Do Hard Hats make you Bald?

Hard hats are for saving you from fatalities and for saving your life! And baldness is due to your genes, health and hormonal issues!

There is no proof or evidence that hard hat can make you go bald! Literally no! But certainly there are certain precautions you need to take to keep away sweat from the hair root which might be the cause of few hair losses.

Do Hard Hats Make You Bald

This article is all about the causes of baldness and whether there is any relation of baldness with hard hat and if it is what can be the necessary precautions for it.

But let us first share tips to prevent any such hair loss:

4 Tips to Avoid Any Hair Loss Due to Hard Hat

1.) Make sure your hard hat does not fit too tight to the head and has a snug fit. This will allow some breathability and your scalp will not sweat.

2.) Wash your hair regularly after you come back home from work. This will clear all the sweat and would not allow them to settle on the scalp.

3.) Open your hard hat at regular intervals while work. This will allow our scalp and hair some fresh air and even if you sweat, it will dry up.

4.) You can wear sweat bands in the forehead area because this is the area which is most likely to show signs of baldness first.

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Causes of Baldness

Well, baldness is something both men and women fear from and no one intentionally would try to do the activities which would lead to baldness. But the question is what actually leads to baldness? After a deep research, I found out that baldness arises due to the following factors:

1.) Genetics plays the main role towards baldness

According to Dr. Michael Wolfeld, working at Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York City as an assistant clinical professor, specializing in hair restoration:

“Genetics are the main player in hair loss.”

Both male and female pattern baldness are initiated by an inherited genetic sensitivity to the DTH hormone (dihydrotestosterone) which normally turns up in the scalp. What happens in this condition is that the hair follicles shrink and languish in response to the DTH.

2.) Tying the hair too tightly can lead to baldness over time

Researches tell that if you tie your hair too tightly in pony tail or bun, over the years the hair follicles become loose and they start to fall off thus causing baldness. This condition is known as traction alopecia.

3.) Sweating can loosen the hair root

Sweating can be caused in bare head too and also because of wearing hard hat. This is because the when sweat gets stuck in the roots of the hair and the scalp, they tend to soften the hair follicles and thus they fall off easily while brushing the hair or during washing the hair.

4.) Stress is very harmful for your hair!

If you are under stress for a prolonged period of time, it may lead to a general thinning of the hair strands and thinner hair tend to break off or fall off easily.

5.) Artificial hair treatments cause deterioration in the quality of the hair

Beautification treatments such as bleaching of the hair, smoothening or straightening or perming or curling damage the natural nourishing and replenishing ability of the hair follicles.

Over a course of time, the hair becomes thin, dull, frizzy, devoid or moisture or excessive oily and start falling off. This will however not cause baldness.

6.) Medical treatments and pills have a severe effect on hair

If you are under any medical treatment which permits the entry of steroids in your body, it may lead to hair loss as well as baldness in the long run.

7.) Diabetes might be yet another cause of baldness

If you are a diabetic patient since several years, there might be instances of hair loss and baldness in the future. The main cause behind this is the intake of insulin which has a severe effect on hair.

8.) Dandruff may lead to excessive loss of hair

Dandruff is one of the roots causes behind hair loss and in severe cases may lead to baldness. Dandruff too develops due to sweaty scalp and poor washing habits.

9.) Alopecia


Alopecia is a condition where the body’s immune system attacks the scalp and hair and leads to complete baldness or patchy baldness.

10.) Poor diet causes hair loss

If your diet consists of too little iron, protein, biotin and zinc, you may experience thinning of hair and hair loss.

11.) Thyroid

Both hypo and hyper thyroid conditions may lead to thinning of hair and loss of hair in clumps while brushing.

12.) Friction can lead your hair to fall off

This has some relation with wearing hard hat. When you wear a hard hat, it gets rubbed against the scalp or the head and it creates a friction between the material or the base of the hard hat and the hair. This results in the hair loss. This condition is known as frictional alopecia.

I am pretty sure that by now you have known that hard hats have no relation with baldness. But yes hard hats make your scalp sweaty and creates friction which are the causes of hair loss.

Can you Wear a Hard Hat after Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the process where artificial hair is inserted on the scalp with the use of certain treatments and procedures.

It involves the use of certain ointments as well during and after the transplant. Your scalp needs a time period of at least 3 weeks to return back to its normal form after getting healed from the process of hair transplant.

As during this time you need to apply certain ointments on the scalp, it is advisable to avoid not wearing any head gear during this time which is 3 weeks.

Hard Hat after Hair Transplant

Wearing hard hat will make your scalp sweat if you live in hot countries. This sweat can adversely affect the artificial hair roots which are just inserted on the scalp and they can come off. But, this is certainly not for lifetime.

Once your scalp is healed and the hairs have been rooted deeply and firmly on the scalp, it will be just like normal hair, and then wearing a hard hat won’t be damaging the hair.

Does wearing a hat thin your hair?

Wearing a hat in general has nothing to do with thinning of the hair.

But you can experience thinning of hair with wearing hats probably for the following reasons:

      • Wearing hats for long hours cause sweating. Sweat will cause the roots of the hair to become loose over time and thus lead to thinning of hair.
      • Wearing too tight hats causes repetitive tension or pulling of the hair which ultimately leads to traction alopecia.
      • Also, some fabric in certain hats might cause allergic reactions to your scalp that result in redness, inflammation and itching and thus hair loss as an end result.

So, it is not actually the hat that causes the thinning of the hair, but yes it could act as a contributing factor to the thinning of the hair.

Does wearing a hat slow hair growth?

There is absolutely no evidence on earth that wearing a hat slows down hair growth in any possible ways!

That said when you wear your hat everyday for prolonged hours, it impedes the air circulation to your scalp and air has nothing to do with growth of hair.

But if you see the other side of the fact that no air in the scalp means sweaty scalp which leads to unhygienic scalp that gives way to weaker hair roots which ultimately can affect the growth of the hair.

Is wearing a hat everyday bad for your hair?

Like a wearing a hat won’t be any dangerous for your hair but it will not be that great if you were them constantly everyday for long hours.

However, when you wear too tight hats in sunny days, or do heavy physical exercises wearing the hat, it leads to excessive sweating and when the sweat settles in the scalp, it causes itching and irritation.

Also, while adjusting the strap of the hats, it gets pulled and creates friction which is another cause of sparing loss of the hair.

Also, it sometimes happen that loose hair that sticks to the base of the hats tend to get pulled out when you try to pull out the hat.

It’s time to bid Adieu!

Hey guys! I hope I could relieve at least some part of your tension regarding baldness!

Just try to live a hygienic, stress free and a well nutritional life and baldness will remain at par.

That’s all for today!

Have a good day ahead guys!

Hope the earth heals soon and we come back to our normal life once again!

Till then…

Be safe and work safely!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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