Best Hard Hat Stickers for Professionals

Best Hard Hat Stickers

Are you a “sticker head” or would you like to be? For professionals who use hard hats on a daily basis, or at least relatively often, your hard hat accompanies you on the job.

This piece of personal protective equipment, in the form of a helmet, protects your head from all kinds of job-related injuries such as

      • Bumps
      • Collision
      • Falling objects
      • Flying debris
      • Impact and even shock.

Your hard hat will probably reflect your personal preferences and style. Color, full brim or cap brim, material, and suspension system preference will all speak to your personal choices for feeling protected while on the job.

Now you can really personalize your headgear with hard hat stickers. These accessories can relay whatever message you choose and make it easy to pick your hat out of several immediately.

Some stickers together with the color of your hard hat, depending on where you are located, can function as visual aids for identifying the profession of workers at the scene in case of an emergency. This permits others to identify qualifications on the spot depending on the type of emergency. Not everyone is qualified for every emergency.

Now stickers often come in fluorescent colors that also allow easy identification in the dark or in environments with limited illumination. This will assist in your visibility, both contributing to your own safety as well as the safety of others.

We’ve researched available hard hat stickers and spoken to our teams of professionals that wear a hard hat daily to get you the best possible reviews for consideration. Read on for our top picks for hard hat stickers!

Top Hard Hat Stickers Comparison Table

Hard Hat StickersNumber of StickersThemeWeatherproof Material
Speedsquare Tools Union Stickers19Funny and patriotic Water and UV resistantVinyl
Hard Hat Stickers Big50Funny, patriotic Water and UV proofPVC
KCHEX HVAC Hard Hat Set of Stickers 45+For HVAC techniciansWater and sunproofVinyl
H & E Funny Stickers14FunnyWeather resistantVinyl
Maye Market Funny Stickers10Funny Resistant to water and oilVinyl

1. Speedsquare Tools Union Stickers (Our Top Pick)

This is a great set of 19 hard hat stickers that are high-quality and can be used not only for hard hats but for toolboxes, lunch boxes, etc. These very visible stickers are die-cut with nice designs in various shapes made from weatherproof vinyl, known to be UV resistant.

They also don’t shrink, stretch, or wrinkle. The stickers are backed with an acrylic adhesive that is permanent, contributing to their durability.


      • Waterproof and UV resistant
      • Durable
      • Adhere well to the surface
      • Good design


      • May be on the small side for some 

2. Hard Hat Stickers Big by Favorgear (Large Quantity of Stickers for Hard Hats)

This package offers a whopping 50 stickers for your hard hats or work gear. The selection offers both patriotic and funny stickers with sizes that start at about 2.5 inches.

They are manufactured in PVC material that is UV resistant as well as waterproof. Designs are spirited and funny and will most certainly bring a smile to your face.


      • 50 pieces
      • Funny
      • PVC material
      • Waterproof and resistant to UV rays


      • Some reported problems with the adhesive used
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3. HVAC Hard Hat Set of Stickers

Designed with the HVAC technician in mind, these stickers will definitely put a smile on people’s faces. HeatVentilationAirConditioning techs will get a real boost.

The package contains more than 45 stickers that are waterproof and sunproof. They are made in the USA and are easily peeled and applied to your hard hat.


      • Weatherproof
      • Over 45 stickers in the package
      • Great for HVAC technicians


      • Not necessarily geared to non-HVAC workers
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4. H & E Funny Stickers (Funny Hard Hat Stickers)

Sold in a value pack of fourteen decals, these stickers are made of high-quality vinyl that is resistant to the weather. They are sized at about two inches and can be applied to toolboxes and lunch boxes as well as your hard hat. The mix of decals includes both round and square colorful designs in a good size for helmets.


      • Fun designs
      • Easy application
      • Weather-resistant


      • May be a bit on the small side for some
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5. Maye Market Funny Stickers

These funny hard hat stickers come in a package of ten that can be applied to various types of work gear. They are strong well-made well-designed stickers sold at a reasonable price.

Each sticker is individual and can be easily shared and gifted to others. These stickers are easily peeled from their backing making them easy to handle and apply. They are oil and water-resistant.


      • Individual
      • Durable sturdy vinyl
      • Water and oil resistant
      • Quality adhesive
      • Attractive colors, graphics, and humor


      • Packaging mediocre
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What are Stickers for Hard Hats?

These are labels, that construction and industrial professionals use to personalize their hard hats. They are usually manufactured in vinyl making them more resistant over time than the common paper stickers children use. Thanks to the vinyl, they will not fall apart or fall off if you work in the rain or snow, or if they get wet for whatever reason.

These stickers also refer to personal taste and creed. They can be joking and funny or express the political tastes and convictions of the wearer. They can speak to your favorite sports team or to your union membership. There are decorative and informative.

They do not add or remove anything to or from the structural quality of the hard hat. But they can draw a smile during particularly stressful and tiring work situations, or at the beginning or end of a work shift.

How Do You Use Them?

Unlike the paper stickers children delight in, these are durable, quality made vinyl labels usually fabricated in vibrant, easy-to-see colors. Normally vinyl stickers will last for several years before there is any color fading. Check guide on how to put hard hat stickers.

And while paper stickers will leave you with adhesive on the surface if you attempt to remove them, a vinyl sticker will usually peel off taking any adhesive right along with it. They are easy to remove by just applying a bit of heat to the sticker with a hairdryer or heat gun, and voila! Your vinyl sticker should just peel right off.

You can use paper stickers or even print your own paper stickers however, they may not last more than a few months before the paper begins deteriorating and the colors fade. You can also print your own vinyl stickers, but it’s a bit complicated with cutting out single color layers, layering by hand, and then applying vinyl laminate on top before cutting out the entire final design. 

Hard Hat Sticker Types

Depending on your personality and personal tastes, you can find various types of stickers for your hard hat:

1.) Funny – Construction and industrial sites are known for crass and politically incorrect humor. Many available stickers run along these lines and can brighten the day of those who read them. However, it’s probably a good idea to avoid really offensive stickers.

2.) Logos – Some companies will furnish hard hats for workers with the company logo already applied to the hat. Workers may choose to apply a company logo or even a favorite business logo for publicity purposes.

3.) Motivational – mostly a text sticker with messages that tend to be inspirational. They may lift the spirits or brighten the day of those who see them.

4.) Patriotic – Some workers truly love their country and are extremely patriotic. You can find flag stickers, as well as symbolic stickers that speak symbols of a specific country such as a bald eagle for the USA.

5.) Spiritual – while often text messages, they may include religious symbols that proclaim a religious faith.

And they can reflect! These are stickers that contribute to a worker’s visibility even with poor lighting. Some reflecting stickers will be placed along the brim of the hard hat for this purpose, but many will have various designs and messages. This adds to how functional they are while on the job.

Do I Need Hard Hat Stickers?

You may think that you don’t need hard hat stickers, but consider that depending on the type of sticker, they may actually be useful. For example:

Use a sticker to personalize your hard hat. It’s not particularly hygienic to have another worker take your hat by mistake. 

Visibility. Bright visible stickers allow your colleagues to know where you are, especially in an emergency situation.

Personal Expression. Express yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, and your personal tastes with stickers. Who says industrial and construction professionals aren’t creative?

Theft Mitigation. If your company provides you with a hat with a logo, you shouldn’t see it wandering down the street on someone’s head who is not employed by the company.

Organization. Stickers can be used to organize work squads.

Hard Hat Sticker Buying Guide

While not expensive, some stickers will be better than others. Some things you may want to consider when selecting stickers for purchase include:

1.) Colors. Do you want a really colorful hat or basically monochrome when choosing? There are many vibrant colors currently available as well as fluorescent colors that reflect well.

2.) Design. Choose stickers that reflect your personality or message, perhaps avoiding offensive or controversial texts and images.

3.) Message. Do you want to be inspirational, funny, or promote a team or business? Check out if your company’s Human Resources has any rules in this regard.

4.) Reflecting. Do you prefer vinyl that reflects? With a bit of light, these stickers and you will be more visible.

5.) Regular or Cricut. Cricut stickers have cutouts within the design. Regular cuts refer to designs cut only along the outer border.

6.) Size. Do you want a few larger stickers? or do you prefer smaller stickers that don’t entirely cover your hat as safety regulations require that hard hats be visible at your job site. If you only want one sticker, it can be larger. Otherwise, smaller stickers are in order such as 2 inches by 2 inches.

7.) Strength of the Adhesive. If the sticker doesn’t use a good quality adhesive, a bit of sun or heat can have it peeling off quickly. Look for stickers with a high-quality adhesive that guarantee durability and the possibility to remove it when you choose.

Finally, you can also opt for a custom-made sticker. There are many services online that will produce a custom-made vinyl sticker just for you, adding to the uniqueness of your hard hat.

Hard Hat Sticker Maintenance

Vinyl Hard Hat Stickers are low maintenance and can last for years, probably outlasting your hard hat. To apply, clean the hard hat surface first to avoid dust or dirt from creating air bubbles under your decal. It may be a good idea to pass a rag with a bit of alcohol over the surface to eliminate any grease as well. 

When the surface is dry, peel back a corner of the decal. Position your sticker on the hat and when you are sure, stick the peeled back corner onto the hat. Now remove the remainder of the backing and carefully position it onto the hat. Using a credit card or similar, flatten the sticker onto the hat, using the plastic card to remove air bubbles. 

Should you have some air bubbles or creases, just use a knife to poke the bubble or cut along the crease and press to flatten.

Vinyl hard hat stickers do not require any special care. When you clean your hat, you will clean the stickers as well. After cleaning, just make sure the entire surface, including stickers, is dry.

Final Thoughts

If you are required by your job to wear a hard hat, it doesn’t have to be run-of-the-mill and not reflect your personal style. By applying hard hat stickers, you will be able to easily recognize your hard hat, be easily visible while on the job, and you can brighten up coworkers’ days. These stickers make great gifts for the skilled professional or laborer in your family or for your colleagues at work.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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