6 Best Hard Hats for Big Heads

The hard hat provides immediate protection for your head from falling objects, flying debris, or even a live wire you may accidentally come into contact with or it may just protect you from bumping into something.

However, while providing hard hats, often businesses may not contemplate the many professionals that have larger-sized heads, and this may compromise the effectiveness of the fit if it isn’t right.

Best Hard Hats for Big Heads

If you have a larger sized head, have no fear! There are manufacturers of PPE and specifically hard hats that make great protective hard hats with you in mind. 

Comparison of Hard Hat for Big Heads

Hard HatMaterialSizingType & ClassSuspension
Pyramex HP14030 SL
Polyethylene6.5 to 8Type 1 Classes G, E and CSnap-lock suspension or ratchet suspension
MSA 475405 Skullgard Fiberglass6.5 to 8Type 1 Class G4-point Fas-Trac III ratchet system
Acerpal Ridgeline ABS

ABS6.5 to 8Type 1 Classes G, E and C6-point ratchet system
ERB 19262 19762 Americana Polyethylene6.5 to 9Type 1 Classes G, E and C4-point ratchet system
Bullhead Safety HH-F1-W HPPE6.5 to 8Type 1 Class EEZ- click Ratchet system
Malta Dynamics
Polyethylene 6.5 to 8Type 1 classes G and EFlexible

Large Sized Hard Hat Reviews

1. Pyramex HP14030 SL Hard Hat

This is a very affordable choice in a hard hat. The Pyramex SL offers overall quality if you have a limited budget.

It is manufactured in polyethylene of high-density for the outer shell and offers a simple durable balanced design. It is lightweight and features a comfortable secure fit that can sit lower on the crown of the head.

Four-point snap lock suspension gives this hard hat its good fit. The hat fits sizes 6.5 all the way to size 8, so professionals needing a larger size will find this hat a viable alternative. 

The nice thing about the SL series is that you can choose your suspension type. Here we cite the snap-lock suspension system, however, the SL series also offers a ratchet suspension system as well.


      • Polyethylene shell
      • Secure fit
      • 4-point suspension
      • Simple practical design
      • Many colors to choose from


      • May be subject to scratching on the surface 
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2. MSA 475405 Skullgard Hard Hat Cap with 4-point suspension

If you are in the market for a tough protective hard hat and want to invest more in terms of cost, the fiberglass MSA 475405 is worth your consideration.

Its safety standards and phenolic design make it compatible with many professional situations and is not limited to construction.

MSA offers two sizes in this hard hat: small or large. The large size fits up to eight inches. The Skullgard series also offers two brim options: cap or full.

It offers protection in worksites with elevated temperatures, great shock absorption, and boasts both sturdiness and durability. The suspension system is an easily adjustable 4-point Fas-Trac III ratchet system.


      • Offers protection for many professions
      • Good for high temperatures
      • Shock absorbing
      • Ratchet suspension system
      • Sturdy build
      • Large size through 8 inches
      • Two brim options


      • Some complaints about the expiration date
      • Expensive
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3. Acerpal Ridgeline ABS Hard Hat with 6-point suspension

This full brim hard hat made in durable ABS gives superb safety coverage notwithstanding its lightweight.

Even larger-sized heads will find it comfortable thanks to a six-point ratchet suspension system that is padded. You can wear it all day without problems.

The large shell and ratchet system will fit heads up to eight inches. This cap also allows for accessories like earmuffs or other customized preferences. Type 1, Classes G, E, and C.


      • Durable ABS
      • Many colors and unique patterns
      • ratchet suspension system
      • Full brim
      • Lightweight


      • Some fading of color or design
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4. ERB 19262 19762 Americana Hard Hat

This Cap style hard hat is a great budget choice and fits sizes 6.5 through 9. Manufactured in high-density Polyethylene it protects from the sun and elements and boasts a 4-point ratchet suspension system.

The accessory slots on the hat permit customized accessories for eyes, face, and hearing protection. Made in the USA, it is type 1 and meets safety standards for classes G, E, and C.

It also features a brow pad that is moisture-wicking. The pad is both removable and washable. The slide-locking suspension will adjust to more than 40 head sizes. It also comes with a chin strap and a six-month warranty.


      • High-density polyethylene
      • Ratchet suspension system
      • Removable moisture wick brow pad
      • Chin strap
      • Budget buy


      • Very large sizing
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5. Bullhead Safety HH-F1-W Hard Hat with six-point Ratchet Suspension

This Bullhead Safety is manufactured in HPPE material guaranteeing that it is lightweight.  This material is resistant to both chemicals and weather.

It features a full brim style protecting the eyes and the neck. It also has grip dots underneath to facilitate both putting on and removal.

It can host both two-point and four-point chin straps. Type 1. Class E. It fits heads through size eight thanks to a six-point EZ-click ratchet system.


      • Affordable
      • Lightweight
      • Full brim style
      • Class E-safety rated
      • Moisture wick brow pad


      • Unvented
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6. Malta Dynamics Hard Hat

This innovative hard hat from Malta Dynamics offers great head protection at the job site. It features a suspension system that is flexible, bending to provide a better fit.

This full brim hat will fit heads through size eight and gives reliable protection from sun and glare. Made in tough polyethylene, it is durable. It also comes equipped with a nape cushion and pillows for a comfortable fit.

Vents at the top of the hat guarantee good air ventilation to keep your head cool in the hottest temperatures. Type 1, classes G and E. Malt Dynamics offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


      • Lightweight
      • Affordable
      • Comfortable
      • Durable
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty


      • Some considerations about sizing that is too large

If you are a professional tradesman, working in construction, industry, mining, with electricity, or in any profession that faces physical hazards, you know the importance of good PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. One of the most basic protective accessories is the hard hat. 

This single piece of equipment can not only save you from injury but may also save your life. It is also a recommended accessory for Do-It-Yourselfers or home improvement hobbyists.

Most governmental regulations require employers to provide hard hats and impose large fines and disciplinary sanctions against those industries that fail to do so.

Do I Have to Wear a Hat?

For many job sites, yes you do because there are safety regulations to follow. In any case, there are many reasons and benefits to wearing a hard hat at work. Some of those reasons include:

VisibilityHard hats are visible and their color may indicate your profession. In this way, management and safety workers will know who is where at any time.

Protection from Impact – These hats protect professionals from falling materials and will protect your head in case you bump into something overhead or by walking into something. It offers great protection from blunt force injuries.

Electric Hazard Protection – Some hard hats specifically protect from electrical hazards. Electricians know that this can make all the difference in the event of live wire accidents.

These types of accidents, like electrocution, can be fatal. In fact, aluminum hats that were once the normal type of hard hat worn at construction sites are no longer used.

What Should I Look for When Choosing My Hard Hat?

Your Profession. The first thing to consider is what your profession is. What kind of protection do you need to get the job done safely?

You will need to consider what type of protection you need for the risks you face. For example, if you are an electrician you will need insulation protection from electric shock and a good EH electrical hazard rating.

1.) Materials. The material that the hat is made of will make all the difference. It should be strong enough to withstand the impact of falling debris or tools.

Most hard hats are now produced in polyethylene or fiberglass, however they also come in polycarbonate and in aluminum.

2.) Classification and Type of Hard Hat. Hard hats are Type I or Type II and may belong to one of three major classifications known as G for general, E for electrical, or C for conductive. G hard hats are the most common.

They provide head protection against impact but can also protect shocks to 2200 volts. Electrical hard hats designed for electricians and electricity professionals can withstand as much as 20,000 volts.

Conductive hats are designed for professionals working in high temperatures, however, they are not recommended for electricians because they do not offer voltage protection and they are often manufactured in aluminum.

3.) Suspension System. The hat’s suspension system is important because it will allow for any impact force to be evenly distributed. The better the suspension system, the more the impact force will dissipate not concentrating on one specific area of your head.

A suspension mechanism also will contribute to a good fit.  It should provide the necessary space between your helmet and your head.

The type you pick will depend on your own personal preference, however, the hard hat must fit correctly to be efficient and impede any shock impact from directly reaching your head regardless of your head size. Types of mechanisms include:

      • Pin-lock
      • Ratchet
      • Swing rachet
      • Touch 

The suspension bands will normally be made in nylon or polyester. Some helmets will have extra cushioning of polystyrene foam that may be positioned between the helmet and its suspension bands.

Hard hats may come with two, four, or six suspension points. The more suspension points will help to spread the weight more evenly on your head, thus increasing comfort, and any impact from falling debris, will be more evenly distributed increasing protection.

4.) Adjustability for Sizing. This is really important, especially if you have a larger or smaller sized head. Well-produced hats will feature an easy system for adjusting hard hats to fit any shape or size of heads.

5.) Color Options. Apart from your personal style or aesthetic taste, this can be a very important aspect of the workplace.

Many businesses and industries use specifically colored hard hats to identify squads of professionals. bricklayers may use one color, while electricians use another. 

This helps with visibility and easy identification of colleagues in case of any emergency.

6.) Comfort. If you need to wear a hard hat for an entire work shift on a daily basis, comfort will be a priority and will depend to a great extent on getting the correct fit as well as the weight of the hard hat.

Hard Hat Maintenance

One characteristic of hard hats is their durability, especially if you haven’t encountered any falling objects, flying debris, or poles to run into.

While hard hats enjoy a service life of approximately five years, this long life will also depend on maintenance together with normal wear and tear.

Hats should be cleaned regularly by removing the suspension system and tabs from the hat. You can clean both the hat shell and suspension with a detergent.

A soft brush can help you clean out any tough dirt, grime, or oil that needs to be removed. After rinsing, let them dry. Once they are dry, insert the suspension back into the hat and you are ready to go.

Remember that hats that have fallen from a height of eight feet or that have been involved in an impact accident should be replaced immediately before the five-year period. Suspension systems should be replaced annually.

The Bottom Line

If you work in any situation that exposes you to risk, you need good reliable PPE and a durable lightweight hard hat for head protection is a must.

Most large hard hats are manufactured for a size eight head. Your best option is to try the hat on with your preferred suspension system to guarantee a good comfortable fit.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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