Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat for Work

Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

You need a hard hat for work, and you have heard about carbon fiber hats. Are you curious? Read on to discover all you need to know about the best carbon fiber hard hats available in the market.

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Carbon Fiber HatSuspensionType ClassFeatures
Lift Safety DAX 50Six-pointICBrim grip, EVA foam, moisture wicking
Texas America SafetySix-pointICSpecial colors, rim grip
AcerPal Carbon FiberFour-point, Six-pointIG, E and COriginal printing process for finish, replaceable sweat band
Lift Safety Dax Six-pointIGMicro-fiber liner

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1. Lift Safety DAX 50 Carbon Fiber Hard Hat with Full Brim

This is a full brim style hard hat from the industrial supply manufacturer Lift Safety. This hat offers safety thanks to a resin shell that is reinforced with carbon fiber.

Lightweight and durable, it gives great impact protection and is available in several colors. It features a six-point ratchet suspension system and a brim grip for easy handling even with gloves.

The hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 safety standards for type I, class C hard hats.


      • Lightweight with EVA foam
      • Full brim
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Six-point suspension system


      • Some reported color fading
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2. Texas America Safety Company Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Well known supplier for PPE, the Texas America Safety Company now distributes merchandise globally. This hat is actually produced by Lift Safety, but it is distributed under the Texas America brand with some unique features.

This hat in lime green can only be found through Texas America Safety and they also offer colors on request as well as company logos.

The full brim offers a rim grip on both sides, a six-point ratchet suspension system, soft padded cushioning and meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 safety standards for type I, class C hard hats.


      • Padding
      • 6-point ratchet suspension system
      • Special colors
      • Comfortable


      • Heats up in the sunlight
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3. AcerPal Carbon Fiber Hard Hat with Full Brim

This is a stylish carbon fiber hard hat that boasts a high-quality beautiful finish. It is manufactured using hydro technology in an advanced water immersion printing process.

It is extra light weight and each hard hat is unique due to the printing method. The hat offers either four or six-point suspension with a replaceable sweat band. It has accessory slots to outfit your helmet for your personal needs. 


      • Light weight
      • 4 or 6-point suspension
      • 3-year limited guarantee
      • Replaceable sweat band


      • Tilting harness adjuster complicates positioning
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4. Lift Safety Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

This hard hat is manufactured with carbon fiber strengthened resin with a six-point suspension system for great impact protection and comfort on the job. It had a ratcheting dial to adjust the size that works even when wearing gloves.

The hard hat weighs in at 315 grams. If you add in the suspension system, it weighs 460 grams. Synthetic leather dome with an EVA foam-insert for shock protection. Class G. It also features a liner in microfiber to reduce perspiration buildup.


      • Comfortable adjustable sizing
      • Adjustable suspension system
      • Brim grip
      • Reinforced crown for impact protection


      • Expensive
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Why Should You Consider a Carbon Fiber Hard Hat?

Carbon fiber has two very attractive characteristics. It is lightweight and it is very strong as a material. Carbon fiber hats are designed and manufactured to be tougher on the job and to ensure safety. 

This particular type of hard hat is much more lightweight as compared to heavy plastic hard hats. It also proves to be a stronger material than either plastic or fiberglass hard hats. Consider that fiber carbon hard hats are:

      • Ten times stronger than steel
      • Five times lighter than steel
      • Shockproof
      • Resistant to any type of corrosion 
      • Safe for working with electricity
      • Absorbs well external stress

Also, carbon fiber has higher fatigue properties than other materials and offers better resistance against high temperatures. Hard hats made in this material are manufactured for durability.

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Do Carbon Fiber Hats Come in Various Types?

Not only are there different types, but there are different classes of hard hats as well. Your carbon fiber hard hat will have a sticker on the inside of the hat that indicates the type and class of your hard hat. This is important depending on your trade or profession.

There are two types of hats: type I and type II. Both of these types relate directly to the impact force of falling objects.

A Type I carbon fiber hat will protect and lessen the force of impact when an object falls from above directly on the crown or top of your head. If a wrench or hammer fell on your head from above, the impact would be significantly reduced.

A Type II carbon fiber hard hat is superior to and more protective than a Type I hard hat. This type II hat will protect your head from all sides at all angles.

It will not only protect the crown, front, or back of your head but will protect the ears and neck as well. The only problem with this type of hat is that they tend to be less comfortable for long work shifts.

As with hard hats manufactured in other materials, carbon fiber hard hats come in three different classes,

Class G (General). This type of hard hat can be used by electricians in work zones that have voltage levels up to 2,200 volts. It is usually adequate for construction site work for all workers.

Class E  (Electrical). This kind of hard hat is specifically manufactured for high voltage environments. This hat will furnish protection for contact with voltages up to approximately 20,000 volts.

This is a great choice for electricians in high-risk electrical situations or for any worker that has contact with electricity or wires.

Class C (Conductive). This particular hat offers no protection whatsoever for electrical hazards. It, therefore, is not recommended for professional electricians, or workers who must work in situations with electrical work. It is quite breathable and is appropriate for wear in high-temperature climates.

Do Fiber Carbon Hats Come in Different Designs?

At this moment, the market offers two basic designs for hard hats in carbon fiber:

Full brim Carbon fiber design offers tons of protection for your face, ears, neck, and even shoulders from exposure to the sun or inclement weather.

It’s great for protection from falling objects or flying debris and even liquid splashes that are not toxic. Appropriate for agricultural workers. construction workers, electricians, and utility workers.

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Cap Brim Carbon Fiber Hard Hats resemble baseball caps somewhat but with a smaller brim.  They come in slotted and non-slotted versions. The slotted cap brim hat will feature slots for attaching hard hat accessories like lights, earmuffs, face shields, etc.

A non-slotted cap brim hat will not have accessory slots, but it may feature a rain trough so that rain can’t run down your neck. It boasts the same capabilities as a full brim cap in terms of safety protection from falling debris, bad weather, or electrical shock and will protect against non-toxic liquid splashes.

The only real difference is in the style and is a question of personal taste.

What Should I Look for When Selecting A Fiber Carbon Hard Hat?

Here are several important characteristics to look for when purchasing your fiber carbon hard hat:

1.) Weight and Durability

Carbon fiber weighs considerably less than either plastic or fiberglass, but at the same time, it is approximately 25% stronger. This alone would be reason enough to choose fiber carbon.

It is also five times lighter than steel but ten times stronger and it is heat and electricity resistant. This material may very well be the “Ferrari” of hard hat materials, but one word of advice: always look for high-quality carbon fiber.

2.) Suspension

Often referred to as the backbone of hard hats, the suspension is equally as important as the hard shell when selecting. While the outer hard shell will deflect the impact, the force of the blow will be dispersed thanks to its interior suspension system.

It is the suspension system that keeps the hard shell from touching the wearer’s head. Consequentially, the blow will not be absorbed by the skull, but by the hard hat.

A suspension system’s purpose must ensure the correct fit for your head and should provide space or a gap between your head and your helmet, somewhere between 30 mm. and 1.2 inches.

The type you pick is a matter of personal taste, however, the hard hat must fit correctly to block impact force from directly hitting your head. Suspension mechanisms include:

      • Pin-lock
      • Ratchet
      • Swing rachet
      • Touch 

Suspension bands are manufactured in nylon or polyester. Some helmets come with extra cushioning in polystyrene foam. Hard hats may come with two, four, or six suspension points.

A point suspension system will help to spread the weight more evenly over your head, increasing comfort, and the impact from falling debris will be more evenly distributed.

3.) Ventilation

Fiber Carbon hard hats come both with and without air vents. The vented hard hats will feature small holes in the crown area to allow for airflow. Non-vented hats will not have air slots.

4.) Cushioning

Many carbon fiber hard hats will come equipped with high-density foam to absorb impact and it will probably be EPS or expanded polystyrene. As hard hats experience wear and tear, it is a good idea to consider replaceable inner pads avoiding repurchasing the hat.

Extras. Some lines of work will require extra accessories for your hard hat such as 

      • Face shields
      • High visibility stripping
      • A specific color
      • Earmuffs for hearing protection
      • A chin strap

Together with all the features that we have mentioned above, you will need to consider the quality of the materials used by a specific manufacturer in relation to your own job and daily work environment.

Carbon fiber hard hats are generally made with five to ten micrometers of carbon fiber. These hats are lightweight, durable, and resistant to both extreme temperatures and to chemicals.

Depending on exposures to hazards, you will need to determine the appropriate class as well as the type of hat for climate temperatures.

Why wear Hard Hat work?

These hats, produced in carbon fiber, are part of Protective Personal Equipment, also known as PPE, worn in the workplace. One wears hard hats to protect his or her head from unexpected work accidents that can potentially cause injury to the head.

The ABLS or American Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as many as 84% of head injuries were due to workers not wearing hard hats on the job. In some cases, the injured may have been wearing a hard hat but of low quality. In 2015 alone, 1020 workers lost their lives due to this problem.

The ANSI and the OSHA require safety standards to be applied at worksites in the United States, and most specifically, workers must wear hard hats if there are hazards present in the work environment.

Hard hats, produced in ABS, polyethylene, aluminum, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber are truly lifesavers when worn correctly in hazardous environments.


When should I wear a carbon fiber hat?

You should wear one at all times on the job site. If your job exposes you to falling or flying debris, or electric shock, a hard hat is a must.

Do carbon fiber hats come in different colors?

Actually, yes, they do. If your employer or company assigns specific colors to certain squads, have no fear, you can find your carbon fiber hat in colors.

When do I need to replace my carbon fiber hat?

Like all PPE, it must be replaced at regular intervals to ensure your safety. The industry recommends that hard hats be replaced every five years and suspension systems should be replaced annually.

The protective nature of the hat will decline with the exposure of the hat to work environments, chemicals, extreme temperatures, sunlight, and daily wear and tear.

Hats that have fallen from a height of eight feet or that have been involved in an impact accident should be replaced immediately before the five-year period and before you return to work.

Are carbon fiber hard hats OSHA approved?

An OSHA approved hard hat is a hard hat that meets ANSI Z89.1.29 CFR 1910.135 (b)(1) and 29 CFR 1926.100(b)(1) standards and also fall under any of the following categories of hard hats as set by ANSI standards:

Type 1: offers protection from impact to the top of the head

Type 2: offers protection from impact to the top as well as the sides of the head

Class G: offers protection from electricity of 2,200 volts

Class E: offers protection from electricity of 20,000 volts

Class C: do not offer any electrical protection

Yes, carbon fiber hard hats are definitely OSHA approved as they fall under Type 1, Type 2, Class G, C & E ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards.

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