What Does a Blue Hard Hat Mean?

There are different industries working in the US and each industry involves work that impose certain forms of hazards on its workers. One such hazard is getting a head injury which in fact, is the most fatal one.

What Does a Blue Hard Hat MeanNow, among the different industries include the construction industry, the carpentry, the electricians, etc. who require their workers to wear blue hard hats for their safety measures. But, the blue hard hat does not mean the same in every industry. 

In construction sites, blue hard hats are worn by the apprentices, the inexperienced workers and the visitors of the site and by looking at the blue hard hats in the construction site, you should know that they need assistance.

But, apart from the construction sites, a blue hard hat is also worn by the electricians, carpenters and other technical staff. A blue hard hat is generally resistant to impact and electric shock.

Down this article, you will get to know all about blue hard hats, their significance, the best blue hard hats recommended by our experts and also other FAQs related to blue hard hats!

So, let’s begin without further delay… Let’s start with comparison of top hard hats 

Blue hard HatShell MaterialWeightSuspension TypeMeets Class C, E or G Safety StandardsSize Adjustability
Malta Dynamics 4 pt. Ratchet Cap Style High Density Polyethylene11.2 ouncesRatchet6 1/2 to 8
Pyramex Ridgeline 4-Point Ratchet SuspensionHigh Density Polyethylene10.6 ouncesRatchet6 1/2 to 8
Amston Safety Hard Hat, Head ProtectionHigh Density Polyethylene14.4 ouncesRatchet6 1/2 to 8
MSA 477478 V-Gard With Fas-Trac III Suspension Cap High Density Polyethylene9.6 ouncesRatchet6 1/2 to 8
Bullhead Safety HH-F1-B – Blue Unvented Full Brim High Density High-Impact ABS Material15.2 ouncesRatchet6 1/2 to 8

What does Blue Hard Hats Signify?

Blue hard hats signify that a worker, site visitor, or anyone wearing is 100% secured from being hit on the head by falling or moving objects on the site. As we’ve known by now, Blue hard hats are worn by welders, visitors, electricians, carpenters, and other technical operators.

Blue hard hats come in a wide range, like the cap style ones and the full brim ones. They provide the overall safety of the head to workers who have the possibility of experiencing head injuries while working on the site.

In this write-up, we will provide you with the most vital details concerning blue hats, including who can wear them, who cannot wear them, how hot they become, and you will discover the 5 best blue hard hats our experts recommends!

How hot are blue hard hats?

Hard hats with lighter colors usually are cooler – most times dramatically true – than darker colored hard hats. Therefore, it is evident that blue hard hats are cooler on the side than other darker-colored hard hats.

Are stickers allowed on Blue hard hats?

One of the most prevalent concerns employees and firms that want to customize blue hard hats ask manufacturers is if stickers may be placed on them.

A blue hard hat is a component of personal protection equipment for laborers, but it may also serve additional purposes through modification.

Self-adhesive stickers are commonly used by field workers to customize their blue hard hats or for additional identification or classification purposes.

Organizations use stickers to improve worker presence and corporate awareness by advertising on a hard hat. After all, they’re one of the most easily recognized pieces of protective gear on any job site.

How to Put Stickers on Hard Hats

In most situations, the impact of stickers on blue hard hats has no detrimental effect on the hat’s performance measurement.

The glue used in conventional pressure-sensitive stickers has relatively limited chemical reaction possibilities with the hat shell. Under normal circumstances, their use is unlikely to have a detrimental impact on the hat’s functionality.

However, depending on where and how many stickers are put, employees may not correctly examine their equipment. If you want to customize a blue hard hat, keep the sticky stickers at least three-quarters of an inch far from the hat’s edge.

The area of the covered hat skin should be kept at a minimum level to facilitate periodic checks of the hat skin for indications of damage or deterioration.

If any exterior cracks, no matter how little, appear on the outer skin, the hat should be evacuated from service and changed promptly, whether or not they’re near the stickers.

Pad printing, a method that allows emblems to be inscribed directly on the hard hat, is a substitute for stickers. Unlike stickers or decals, such imprinting is persistent and will not flake, break, or wear.

Printing identification information on the inside of the hat’s top is another typical procedure. This exercise will have no negative impact on the helmet’s functionality.

Engraving, on the other hand, must be limited to the top. Otherwise, the hat may fail to offer the necessary safety during a collision, resulting in death or injury.

Do not perform any inscription or alteration of the hat skin material within the top section above the intersection between crown and top or within the region of the torsion key switches.

Regardless of what type of customization is utilized, the ideal strategy is to wear the hat precisely as it came from the supplier or ask the producer before applying any changes to the design.

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Do Blue construction hard hats expire?

Yes! If your blue hard hat is older than 5 years, then you can replace it. If your blue hard hat is fading, becoming brittle or chalky, then it is a sign that you should replace it. Another replacement sign you will notice on your blue hard hat is cut, becoming deeply scuffed, and dented.

However, as OSHA has not indicated a particular expiration date for blue hard hats, they are prone to expire and loses their effectiveness over time. To top it off, make sure you prevent your blue hard hat from direct sunlight heat as the sun damages the plastic material.

As liquids, sweat, and other substances met in the construction site may lead to quick deterioration of the blue hard hat, it is ideal for providing vented cooling, 3M quality, and suspension system to your hat.

Are Blue aluminum hard hats acceptable?

Some people don’t have such a high amount of money to purchase the normal blue hard hats; they go for aluminum ones. In this situation, blue aluminum hard hats are allowed.

On the other hand, they’d be risky in areas where the user might come into touch with electrified circuits. For this reason, it is ideal for sticking with the normal OSHA recommended blue hard hat.

Can you wear a blue hard hat with a full-face respirator?

Yes, a blue hard hat and facepiece respirator can go together. However, the scenery of wearing both of them might be quite awkward. Getting a blue hard hat with an adjustment system to move up and down can go together with a silicone full-face respirator comfortably.

Best Blue Safety Hard Hat

To make things easy for you, we have handpicked the best blue hard hat for the optimum safety.

1. Malta Dynamics 4 pt. Ratchet Cap Style Hard Hat 

This blue hard hat complies with ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 standard. It is made in the United States of America. Specially designed for the perfect fit, it comes with ratchet suspension for quick, simple size adjustments.

It is equipped with padded pillows as well as a nape cushion for a cozy, comfortable fit. The innovative suspension is flexible and bendable at lithe points for an enhanced fit.


      • Rugged and lightweight polyethylene
      • Type I, Class E, and G
      • Excellent balance
      • Perfect value and quality


      • It sits very high on the head
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2. Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

This Ridgeline hard hat is the best combination of exceptional custom-made comfort and high-performance impact security. They are made from ABS thermoplastic resin, combining rigidity and strength.

This material is not heavy, making the hats some of the lightweight choices available today. It is up to 10% lighter than other hats make with traditional materials.

The 4-way modifiable harness points enable you to adjust the harness up, down, backward, or forward, providing you with the best fit for personalized comfort.


      • Low profile and better coverage
      • Ultimate comfort and toughness
      • High-performance ABS
      • Vented pressure pad
      • Washable and replaceable sweatband


      • Pricey
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3. Amston Safety Hard Hat

AMSTON’s Type 1 Class C PPC helmets pass the ANSI Z89.1-2009 requirement. It is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can be worn by adult women and men.

The multipoint adjustments enable you to customize the fit. It comes with an optional and detachable chin strap.

With the universal accessory niches on the side, it can be worn with other Personal Protective Equipment, including eyewear and dust masks.

This low-profile, cap-design blue hard hat weighs just 0.9 lbs, making it nearly weightless. You can wear it throughout the day without discomfort or pain.


      • Lightweight and low profile
      • Comfortable fit with ventilation ports for airflow
      • Fully adjustable
      • Made of high-density polyethylene
      • For women and men
      • Meets ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z89.1-2009.


      • Shipping delays reported
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4. MSA 477478 V-Gard With Fas-Trac III Suspension Cap Style Hard Hat

This hard hat comes with a polyethylene shell that provides powerful impact safety. The self-adjusting crown straps guarantee a comfy fit.

Comes in different sizes, such as Small (6 to 7-1/8-inch), Standard (6-1/2 to 8-inch), and Large (7 to 8-1/2 inch). This blue hard hat meets CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E) and ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 (Class E).


      • Assembled and molded in the United States
      • Comfortable fit
      • Available in different sizes
      • Affordable and valuable
      • 100% Safety guarantee


      • It stands high on the head
      • Hard to assemble
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5. Bullhead Safety HH-F1-B – Blue Unvented Full Brim Style Hard Hat

This Bullhead Blue hard hat is made with HPPE material for a lightweight result and non-conductive properties. It is also made with chemical/weather resistance properties for longevity.

The complete brim design provides neck, shoulder, and eye safety from outdoor elements like rain and sunshine.


      • Designed to fit 2-point and 4-point chin straps
      • 100% face and head safety
      • Comes with the highest of standards in production.
      • Provides maximum durability, low cost, comfort


      • Not vented
      • Pricey
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Importance/Benefits of blue safety Hardhat

Blue hard hats create an extra layer for the head and therefore secure the wearer from most of the dangerous forms of traumatic injury of the brain. They aim to decrease the possibility of critical brain and head injuries by reducing the effect of a collision or force on the head.

Which Blue Hard Hat is the best?

From our perspective, we recommend Malta Dynamics as the best Blue safety hard hat because of its unique features. However, you can carry out some homework and research to know which one would suit your needs.

Nevertheless, your safety is essential, whether you are visiting a construction site or you’re a welder. Therefore, you must get your blue hard hat before going to the construction site.

With our list of the best blue hard hats, finding the one that would fit your head and provide you with ultimate head protection would be easy.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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