Bootcut Vs Cowboy Cut Jeans: Which One You Should Wear?

Cowboy and boot cuts are two of the most popular denim styles worldwide. The distinction between these two denim styles is that they feature two different cuts.

Cowboy cut is characterised by tapered legs from top to bottom, high back pockets, and is available in a high or low waist. Bootcut jeans, on the other hand, are tapered and fitting snugly from the waist to the thighs, before spreading and loosening up to the ankle.

As a result, the fundamental distinction between them is the width of the lower leg. The lower part of a cowboy cut is tighter than a bootcut style.

Bootcut Vs Cowboy Cut Jeans

So, before deciding on your chosen style, you should be aware of the qualities and distinctions between the two. You’ll obtain full information about both of them through this writing, and you’ll be able to choose the ideal option for your work situation at the same time. 

What Are Cowboy Cut Jeans?

The cowboy-cut jean was first introduced by Wranglers in 1947 and features high back pockets, a wide space between the front belt loops for wearing a belt, a tapered leg from knee to bottom, smooth round rivets, and more space in the seat and thigh to make the wearer more comfortable while working.

The designer collaborated with real cowboys to create a collection of jeans that would be most beneficial to them and for others who work in similar conditions. The designed jeans became popular among workers because of their ease of use when working in messy situations.

The major goal of the cowboy jeans cut is to offer the wearer the comfort he seeks while working in any situation. This pair of jeans has been developed to endure dust, filth and wear and tear by being thicker and stiffer than regular jeans.

Cowboy cut jean

Even if you fall or roll while working, you can rest assured that the cowboy jeans will not tear or scratch. This is due to the fact that the cowboy jeans are constructed of extremely thick denim and are frequently starched to prevent dirt and wrinkles.

Cowboy jeans provide the following advantages for workers: they are trendy, well-fitted, durable, and comfy. You’re all aware of the importance of having dirt-repellent and breathable jeans. This benefit is provided by cowboy jeans, which are now available in the clothing sector.

The jeans look great and comfortable with high-rise boots and are well-equipped for rough use, well you can thanks to the huge pockets and thick denim.

What are Bootcut Jeans?

Initially, the Boot-cut jeans was heavily influenced from sailors’ trousers in 1850s and later become popular amongst the cowboys and the ranchers in the occident.

Wearing these jeans cut which is loose fitted in below enabled them to easily roll or fold the jeans and wear the boots in any conditions. This type of jeans cut is the in-between of a straight cut jean and a flared one. 

These Boot-cut jeans revolutionised the clothing industry by providing what was recognised as a unique design and as ‘out of the norm’ compared to the other jeans which dominated in the fashion industry. 

Bootcut Jeans

Later in the 1960s and 1970s bootcut gained popularity through the hippies, which then inspired in designing bell-bottom jeans. 

So, to talk about their style and cut, boot-cut jeans start out straight and then are slightly tapered at the thighs, which then goes down till the knees and from there they are significantly broadened all the way down to the ankles.

They’re usually a little longer than standard jeans because they’re supposed to wear over boots, but they’re not as long as flared jeans, which completely cover the feet. 

Bootcut jeans make it possible for the wearer to wear boots without having to tuck them in or struggle to get the jeans over the boot shaft. The purpose gave the apparel its name, the boot-cut jeans, meaning that this jeans cut is designed to go with boots.

Nowadays the boot-cut jeans come in a variety of designs and colours, but not modifying their distinct cut because it is what makes these jeans what they are.

Difference between Cowboy cut and Bootcut Jeans

Cowboy cut vs boot cut is like choosing one between the two spirited apparel which are simultaneously popular for its ease of use. So before making a choice it’s important to understand the difference between them.

Knowing the difference will aid you in having the proper knowledge about the jeans which you could compare it with your working conditions and then opt for the appropriate one. 

First, let me put the difference in one simple sentence: Apparently, the main noticeable difference between bootcut and cowboy cut is the width of the lower leg. The bottom leg of a cowboy cut is tapered and tighter, whereas the lower leg of a bootcut is wider.

Cowboy cut Jeans Bootcut Jeans
It is a tapered leg from knee to bottom.  It is straight and snuggly from the waist till the thigh but widens at the ankle.
High back pockets Small back pocket
Thicker and stiffer Less thick and stiff 
More space in the seat and thigh Less space in the seat and thigh
Available in low and high waist Available in low waist
Appear having longer legs Minimise the height
Tends to favour those who have narrower hips and thighs. Tends to favour those who have wider hips and thighs.
All kinds of shoe weather trainers or sneakers  Common and chunky boots are mainly advised
Worn for rough work conditions.  Worn more like a formal or casual wear 

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To Conclude: Cowboy cut vs Bootcut Jeans 

So, let’s find out which style is the best. Whatever features both garments have, when deciding between them, you should always consider the type of work you do and how you want to use the jeans. Both jeans, on the other hand, are acceptable for all body shapes and perform well in professional settings.

Choose a bootcut jeans if you want a style that is tapered and fitted snugly from the waist to the thighs, then spreads and loosens up down to the ankle. This pair of jeans will also give you the illusion of having a shorter leg.

Cowboy cut jeans, on the other hand, have a tapered leg from top to bottom and high back pockets. This pair of jeans, unlike bootcut jeans, will offer you the illusion of longer legs.

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