More natural vision: Anti-glare coating help you to see through the glasses without any aberrations so that it feels more natural to the eyes. 

3.) Scratch resistance: The anti-glare coating can prevent damage done due to scratches and can increase the durability of the glasses. 

4.) Dust proof: The coating can prevent dust build-up which can reduce visibility. 

5.) Protects eyes from harm and fatigue: The coating can keep away the harmful rays produced while working with equipments and that too for long hours. Anti-glare coating protects your eyes from harmful UV rays that can damage your eyesight. 

6.) Night vision: The coating enhances night vision as well. 

7.) Aesthetics: Anti-glasses look better as they do not reflect light. 

Cons of anti-glare coating

1.) Cannot leave glasses dirty: The glasses do not reflect light and therefore if the glasses are dirty it will be clearly visible to everyone. So it is important to keep them clean at all times. 

2.) Set low on the nose bridge: Anti-glare glasses are usually designed to be propped low on the nose bridge and hence are not that suitable if a lot of leaning down or looking down is involved.  

3.) Coating can peel off: After a few years the anti-glare coating can peel off or come off in bits which would not be that aesthetically appealing not comfortable to the eyes. 

Who should use anti-glare glasses? 

Anybody who has to spend hours before the computer or any other screens or light emitting object, on a daily basis would benefit from using anti-glare glasses.

These glasses can protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and glare that is emitted to ensure that the long working hours do not affect your health or wellbeing.

Drivers who have to go on long night rides can also use anti-glare glasses to save their eyes from strong headlights. 

How to protect anti glare coating from wearing off? 

1.) Always buy anti-glare glasses from reputable companies and make sure that it comes with a guarantee card as well. 

2.) Always keep the glasses safe and secure in a protective case when you are not wearing them. 

3.) Anti-glare glasses are to be used with care as the coating can peel off. So these are not well suited for kids or careless people. 

4.) Do not rub or grind any destructive particles against the lenses 

5.) Do not clean the glasses when they are dry.

6.) Do not attempt to clean them at extremely high or extremely low temperatures (with boiling water or ice). This may cut short the life of the anti-glare coating. 

How to clean anti-glare coated glasses? 

Never clean the anti-glare glasses when they are dry. Always wash the glasses with running water before you rub the lenses.

Do not use your shirt, tshirt or tie to clean the lenses. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses. 

Do not use rough particles, extremely hot or cold substances to clean the surface of the lens. 

Can anti-glare coating be repaired? 

Anti-glare coating cannot be repaired once it starts peeling off. You are left with two options after the coating is damaged.

One is to replace the lens, which is a pricy option and the next is to completely remove the anti-glare coating from the lenses. 

How to remove anti-glare coating from lenses? 

1.) If you are using plastic lenses you can remove the anti-glare coating using an etching cream. 

2.) If you are using glass lenses use a salt-isopropanol solution to scrape out the anti-glare coating. 

3.) Since etching cream and isopropanol are not readily available at home, the best and most easily available product to remove anti-glare coating from glasses would be vinegar

4.) The acetic acid in the vinegar will cleanse the lens. Rub a cloth dipped in vinegar against the lens to gently remove the coating. 

Tips to minimize eye damage/strain 

If you are someone who has to spend long hours in front of computer screens, the following tips might help you to reduce the damage done to your eyes by the harsh light and glare. 

1.) Try eye exercises daily 

2.) Use bluelight filter for your monitors 

3.) Have a healthy diet. Eat lots of greens. 

4.) Follow the 20-20 rule that is every 20 minutes, look away from the monitor, and focus on an object at least 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.

5.) Massage your eye area with ice to improve blood circulation and to calm the eye.

Top 3 anti glare glasses 

1.) Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint Anti Glare UV Digital Eyestrain 

This stylish bestseller comes with UV400 protection and glare reduction to keep your eyes calm and protected all throughout the long hours spent in from of computer screens.

Whilst being a clear fashion statement, the lightweight glasses ensure comfort and the flexibility guarantees durability. 

2.) Polarized Glasses for Men & Women – Night Vision/Sun Glasses With PC, Rubber Frame & REVO Coating Sports Sunglasses 

The durable glasses with Polaroid lenses are a must have for people who have to put up with bright headlights and hours of night driving. 

3.) Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

This stylish, unisex, bluelight blocking glasses are a boon to anybody who has to spend hours and hours before bright hot screens. 

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