7 Best Sweatbands for Hard Hats

As any construction or industrial professionals know, working with sweat pouring down your face or running into your eyes can be extremely irritating, distracting, and genuinely uncomfortable.

Best Sweatbands for Hard HatsIt can also be a contributing cause of accidents at work. Since it’s not realistic to keep a cloth that you need to continually pull out of your belt or pocket, a well-designed and manufactured sweatband for hard hats is a necessity.

The marketplace offers numerous choices but how does one know which sweatband, in the end, will provide you with the most comfort while getting the job done. With so many options and characteristics, buyers can easily become confused.

We’ve created our Best Sweatbands for Hard Hats list in an attempt to assist you in the selection process and we hope you will find the right sweatband for hard hats for your personal on-the-job needs.

Top Hard Hat SweatBands Comparison Table

SweatBandsMaterialPackage containsWashableFeatures
Ruisita Cotton SweatbandCottonCome in packs of six or nineYesNo dripping
Aivees dream CottonCottonTenYesCustomized snaps
Sweatsopad SweatbandCotton with foam inner paddingTwelveYesFlame retardant treatment
BSX Black SweatbandsTerryclothOneYes Great for high temperature environments
Klein Tools KHHSWTBND Polyester Three YesFor hard hat suspension system; covers forehead and sides of head
Ergodyne Chill ITS 6630 Skull Cap Polyester with terrycloth sweatbandOne Yes Many colors and designs

1. Ruisita Cotton Sweatband for Hard Hats

This Sweatband for hard hats comes in a six-pack and offers exceptional absorbency and adhesion. Made in high-quality cotton, it will keep you dry throughout your work shift.

The band is washable and reusable and also is available in a nine-pack. The bands are approximately ten and a half inches in length or twenty-six centimeters and easily cover the forehead. 


      • High-quality cotton
      • Great sweat absorbency
      • Comes in Multiple-pack 
      • Comfortable 


      • Difficulty in closing snaps
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2. Sweatsopad Sweatband for Hard Hat

These sweatbands are sold in a double package of six sweatbands for a whopping twelve bands in your purchase.

Made with an outer layer in cotton, they feature an inner layer in air-cushion foam and have been treated with a flame retardant for extra safety. A lightweight sweatband with good absorbency.


      • Flame retardant treatment
      • Good durability
      • Lightweight and easy-to-install
      • Exceptional absorbency


      • Fit only standard-sized helmets
      • Some odor reported
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3. BSX Black Sweatbands for Hard Hats

This sweatband is impressive for durability and absorbency efficiency. It also works well with welding hooks, magnifying headsets, and face shields.

Fantastic for high-temperature trades and work environments.


      • Good durability
      • Washable and reusable
      • Good absorption
      • Very comfortable 


      • Too thick for some
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4. Aivees dream Cotton Sweatband for Hard Hats

This headband is exceptional for its softness thanks to beautiful cotton. It offers fantastic perspiration absorption helping to keep you dry and cool. It boasts customized snaps that remain in place.

The sweatbands are sold in packs of ten for convenience with a twenty-six-centimeter length and 10.2-centimeter width. This brand offers a lifetime guarantee and that alone speaks volumes.


      • Incredible softness
      • Good absorption
      • Easy-to-use snaps
      • Multiple-package item
      • Guarantee


      • Unusual odor initially that fades with use
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5. Klein Tools KHHSWTBND Sweatband for Hard Hats

If you love Klein Tools and Accessories, you’ll love their sweatband as well. Its superior padding guarantees comfort during on-the-job tasks.

It is a longer sweatband designed to cover not only the front of your head but the sides as well. Great for high-temperature environments, it is easily installed and comes in a package of three. 


      • Great absorbency
      • Cushion Padding
      • Longer more extensive coverage for sides of head
      • Washable and reusable


      • A bit higher priced
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6. MSA 10153518 Sweatband in Polyester for Hard Hats

This polyester sweatband comes in a package of ten. It is both lightweight and soft and offers great absorbency.

While working best with MSA hard hats, it also functions with other brands. It is particularly adapted to helmets with Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension.


      • Very Lightweight
      • Soft Material
      • Excellent absorbency
      • Three levels of snap adjustment


      • One size available only
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7. Ergodyne Chill ITS 6630 Skull Cap

If you want more than a sweatband but don’t want a pricey liner this terry cloth skull cap option may interest you.

This is a moisture-absorbing accessory that can be reused numerous times. It comes in lots of styles and choices for every taste. 


      • Affordable
      • Multiple choices
      • Quick dry
      • Lightweight and soft
      • Durable


      • Sizes are variable

What Should I Look for when purchasing a Sweatband for my Hard Hat?

You could easily think, ‘it can’t be that difficult to buy a sweatband for under my hard hat while at work, right”? Wrong! There are so many factors to consider before making your purchase choice. You’ll want to consider the brand, shape, and size of your hard hat to begin with.

Ideally, it would be terrific if the manufacturer of your hard hat also produced a sweatband for your helmet as well. Unfortunately, not every PPE gear company does so.

Let’s try and consider as much information as possible about what to look for before considering individual sweat collectors.

How Important Is the Sweatband Material?

The first thing to consider is what material the sweatband is made from. This is important both for your personal preference in comfort, but also with regard to any allergies or sensitivities you may have to certain fabrics or components in the sweatband.

The most popular choice would be for a sweatband in 100% cotton. Usually made to be soft and smooth in texture, this is a great choice for any professional with sensitive skin. 

Another great choice is the sweatband in Terry Cloth which is a super-absorbent fabric in cotton. Often produced with thin fiber, it can be lightweight and thin contributing to workers’ comfort while on site. Many professional tradesmen do not enjoy thick cumbersome sweat collectors under their hard hats.

Still, other manufacturers will offer you a choice of sweatband in polyester, which can also prove to be quite absorbent and likewise lightweight.

They may not prove to be as soft as cotton fabrics, however, for professionals that do not have particularly sensitive skin, they can be a winning choice due to texture smoothness and the many colors, styles, and designs available.

There is also an extremely efficient wicking material known as bamboo fabric that is ultra-hygienic. For workers subject to excessive perspiration, this is a terrific option, especially for long shifts. It may be a bit more costly but be worth the expense for more comfort.

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Should I Be Looking for a Specific Type or Design?

The answer to this question will depend on your personal preferences. Some workers really like the sweatbands that snap directly onto the suspension system in their hard hats.

Usually, these sweatbands are simply a piece of cloth about ten and a half inches long that covers the forehead, thus absorbing any moisture. This type of sweatband is available in numerous colors and designs.

Some sweatbands will run longer than the standard 10.5 inches in order to absorb perspiration around the sides of your head as well. For profuse perspiration, this may be a better choice. The important quality, in this case, is the ability of the fabric to absorb.

Another option is a sweatband with a suspension for the hard hat. Some suspensions will come complete with a liner for the forehead or

with padding or cushion for both the front and back of the helmet. Normally, the suspension will advertise “removable, washable brow pads”.

Are Sweat Collectors Always Washable and Reusable?

Probably most sweatbands for hard hats are washable and can be reused many times over long periods. Washing after each use is necessary to remove, dirt, grime, and odor.

Most manufacturers will provide washing indications so that your sweatband lasts a long time. Some manufacturers may suggest hand washing as opposed to machine washing so they don’t lose their elasticity too quickly, contributing to the life of the product.

The best sweatband for a hard hat will be sturdy and durable and last for a considerable period of time, giving you your money’s worth. Quality should always be one of your first considerations when selecting, together with absorbency capacity and comfort.

Deciding what type of sweatband you want, whether attachable or not, together with the material and the quality of the material, will help you make your choice more easily. For example, if you prefer terry cloth, you can eliminate other materials when setting out to choose.

FAQs about Hard Hat Sweatbands

What does a sweatband do?

A sweatband for a hard hat is intended to provide more comfort for tradesmen while on the job. Often they work for long hours under a hot sun and consequentially perspire.

This item is designed to absorb any moisture and prevent skin irritation as well as eye irritation for perspiration that drips down the face.

An accessory dedicated to moisture-wicking also contributes to safety while on the job. Eyesight irritation and avoidance of touching near the eye area with dirty hands or cloths are avoided.

This is also valid for tradesmen that work in high-temperature environments such as welders or those who solder.

Another advantage of these sweatbands is that they can also be used by people who enjoy outdoor activities. Since many come with snaps or attachment devices, they can be used for motorbikes, bikes, and even hiking in the wild,

Are There Many Types of Sweatbands?

There are several main types. Some are specifically designed for certain brands of hard hats and described as washable, removable paddings, cushions, or brow pads. 

Others are made as a longer piece of cloth with snaps and can be used with multiple hard hats and face shields. Still, others will be individual elastic sweatbands to wear under your hard hat. 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Sweatband?

Primarily, they are comfortable and contribute to your overall comfort while wearing protective headgear.  They can contribute to warmth in the winter as well as cool in the summer and help protect against any intemperate weather.

The top advantage is the moisture-wicking capacity allowing tradesmen to work without sweat irritation and blurred eyesight.

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Are There Any Disadvantages?

Any disadvantages will stem from choosing the incorrect material or size of a sweatband. Also, some materials may produce odors that disturb the worker especially if they have been treated.

Who makes the best sweatbands for Hard Hats?

Well-known head protective gear manufacturers will offer some guarantee when selecting. By searching well-known brands, you will have the opportunity to often read customer feedback giving you opinions from other tradesmen.

Some well-known brands include Kein Tools, Lift Safety, MSA, OccuNoMix, and Ruisita among others. Always keep in mind size, style, and quality when searching for your ideal sweatband.

How Do I Put A Sweatband on my Hard Hat?

This depends entirely on the style of sweatband you choose. If you choose a padding style, check out snaps and buckles for compatibility. You can begin by attaching and warping at the front of your hard hat suspension.

Once you have established the position, you can snap the buckles or snaps checking to make sure it is attached well.  If you choose a sweatband liner that uses a frame, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Do I Clean My Sweatband?

Again, read any instructions from the manufacturer as various materials may require different cleaning methods.

Some can be tossed in the washing machine while others may require hand washing. After washing, place in a dust-free location.

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We’ve discussed some of the most important characteristics to consider when evaluating hard hat sweatbands to purchase.

Consider what your wallet will allow and concentrate on the type of material that will offer you the best perspiration absorbency and comfort on the job.

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