What Does a Black Hard Hat Mean? (Explained)

The color codes of hard hats signify the profession that they are worn in. Hard hats come in different colors and each color signify a particular profession. For example, a white hard hat is worn by site managers and vehicle marshals, an orange hard hat is worn by signalers and slingers and blue hard hats are worn by visitors.

What Does a Black Hard Hat Mean

Likewise, a black hard hat is worn by site supervisors in the construction industry. Black hard hats come in different styles such as the full brim ones and the cap style ones. They offer all round protection of the head to the site supervisors who have the risk of facing head injuries while supervising the site activities.

In this article I will tell you all the necessary details regarding black hats including who should wear them, who should not wear them, are they hotter than the white ones and also you get to know the 5 best black hard hats recommended by our experts!

Who wears a black hard hat?

As mentioned earlier, a black hard hat is generally worn by site supervisors in the construction industry. Black hard hats generally come with 6-point suspension system that makes it easier to adjust the hard hat according to the required fit.

Most of the black hard hats meet the OSHA ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards which is essential because the job of a supervisor is very risky as they have to visit the nook and corners of the construction site and might easily be hurt by falling or flying objects.

Who should not wear a black hard hat?

As black hard hats are especially designed for the site supervisors, therefore, any other professionals including the construction workers, visitors, site managers, etc. should not wear the black hard hats.

Top 10 Best Hard Hat for Construction Workers

Not only for the safety reasons, but also the fact that in a number of workers it becomes easy to differentiate a particular professional from the other from the color of their hard hats.

Are black hard hats hotter?

In general, the black color attracts a lot more heat than the other colors. Therefore, it is significant that black hard hats are bit hotter than the other colored hard hats.

But this is not the case always because there are certain hard hats that are well vented and has microfiber lining in them for controlling sweat build-up. So, wearing these hard hats is way comfortable and feels breezy as well.

Are white hard hats cooler than the black hard hats?

Yes, obviously white hard hats attract the least amount of heat as compared to that of other colored hard hats. So, wearing the white hard hats is far more comfortable as it does not heat up at all. The white color in fact, reflects the heat back thus, keeping the inside of the hard hats cool all day.

Can electrician apprentice wear black hard hat?

Electricians have to wear Class E hard hats that are designed specially to prevent electric conduction through high voltage conductors and also offer dielectric protection against voltage up to 20,000 volts.

So, the black hard hats that meet the ANSI requirements of Class E hard hats can definitely be worn by the electrician apprentice.

Recommended black hard hats

Here’s a list of our Top 5 Black Hard Hats recommended by our experts:

Best full brim black hard hat with 4-point suspension:

1.) Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat, Vented, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Matte Black Graphite Pattern

This hard hat by Pyramex has full brim for all round protection of the head. It is constructed from ABS material that is strong yet seems ultra-light and weightless.

You can easily adjust the hard hat using the ratchet suspension. The best thing about this hard hat is that you can very easily convert the 4-point suspension to a 6-point suspension with the help of the HP6PTSUS.

You can rest assured regarding the safety offered by this hard hat as it meets the ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards, Type 1, Class C. Not only this, this hard hat has more to offer you with a replaceable soft brow pad and headbands for greater comfort.

Best Roughneck injection molded fiberglass black hard hat with 8-point suspension

2.) Fibre-Metal Hard Hat Injection Molded Roughneck Fiberglass with 8-Point Ratchet Suspension, Black

This hard hat is built to last and offers incredible performance. None can beat its toughness, strength and durability. The unique characteristic feature of this hard hat is the Roughneck cap style that offers outstanding impact and crack resistance.

The Roughneck P2A propriety injection-molded fiberglass with which this hard hat is built offers unmatched durability and is 8 times stronger than the common high density polyethylene hard hats.

The adjustment of this hard hat becomes quite easy and perfect with the 8-point ratchet suspension system. The unique features of this hard hat include ratchet headgear and a frontal terry fabric sweatband.

Most comfortable black hard hat with EVA foam insert and 6-point suspension:

3.) Lift Safety HDF-15KG DAX Hard Hat, Black

This hard hat by Lift Safety is for the ones whose priority is comfort. This dome shaped hard hat is made with perforated clarion synthetic leather along with the comfort molded EVA foam insert that aid in greater comfort and shock absorption for better protection of your head.

It has a large oversized ratchet knob that is for the easy adjustment of the hard hat according to your comfort. For the secured and perfect fit, it also has a 6-point suspension system.

For the enhanced impact protection, it has triple reinforced crown and the best part is the moisture wicking foam backed microfiber liner that helps in reducing sweat build-up inside the hard hat.

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Best cap style black hard hat:

4.) ERB 19949 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet, Black

This cap style hard hat by Omega is made in USA with high density polyethylene. It has a 6-point suspension system for the easy and perfect fitting of the hard hat according to desired comfort.

No need to worry about the safety with this hard hat as it meets the ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements. This hard hat is extremely lightweight and durable too.

Best hydro dipped black hard hat:

5.) Full Brim Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, 6 Point, Custom Design

This full brim hydro dipped hard hat by ACERPAL meets your safety as well as fashion requirements with the unique classic dark black modern design.

It is made of the ABS material so you can rest assured of the strength and durability of this hard hat along with its extreme lightweight. It meets the OSHA, ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards Type 1, Class C, E & G requirements.

The unique features of this hard hat include padded harness ratchet suspension for the comfortable and perfect fit and a replaceable soft brow pad. 

It’s time to bid Adieu!

That’s all with black hard hats! Just don’t forget to choose the ones that meet the ANSI standards. 

Hope this article was helpful to you! Will be back soon with more exciting articles on hard hats!

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