Best Polarized Safety Glasses: Top 5 Options Compared

Do you spend countless hours on the job in direct sunlight? If so, you may want to invest in a polarized pair of safety glasses. These glasses are designed for professionals who need PPE while working outdoors.

Best Polarized Safety GlassesAs opposed to just tinted safety glasses’ lenses, these glasses are made to specifically and significantly reduce glare produced by sunlight while you are working.

We consulted several teams of construction site workers who tested well over a dozen pairs in bright sunlight while on the job. We also spoke with several eye doctors about the hazards of direct sunlight for your vision as well as reflected glare.

After our selection of polarized safety glasses were tested and discussed, we have concluded that the Jackson V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses are our top all-around choice because they are lightweight and comfortable for long work shifts and extended periods outdoors. They also offer great UVA/UVB protection and protect peripheral vision too. These glasses are definitely worthy of your consideration when you are thinking about purchasing a pair.

Polarized Safety GlassesLensFrameUVA/UVBStyle
Jackson V30 Nemesis Polarized smoke lensesGun metal 0.999Wrap-around
Ergodyne Skullerz OdinPolarized coatingRubber0.999Silver mirror
Edge Eyewear TSK226 Kazbek PolycarbonateNylon0.999Wrap-around
Skullerz OdinPolarized coatingPlastic0.999Full frame
Crossfire Eyewear #23226PolarizedPlastic0.999Full frame

Our Top Choice for Best Polarized Safety Glasses

1. Jackson V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses

Our top choice in polarized safety glasses is the Jackson tinted glasses. These glasses are incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. They reduce glare greatly and improve vision clarity. The frames are made from nylon and are quite lightweight.

These Jackson glasses also reduce 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays giving you incredible protection. They are scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. 


        • Ergonomic
        • Comfortable
        • Reduce glare
        • Protect peripheral vision
        • Lightweight


        • The nose piece may slip out
        • Too large for a standard eye case.
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Other Choices to Consider

2. Ergodyne Skullerz Odin Polarized Safety Sunglasses

These polarized safety sunglasses from Ergodyne are tops in comfort thanks to their flexibility, an adjustable nose piece, and a foam gasket that can reduce dust and particle entry. They protect peripheral vision and give 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays. These glasses are impact-resistant. 


        • Comfortable
        • Lightweight
        • Many color options
        • Style options
        • Reduce glare
        • Resist dust and particle entry
        • Affordable


        • No Fog-proofing
        • Prone to scratching
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3. Edge Eyewear TSKAP218 Kazbek Polarized Safety Glasses

Edge Eyewear is a renowned brand in manufacturing protective eyewear. These glasses are flexible and durable thanks to a nylon frame and polycarbonate lenses. The polarization reduces glare significantly.

We really appreciate their durability as they are both scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. Their width is also particularly comfortable for larger heads. These glasses are also ballistic compliant.


        • Durable
        • Sturdy
        • Flexible
        • Reduce glare
        • Affordable


        • Nose piece slips
        • Not great for peripheral vision protection
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4. Skullerz Odin Polarized Safety Glasses

These safety sunglasses feature a stylish elegant design. The molded temple design is grooved and the nose pad is adjustable for maximum comfort. The polarized lenses are scratch-resistant. These glasses come with a storage pouch in microfiber and a lanyard.

While they reduce glare, they also offer UV rays protection to 99.9%.


        • Grooved temple design
        • Nose pads are adjustable
        • Scratch-resistant lenses
        • Pouch and lanyard in the package


        • No ultraviolet ray protection
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5. Crossfire Eyewear #23226 Polarized Safety Glasses

These are high-definition polarized safety glasses from Radians that offer 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. The frame offers a sleek design that in no way interferes with the durability of these glasses. They are compliant with various international safety standards and particularly high-impact standards, 


        • Reduce glare
        • Stylish
        • Good peripheral vision protection
        • Durable


        • Tight-fitting
        • Not necessarily comfortable for larger heads
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What are Polarized Safety Glasses?

Polarized safety glasses will function much the same as regular polarized sunglasses. The only difference is that these glasses are also safety glasses that meet ANSI – American National Standards Institute safety standards for the work environment.

Polarized safety glasses are used to block glare that arrives from direct sunlight or from above and any reflecting light from underneath. They only permit direct light to reach your line of vision. In this way, you are not disturbed by reflecting light or glare that can momentarily blind you, obscuring your vision.

Many workers, together with those who practice various outdoor sports like biking, boating, fishing, motorcycling, running, or even driving choose to use this type of protective eyewear.

Polarized lenses make use of a particular filter for protection. The filter will reduce glare from sunlight, snow, ice, water, cement, or even surface paints without lessening performance and vision clarity. These filters also do not compromise the sturdiness, strength, or durability of the glasses.

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How Do Polarized Glasses Function?

Light often arrives in a disorganized manner and not in a straight line. Polarization will enact a type of organization of the light.

It will block some of the light with the polarized lens minimizing any light scattering and reducing glare. They will also offer protection for as much as 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Polarized Safety Glasses Benefits 

The most obvious benefit of wearing polarized glasses is that they block reflections. This aspect is fundamental for protecting your vision and for guaranteeing vision comfort by helping you to avoid squinting while attempting to work. Benefits include:

1. Minimizing glare. If you are working outdoors and objects viewed at a distance appear hazy, polarized lenses should eliminate this problem. They will also block blinding light that may be reflected from an approaching vehicle, booth while you are driving or at the worksite.

As a result, you won’t need to squint as much in bright sunlight. This can also contribute to reducing glare-induced headaches.

2. Minimizing eyestrain. Polarized lenses will lessen any strain your eyes are subject to. Again avoiding squinting will lessen the risk of headaches, eye fatigue, eye irritation, and eventual redness. You won’t have to squint to be able to focalize images clearly.

This type of lens will help your eyes be and feel more rested contributing to your comfort.

3. Promoting better vision. By reducing reflection, images will be cleaner and crisper thanks to increased clarity. This will help you to perform better on the job because you will be able o see more clearly. Better vision with less fatigue.

What to Consider When Selecting Polarized Safety Glasses

In order to choose the correct pair of polarized safety glasses, consider the following when searching and trying on pairs:

1. Protection Level.  Exactly how much protection do you want and need?  This is a fundamental when selecting polarized safety glasses. The type of protection you are seeking will influence greatly the glasses that you choose.

For the outdoors and direct sunlight, polarization will be a priority as well as tinted lenses. You may need impact-resistant glasses if you are at risk for flying debris. Also consider if you need peripheral vision protection or an anti-fog coating.

Check the ANSI or other safety requirements for your workplace to guarantee you choose certified protective eyewear.

2. Comfort. Comfort in polarized safety glasses is really important because if the glasses are not comfortable, you’re not going to want to wear them. This will be especially true for professionals who spend most of their work shift outside and will need to wear safety glasses most of the day.

If your glasses fit you well, you’ll have no problem keeping them on for extended periods of time. Another idea to keep in mind is to either look for glasses with an inside the lens anti-reflection coating or ask if one can be applied. This will help if the sun is behind you while working.

3. UVA and UVB Protection. Ultraviolet protection is a wise investment in any pair of safety glasses used outdoors. This type of protection will help lower any risk of damage to your eyes and consequentially to your vision.

This is of fundamental importance if you work outdoors and are constantly exposed to UV light. If possible, look for UV protection that is at least 90%. UV protection can help you avoid cataracts and macular degeneration.

4. Lens Materials. Often lenses will be manufactured with optical glass. Glass is ground, then polished to meet specific standards to guarantee clarity in vision. Glass, however, is not necessarily shatter-resistant.

Another common material used in lens construction is polycarbonate. It is very lightweight and somewhat scratch-resistant. It will provide a high level of optical clarity and is at least fifty times more impact-resistant than glass, so if you work in construction or are at risk for flying debris, impact-resistance should be taken into consideration. Other materials found in lens manufacturing include acrylic or NXT polyurethane.

5. Frame Materials. The material used in frame construction can give you an idea of the ideal purpose for a particular model. It also may influence the comfort of the glasses together with safety and function.

Frames can be made in rubber, plastic, nylon, or even metal that can be bent to adjust to your face conformation. Nylon will resist temperature fluctuations while polycarbonate is a tough plastic that is not only versatile and durable but resists impact.

Titanium, while more costly will resist scratching. Depending on your work environment, you may also want to consider if the frame is subject to corrosion.

6. Frame Size. For the frame size, consider the size of your face. You will need a frame size that fits the size of your face closely. For example, if you have a small face, a smaller frame may be in order.

If you decide to purchase your polarized safety glasses online, check out the dimensions of the glasses by looking for the eye, nose bridge, and temple measurements.

Care and Maintenance of Polarized Safety Glasses

Depending on which brand you purchase, you will want to see if the manufacturer has included specific instructions or suggestions for the maintenance of your polarized safety glasses.

Since various manufacturers may use different materials or polarization techniques, it is fundamental that you follow any indications given. You can also refer to the manufacturer’s website if you have any doubts, perhaps even contacting them directly.

Avoid cleaning your glasses with your shirt as the shirt may have unseen particles attached that can scratch the lenses. A small clean cloth in microfiber may be a better solution. 

Storing your glasses in a protective case is necessary when your glasses are not in use. This will prevent dirt build-up and involuntary scratches. Also, keep your glasses away from extreme temperatures because this could affect the lens’s coating.


1. Who should use polarized safety glasses?

Any professional tradesman who works primarily outdoors.

2. How are polarized safety glasses different from regular safety glasses?

Polarized safety glasses have a special polarized coating or feature in the lens to block harmful glare. Often a chemical coating will be applied to safety glasses to obtain polarization.

3. Where can I purchase polarized safety glasses?

Many hardware stores will offer them in-store or online such as Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes among many others as well as online e-commerce sites like Amazon.

4. Can I polarize my safety glasses?

No. It requires a special coating.

5. Are tinted safety glasses and polarized safety glasses the same?

No. Tinted safety glasses will lessen brightness from the sun but will not eliminate glare.

6. Can I use water to clean my polarized safety glasses?

Yes, cleaning with clean, warm water is ideal. Rinse your glasses before rubbing them in any way to eliminate residue. 

The Bottom Line

If you want eye protection from harsh glare, polarized safety glasses remain your best option for comfort, clarity of vision, and protection while on the job. Avoid squinting, headaches and general discomfort from extreme glare.

Protect your eyes and your vision thanks to protection from harmful UV rays as well.  We hope this article has been informative and will assist you in finding the best pair of polarized safety glasses for your professional or sporting needs.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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