How to Fix And Replace Different Parts of Hard Hat

How To Fix A Hard Hat is a very important question to ask, but most importantly, you should be asking if it is sensible to fix a hard hat! A hard hat is a safety hat and if there are any problems with it, it is most likely going to be better to replace a hard hat than to try and fix a hard hat.

How to Fix And Replace Different Parts of Hard HatSaying that, it all depends on the damage. Hard hats are made up of:-

      • The shell.
      • A suspension system
      • A sweatband
      • A chinstrap

Each of these components is as important as the other. The shell offers immediate protection, but inside of the shell is the suspension system. The suspension system is the system that protects the brain. The chinstrap keeps the hard hat on the head. The sweatband stops sweat dripping into a worker’s eyes. 

Each component is therefore as important as the other.

How Does A Hard Hat Wear Out?

The general answer to this is wear and tear. Workers put hats on off, at least four times a day.  When they start work, when they take a break, when they being work again, and at the end of the day. The wear and tear on its own will start to age a hat, although a good hard hat should be good for a few years. It is only if the hard hat is damaged in an accident, that it will probably need to be replaced.

Hard hats also get damaged or worn out through accidents, small and large. A falling hammer. Side stepping into a beam. Tripping over electrical wires. Anything is possible on a construction site. Everything adds to wear and tear.

Should The Components Be Fixed Or Should They Be Replaced?

When you ask if a hard hat should be fixed, we say that components should be replaced, rather than fixed. You can replace chin straps, probably the easiest part of the hard hat to fix. You can knock the dents out of some hard hats. And you can replace the suspension system inside of a hat. But should you be doing this? Or should you just be replacing the hat? It all depends on the level of damage.

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What Hard Hat Parts Are Available For Replacement?

It all depends on the style, type and class of the hard hat you are using. The parts that are generally replaceable include:-

      • The sweat band.
      • The suspension
      • The chin strap.

Let’s Take A Look At All These Components of Hard Hat

1.) The Sweat Band

The sweat band does exactly what it is meant to do; soak up the forehead sweat of the worker. Because most construction or electrical work is physical, workers get hot. They therefore sweat. Sweatbands differ and there are a variety of sweatbands available online or from retail stores. They generally come in packs of four or six, although you can buy them individually. This is the part of a hard hat that probably gets replaced the most.

Sweatbands in hard hats are the easiest part of a hard hat to replace. You can see from the attachment here that the sweatbands clip on. Some of them are reusable and some of them are washable. When a sweatband gets old, it can easily be ‘fixed’ or replaced.

This type of sweatband is adhered to the hat with velcro, and it gives you an idea of how the sweatband is attached.

2.) The Chinstraps

If a hard hat chinstrap starts to fray, don’t ask yourself if it is time to replace the chinstrap. Rather, replace it immediately. The chinstrap is an important part of the hat. If the hat falls off, or is loose, or is on sideways, the hat may not be as protective as it should be. It is easy to buy replacement chin straps, and it is pretty easy to fit them on.

Hard hats protect workers in a variety of ways. A worker may be literally swept off his feet. A worker can fall from a great height. If this happens, there is no point in his hard hat falling off. Hard hats need to properly maintained, and this includes the chin strap.

Some chin straps come with a chin cup, for extra comfort and support.

3.) The Suspension

You can indeed purchase replacement suspensions or ratchets for hard hats Always check the price (there are times it is more sensible to buy a whole new hard hat) and always check that you buy the right suspension or ratchet for the hard hat shell that you have. If you are in the least bit unsure about attaching it to your hard hat, buy a new hard hat! You do not want to have problems; hard hats are too important for that.

4.) The Shell

You asked if you can fix a hard hat and we said you should either replace parts of the hard hat, or buy a whole new hard hat. If the shell of your hard hat is damaged, it is best to buy a new hard hat. When buying a new hard hat, it comes with the above mentioned components – the shell, suspension, sweat band and chin strap.

You might find the shell on its own; you have to decide if it worthwhile or not. There are often little add ons, such as American flag stickers, or similar, but this should not be the selling point! You want to buy what is good, safe, meets all the safety requirements, and most importantly, protects the worker.

How Do You Know When A Hard Hat Needs Fixing Or Replacing?

Hart hats need to undergo regular inspections. Depending on the nature of the work, the size of the construction team, or the construction company, depends who or how the hard hat gets inspected. When hard hat inspections take place, all aspects of the hat must be inspected.

Things You Should Check Before Fixing Hard Hat

When a hard hat inspection is done, the inspector needs to ask these questions, as well as examining / inspecting the hat.

      • Is the suspension / ratchet in good working condition?
      • Does the shell have any obvious damage?
      • Is the sweatband still good, or does it need replacing?
      • What is the chin strap looking like?

If the hard hat has a headlamp, the batteries must be checked too. Bear in mind, all hard hats are different and some will have different components to check. If it is possible to ‘fix’ some of the components, go ahead and fix them properly. Our experience tells us that problem parts need to be replaced, and replaced quickly.

Fixing, repairing or replacing or purchasing a new hard hat

These are your options when a hard hat is damaged. The most important aspect is to remember that the protection of the worker comes first. If a hard hat is damaged, or aged, in any potentially dangerous way, take action quickly.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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