Why Do Cowboys Wear Their Jeans So Long?

Are you a fan of the iconic cowboy attire? From roaming around the plains west of the Mississippi River in the 1800s to reigning as the icons of the American fashion industry, it’s all history!

Dime novels, books, television shows, etc., took on to romanticize cowboys’ nomadic, carefree lifestyle and they became folk heroes of America. With them, their signature attire too got celebrated. 

The cowboy signature style, utility wear for real, hit the American fashion industry. The broad-brimmed cowboy hat, long-sleeved western shirt, long-legged jeans, bandanna, chaps, and the cowboy boot became inevitable accessories of the American identity. 

Why Do Cowboys Wear Their Jeans So Long

Have you ever followed or tried out the cowboy attire? If you have, you should have noticed their jeans having some extra folds of fabrics.

You might have wondered why cowboys wear such long jeans. Cowboys wear long jeans because it functions as a protective wear that serves the unique requirements of cowboy life. Let’s know how long jeans help cowboys in their work. 

The Cowboy Attire, A Perfect Workwear!

The cowboy signature attire is workwear turned into fashion wear. For a cowboy who rides miles on horses, who works on ranches, who goes cattle rearing for months on wild fields miles away from home, his attire should meet function over fashion.

The cowboy attire is absolute workwear. It’s an attire customized out of the necessities of the nature of cowboys’ work and their limited resources.

Each accessory of their attire serves as protective wear to help them survive the rough terrain, harsh climate, and other hazards on the plains they go cattle herding.

For instance, their broad-brimmed cowboy hat protects their face from sunburns. The cowboy boot has a high heel and pointed toe to fit into the stirrup.

The bandanna, a piece of cloth they wear around their neck, is used to wipe sweat, cover their face from sandstorms, and protect their neck from sunburn. Likewise, the long-legged jeans serve some unique functions. Let’s find it out. 

Why Do Cowboys Wear Jeans?

It’s simply because jeans are tough and durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions a cowboy may have to endure. Denim jeans don’t wear and tear easily.

It can be comfortably worn for continuous hours and looks fresh for days even without laundry. So, jeans are a practical yet stylish attire; a perfect choice for cowboys. 

Why Are Cowboy Jeans Longer Than Ordinary Jeans?

If you normally wear 30″ inseam jeans, you should go for 32″ inseam jeans for cowboy wear. Cowboy jeans should be longer than normal jeans.

If you are a cowboy or someone who would like to follow the cowboy style, let’s help you know why you should buy long jeans.

1.) Cowboy Jeans Should Cover the Heel.

Cowboy jeans should be slightly longer than usual wear as the jeans should cover the heel of the boots. Yet, make sure that your jeans don’t touch the ground. 

2.) Jeans Get Shortened When You Sit.

The jeans should cover the heel even when sitting on a saddle. To have enough length when you are on your horse, jeans need to be extra long because jeans get shortened when you sit.

3.) Cowboys Tuck Their Pants Inside Their Boots.

To keep the bottom of the jeans free of mud, muck, or manure, cowboys used to tuck their jeans inside their boots while working on a ranch or riding a horse.

Their working environment won’t often favor them to wash their jeans regularly. Moreover,  it’s easier to clean a boot than a pair of jeans.

Cowboys also tuck in their jeans to avoid tripping off, by jeans getting caught in branches or thorns. It avoids chances of jeans getting tangled while in the stirrup.

It would also prevent any wildlife creatures from entering inside the pants. So, to tuck in the jeans, it needs some extra length.

4.) Cowboys Cuff Their Jeans

Jeans were first made of unsanforized denim fabrics. So, cowboys had to buy jeans with extra length as it would shrink after multiple washes.

Since they didn’t wash the jeans regularly, they used to cuff their jeans to accommodate this extra length of fabric.

Cowboys even used cuffs as a utility space; a handy space to keep their personal stuff, cigarettes or tobacco, while horse riding.

Even after introducing sanforized jeans, this style was being followed for convenience. So to cuff the jeans, you need some extra piece of cloth.

5.) Stacked Jeans: A Signature Cowboy Style

Stacking is a unique cowboy way of styling the extra-long jeans. Stacked jeans are extra long jeans tapered from the knee to the ankle so that the excess folds of fabric layer on top of each to create a stacked-up effect. The extra folds of fabric of the cowboy jeans are called a stack. 

How To Stack A Cowboy Jeans?

You just have to find a perfect pair of jeans. A skin fit jeans with extra length would do. As discussed above, buy a pair of jeans that’s longer by at least 2 inches than your usual size.

You should also have a boot with a lip sturdy enough to hold the stacks. You don’t have to do anything in particular to stack the jeans; just let the folds of the fabric layer on top of each other, that’s it!

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3 Best Selling Cowboy Jeans

Wrangler and Levi’s are two of the most popular brands in cowboy jeans.  Let’s help you to fill your cart with the best in the market. 

1.) Wrangler Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean 

Wrangler’s Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean is designed for both function and comfort. It’s tailor-made with durable heavyweight cotton denim and felled seams.

This 100% cotton jean provides comfort and breathability. The jean has an authentic five-pocket styling; 1 watch pocket, 2 front scoop pockets, and 3 back patch pockets. The jean is finished with copper rivets for long-lasting durability.

2.) Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans

Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans come with a classic style and rugged durability. It has 3-point belt loops and doubled inseam for added strength and durability.

Its ergonomic pockets, reversed yoke, and safety inseams give you extra comfort. The jean provides a bartack clipping guard to wear it with ease over your boots. 

3.) Wrangler Men’s 0936 Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean

Whether you’re out on the ranch, in the saddle, or working in the garage, these durable jeans made for function and comfort keep you comfortable for long days.

This 100% cotton jean is made with durable heavyweight cotton and felled seams to prevent chafing. The jean has a five-pocket styling; 1 watch pocket, 2 front scoop pockets, and 3 back patch pockets and is finished with copper rivets for long-lasting durability.

I see by your outfit, that you are a cowboy.

These words he did say as I slowly passed by.

lines from the famous American cowboy ballad “Streets of Laredo”. The US celebrates the fourth Saturday of July, as the National Day of the Cowboy to remember the contributions of the cowboy to American culture and heritage.

The cowboy attire will remain a classic style statement. It won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. If you haven’t ever tried cowboy attire, just buy one and flaunt it!

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