How to Put Vinyl on a Hard Hat?

A hard hat is the most important safety equipment in a worksite. Without a hard hat, a worker is not allowed to do his job as this protective personal equipment ensures safety like no other. 

Being an engineer, I find these hard helmets quite fascinating. What surprised me, even more, was when I found a few of my colleagues pasting vinyl on their hard hats for personalization. 

This got me thinking and I tried to learn more about this trend. Is there a specific way to do it? Or can it be done like normal stickers?

Well, I am going to tell you everything I learned through this blog. So read on!

Pasting vinyl on hard hats is not a tough job. You can apply stickers like any other area. However, you need to be careful and start from the center before flattening the edges to avoid air getting under and leaving bubbles under the sticker.

How to Put Vinyl on a Hard Hat

Steps to Apply Vinyl on a Hard Hat

1.) Clean the surface of the hard hat where you want to apply the vinyl. Apply rubbing alcohol on the area and swipe the same to make it clean.

Once placed it would be difficult to remove the sticker if you feel the adhesive has not done its job properly due to dirt on the surface of the helmet.

2.) Take the vinyl and see if you want to cut out any part to alter the shape in the way you want. Try to line the sticker with the surface of the hard hat to see how it will be placed. Decide the spot and how to bend the vinyl for proper setting.

3.) Peel off the back of the vinyl. Be careful not to let your fingers touch the adhesive for this can ruin the sticker. Also, prevent the edges of the sticker from sticking to each other.

4.) Now place the stickers smoothly on the surface by giving pressure to the center. Using circular motion flatten the sticker from the center to the edges to avoid air bubbles.

Give extra focus to the edges and ensure they are properly sealed. In case the edges are not set properly or folded inside, pull it out softly and flatten it.

Why do I need to put vinyl on a hard hat?

Sticking vinyl on the helmet is done for various purposes. Consumers find it interesting to have a personalized touch to their helmets. Interesting designed vinyl on hard hats makes it easy for them to identify their helmets easily.

The stickers can come in various sizes, types, and shapes. While some may seem purely professional most of the others are meant to give relief to the otherwise monotonous texture of the helmet.

The professional vinyl stickers are used to signify the job and the projects that the user of the hard hat is involved in. This assures that he is trained to do the job he does.

Companies that make these hats might make use of the vinyl as a method to publicize their name. Vinyl with the brand name on the product can easily be noticed by people.

However, these stickers are pasted using extra care and will not be a hindrance for the hat to serve its purpose.

Do stickers affect the safety provided by hard hats?

Vinyl on hard hats is not harmful in any way. The chemical in the adhesive cannot leave a permanent mark or significant change on the coating of the helmet.

However, if the stickers tend to crowd an area or cover a huge part of the helmet, then problems can arise.

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Problems that can arise in sticking vinyl on hard hats

1. Can be a hindrance to inspection

Hard hats need to be carefully examined before each use. A minor crack can affect the integrity of the shell and if gone unnoticed can lead to problems that could have been prevented. 

If the stickers cover a considerable area of the helmet shell, one tends to miss the cracks. Therefore you need to be careful before deciding to paste vinyl. See that they do not take much space. 

Removing the stickers and checking for fissures can be a nuisance most of the time.

2. Can go against the company policy

If you are working under a company, make sure to check the company policy on pasting vinyl on hard hats. As safety is to be given priority, companies frown upon the act of applying anything on the helmet shell.

3. Can impact the visibility

Hard hats come in bright colors. This is to identify them even from a distance. Vinyl covering a significant part of the shell can affect visibility. 

Can I place vinyl on the sides of my hard hat?

Yes, vinyl can be placed on the sides of your hard hat as well. The procedure to apply is the same. However, you need to make sure that pasting these colorful labels on the sides would not be a hindrance for the helmet to serve its multiple uses.

Tips to remember while sticking vinyl on the hard hat.

1.) Be careful while pasting the vinyl. Keep an eye for creases. To prevent this, stretch the sticker well before it is pasted.

2.) Heat can help the adhesive to work well. Using a hairdryer or heat gun at the time of application can help the vinyl to stick better.

3.) Keep massaging the sticker while pasting to avoid any bulge on the vinyl.

To Wrap Up

Applying vinyl on hard hats is not a difficult task. All you have to look for is whether they create a hindrance for the hat to serve its sole purpose- to ensure safety.

However, from a personal perspective using the hard hat in the way they are sold by the company would be the ideal way to go. 

Hope you had fun reading the blog.

For more stay tuned!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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