What Class Of Hard Hat for Electrical Work?

When you are involved with construction work that includes electrics you need to ask what class of hard hat for electrical work is needed. There are a variety of hard hats available and as experts in the work gear industry, we know which hard hats are required for which kind of work. 

What Class Of Hard Hats for Electrical Work

Given that construction and electrical work can be dangerous, it is important that workers are well protected at all times.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Hard Hats On The Market

      • Class C hard hats, conductive hard hats.
      • Class E hard hats, electrical hard hats.
      • Class G hard hats, general hard hats.

The above classifications make it simple and straight forward to see which hard hat is needed for which kind of electrical work. If you are unsure, read the information and ask as many questions as you want. There is nothing more important than safety.

      • Class G – these are electrical hard hats, able to protect up to 2,200 volts.
      • Class E – electrical hard hats, able to protect up to 20,000 volts.
      • Class C – these are conductive hat and do not offer any electrical protection.

If you follow the OSHA Guidelines you will learn that a hard hat must be worn in any area where a worker is at risk of exposure to electrical conductors to the head. An ordinary hard hat will not be sufficient and the hard hat must be OSHA approved. 

Hard Hats Need To Meet American Safety Regulations

Electrical hard hats must meet American Safety Requirements, and the International American Safety Regulation requirements. When you purchase a safety hat, whether online or via the retailer, look up the:-

      1. Materials used.
      2. Protection offered.
      3. Class – whether it is C, E or G.
      4. The suspension.

A hard hat like this one, for example, comes with a headlamp. 

And this one is a Class E, with a full brim. It comes in a white, a reflective color, and meets the ANSI and ANSEA regulations.

There are a good variety of hard hats online; you need to find the ones that are right for the kind of work you do, or that your kind of worker.


1.) Can You Use A Class C Hard Hat For Electrical Work?

No, Class C hard hat is a general conductive hard hat. It’s a fair safety hat for general construction work, but will not protect a construction worker, or worker, from electrical shocks or electrical problems.

2.) Can You Use A Class G Hard Hat For Electrical Work?

A Class G hard hat is the best hat to use for electrical work, as it protects up to 20,000 volts.

3.) Can You Use A Class G Hard Hat For Electrical Work?

You can indeed use a Class G hard hat for electrical work but bear in mind it only protects up to 2,200 volts.

If you are unsure, ask the supplier and ensure you use a reputable supplier.

How To Choose Hard Hats for Electrical Work

When you want to know which electrical hard hat to choose, you must not only look at how the hats are classed from an electrical point of view. You must look at the type of hard hat needed.

There are Two Types of Hard Hats:-

A Type One Hard Hat is designed to reduce the impact of falling debris from above, debris that lands on the top of the head. This could be a falling tool or hammer, it could be nails, or it could be small stones.

A Type Two Hard Hat is designed to reduce the impact of debris coming from above, laterally or centrally. This could be from falling stones (pieces of concrete), or from an accident with building material such as side beams. 

A Few Important Notes Regarding Electrical Hard Hats

A hard hat, such as in the E or G category is only designed to protect the head from high voltage conductors. These hard hats do offer some protection from phase to ground voltage, but does not offer protection as a whole. 

The head obviously needs more protection than any other part of the body because it contains the boy’s most vital organ – the brain. If the brain is damaged, even slightly, the body can not function the same way. Workers need to be protected, as much as humanly possible, in potentially dangerous work situations.

Which Hard Hat Should I Purchase For Electrical Work?

If you want to know which kind of hard hat to buy, for you or for your staff, you should be able to check the inside label of the hat. New hard hats, the certified ones, all have labels that identify the class and type of the hat. The label should include the ANSI/SEA standards, which are the safety certifications and regulations.

If a hat is has lost its label, it probably means it is time for a new hard hat!

Always Ensure The Right PPE, Including Hard Hats, For Your Workers

If you head a construction team, manage construction teams, or are a construction worker, you must ensure the right protective work gear for all your workers, and for yourself. This means using the right gear from day one, inspecting the gear on a regular basis, and replacing gear before it starts to age. It is important to do the right research when it comes to all gear, including hard hats or specific electrical classes of hard hats, to prevent accidents before they happen.

A hat like this, for example, is excellent for heat, is a Type 1 and a Class G. 

Buy Correctly, Inspect Correctly, Replace Correctly.

Start well and end well. When you choose the class of hard hat that you need for electrical work, choose carefully. Buy the right safety hat, or safety electrical hats, from the start. Keep doing inspections on a regular basis, and if a hat is damaged in any way, replace it. When you replace the hat, replace it with a new one, that is also certified, labeled and the correct type and class.

Styles Of Hard Hats Are Different To Type Of Hard Hats

On top of all the information we have given above, remember that there are various styles of hard hats. Don’t get the style mixed up with the type. The style of a hard hat can be a peak hard hat or a full brim hard hat. The style you choose will also be dependent on the kind of work being done.

The three things you need to consider when choosing an electrical hard hat:-

      • Class of hard hat
      • Type of hard hat
      • Style of hard hat

Choose well. Safety comes first. Prevent accidents. Always find out what class of hard hat is needed for electrical work.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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