5 Best Full Brim Hard Hat

Full brim hard hats offer as complete protection as you can hope when selecting a hard hat. The full brim style offers added protection because the brim surrounds the entire hard hat as opposed to a small brim limited only to the front.

Regardless of your profession, if you are at risk for head injuries you need a hard hat, and you’ll want one of the best available.

Best Full Brim Hard Hat

Debris, tools, objects, materials, or anything that can injure your head puts you at risk of permanent life-changing injury, so head protection becomes crucial to your health and well-being. Before selecting, you should know that hard hats come in various classes and styles. 

We researched and tested full brim hats to find the very best the marketplace has to offer, and we really liked the Honeywell Fiber-Metal Thermoplastic Super Eight Full Brim Hard Hat, but first, let’s consider exactly what we’re looking for and why we selected the full brim hard hats on our list.

Full Brim Hard HatMaterialSuspensionAdjustment MechanismSafety
Honeywell Fiber-Metal Thermoplastic Super Eight ThermoplasticEight-pointRatchetType I, Class E
Klein Tools VentedPolycarbonate ABSEight-pointRatchet knobType I, Class C
MSA Skullgard 475407 Phenolic poly resin3 suspension systems availableType I, Class G
DAX Full Brim Carbon Fiber Carbon fiber reinforced resinSix-point suspensionOversize ratchet knobType I, Class C
Evolution Deluxe Full Brim 6161 280-EV616-10V High-density polyethyleneSix-point3D adjustmentType I, Class C

The Reviews

Best Overall Hard Hat with a Full Brim

1.) Super Eight Honeywell Thermoplastic Hard Hat

This Honeywell Super Eight Full Brim Hard hat is impressive, to say the least. Produced with Honeywell’s super eight impact control system, the impact force is distributed over a wider area.

Made in thermoplastic, it offers heat protection and resistance to scratches and abrasion. Rated Type I, Class E by ANSI standards it offers great electrical protection.

The full brim protects from harmful sunlight and UV rays, as well as inclement weather and impact. This hard hat boasts an eight-point ratchet suspension mechanism that does not slip. Sixteen color options are available including for those that require high visibility.


      • Type I, Class E ANSI rated
      • Lightweight at 0.32 ounces
      • 8-point suspension
      • Quick turn ratchet knob
      • Lots of color choices
      • Thermoplastic
      • Resistant to heat and scratching


      • More costly than other hard hats
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Best Vented Full Brim Hard Hat

2.) Klein Tools Vented Full Brim Hard Hat

If you are looking for versatility in a hard hat, you can’t go wrong with this full brim hard hat. If you work in warmer climates or hot environments, this hat is lightweight with vents that are adjustable to provide ventilation, and they can be closed if your safety warrants it.

Manufactured in ABS polycarbonate plastic, it boasts durability. Breathability is accompanied by a sweatband and a top cushion that is washable, meaning no odors.

This hard hat also features mounts for accessories on both the front and on the back meaning you can add on a headlamp for improved vision. Side mounts even allow for you to add on hearing protection.


      • Fantastic ventilation
      • Ventilation slots can be closed if necessary
      • Accessory mounts are universal to fit numerous hard hat accessories
      • Moisture-wicking sweatband
      • Can be acquired with a headlamp
      • Unique suspension system with ratchet knob
      • Neck pad pivot to accommodate ponytails or scarf knots
      • Type 1, Class C ANSI safety standards


      • Not rated for electricity work
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Best Full Brim Hard Hat for High Temperatures

3.) MSA Skullgard 475407 Hard Hat

An overall impressive full brim hard hat for protection and durability, this hard hat will also endure temperatures up to 350° Fahrenheit making it the perfect choice for high-temperature environments.

Rated G class, it will protect from electrical shocks. A Fas-Trac III suspension mechanism offers a rachet suspension that has been improved upon. 

Rear lugs eliminate pressure points, while the nape strap offers three different levels of adjustment affording a truly customized fit. Aside from the Fas-Trac III suspension, you can opt for a Pinlock or a Swing Ratchet Suspension mechanism.


      • Phenolic poly resin
      • Great for hot environments
      • 3 suspension possibilities
      • Swing ratchet functions well
      • Type I, Class G ANSI certified
      • Sweatband
      • Full brim for protection


      • Expensive
      • Quality control issues
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Best Premium Full Brim Hard Hat

4.) DAX Full Brim Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

This is a fantastic hard hat manufactured by Lift Safety in carbon fiber reinforced resin that boasts a well-designed and efficient ratchet mechanism for a six-point suspension system.

Lightweight at only seventeen ounces and ultrathin as hard hats go, makes it easy to wear all day long if necessary. Because this oversize rachet dial works so well in size adjustment, there’s no risk of it falling off during work tasks.

The Dax Carbon fiber hard hat is ANSI-rated Type I and Class C, making it ideal for a number of applications. It offers impressive shock resistance thanks to EVA foam and synthetic clarino leather that is perforated.

Built for durability, it has been tested for radiant heat and can withstand up to 350° Fahrenheit. A brim grip makes handling easy.


      • Carbon fiber reinforced resin
      • Eva foam for extra shock absorption
      • Moisture-wicking liner
      • Six-point suspension
      • Crown is triple reinforced against impact
      • Brim grip
      • Lightweight
      • Oversize ratchet knob for use with gloves


      • Very Expensive
      • Straps could be better quality
      • Durability/Quality control concerns
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Best Budget Full Brim Hard Hat

5.) Evolution Deluxe Full Brim 6161 280-EV616-10V Hard Hat

We really like this hard hat especially considering the cost. Manufactured in high-density robust and durable polyethylene, it offers impressive structural strength and will resist harsh weather.

The pragmatic design includes a shell that is well-ventilated because the top of the hard hat features vents for impressive air ventilation. This will keep your head nice and dry even on really hot days.

Available in various colors, it boasts suspension straps produced in a soft fabric for comfort. Adjustable depth offers a good fit as well.


      • High-density polyethylene
      • Fantastic ventilation for hot weather and environments
      • Nice selection of color choices
      • Suspension straps in comfortable soft polyester fabric
      • Depth is adjustable
      • Durable
      • Budget-friendly
      • Type I, Class C ANSI rated 


      • Sweatband is a bit thin
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ANSI-Defined Hard Hats 

The American National Standards Institute has established criteria to classify types of hard hats to ensure that you select the correct hard hat to guarantee your safety at work.

The ANSI safety ratings for hard hats can be found in ANSI Z 89.1, and it is here that ANSI establishes that hard hats are divided into two categories known as Type I and Type II.

Type I is known as a “full brim hat”, meaning that the entire hat has a brim around it. This type of hard hat is intended for debris that falls from above and strikes the crown or top of the hard helmet.

Type II is a hard hat that only features a short brim at the front of the helmet. This type of hat is designed to protect you from lateral damage or blows including the sides, the top, front, and the back of the hard hat.

This particular class of hard hats is also tested for penetration that is not centered and the resistance of chin straps.

Within hard hat types, there are separate classes that will be relevant to your professional needs.

Class C or “Conductive” is a basic hard hat that does not offer any type of protection from electrical shock, so if you work around industrial machinery or do electrical work of any type, this hat is not appropriate. 

Class E or “Electrical” is a hard hat that can resist and protect up to 20,000 volts of electricity.

Class G or “General” is a hard hat that offers a minimal amount of basic electrical protection and can resist a maximum of 2,200 volts of electricity.

The majority of safety-rated hard hats are produced in what is known as HDPE or high-density polyethylene, which is non-conductive. Most will feature a type of suspension that is adjustable allowing you a customized fit. 

Other materials used to produce hard hats include polycarbonate, fiberglass, and aluminum. Polyethylene and fiberglass will weigh the least.

Hard Hat Fit and Protection

Suspension mechanisms do not only guarantee fit but are designed to provide space between your head and the actual hard hat.

The space will measure approximately anywhere from 30 mm. to 1.2 inches. Suspension types depend on your personal taste. 

The hard hat needs to fit correctly to provide adequate protection. There are several kinds of suspension mechanisms available:

      • Pin-lock
      • Touch 
      • Swing rachet
      • Ratchet

The bands used in suspension systems are generally manufactured in either polyester or nylon. A few hard hats may include extra polystyrene foam cushioning positioned between the suspension bands and the hard hat.

Hard hats come in versions with four, six, or eight suspension or load-bearing points. A 6-point or 8-point suspension will spread the weight more evenly onto your head, thus increasing your comfort during wear. They also have the function of distributing more evenly impact from falling debris.

A common type of suspension used is the pin-lock. With this type of suspension, you remove your hard hat, and a pin is positioned in a corresponding hole.

The ratchet suspension will use a knob to either loosen or tighten the fit of the suspension around your head during wear.


When selecting your type and class of hard hat, keep in mind that the two types also offer protection from the elements.

Short brim hats will offer a minimum of shade from the sun and protection from the rain entering your eyes, whereas full brim hats protect the entire area around the head, meaning your face, your ears, and the back of your neck are protected.

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Comfort is always cited when discussing PPE. This may seem like an exaggeration, but if you have to wear PPE every day, all day, it will need to be comfortable. A good suspension system with the correct fit is probably the best means to ensure all-day comfort.

Reasons for Wearing Your Hard Hat

Apart from the fact that you may be required to wear a hard hat for your profession, there are a good number of reasons to wear one, and not just because you must.

Consider that a hard hat will not only protect your head from falling debris, tools, or objects, but will also protect your head in case of a fall, from bumping into things, from lacerations or cuts from above, and it will offer protection from wiring, afford a minimum of thermal insulation, and offer some sun and rain or snow protection.

Hard hats can also provide you with visibility when produced in bright colors adding to your safety on site. Some hard hats will also protect you from electrocution when classified as G or E in the event that you work around electricity.

Depending on where you work, you’ll need to evaluate the risks you face daily. This will decide the type of hat that you want and the class that is most appropriate for your professional needs.


When you select your full brim hard hat, consider the type and class you need for adequate protection. Then consider both the material it is made of and the type of suspension system it offers.

Regardless of your profession, there are numerous protective hard hats available for your consideration.

We hope these reviews will assist you in finding the best full brim hard hat for your professional protection necessities.

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