Why Are Cowboy Jeans So Thick?

If you had ever dreamt of being one of those stylish and valiant Texan heroes from the Clint Eastwood filmiverse,  you must definitely have yearned for a pair of those stiff cowboy jeans.

A utilitarian piece of clothing as well as a fashion statement, cowboy jeans will have a place of their own in every American’s wardrobe. 

Anybody who’s ever bought cowboy jeans or even seen one at a store will definitely know how thick and stiff they are. Have you ever wondered why they are so? Well, we do have all the answers for your questions right here, so Yeehaw!!! Here we go!!!! 

Why Are Cowboy Jeans So Thick

Why are cowboy jeans so thick? 

Cowboying is no easy task. You have to spend hours riding through the dry and dusty landscape. If the horse is a bit hostile, you may even fall down on the rough ground a couple of times.

Cowboy jeans are supposed to withstand wear and tear and dust and dirt. Cowboy jeans should keep the rodeo heroes comfortable, clean and safe during tours, so they are thicker and stiffer than normal jeans. 

Cowboy jeans are made of really thick denim to prevent cuts or scratches from falling or rolling and they are starched to prevent dirt build-up and wrinkling.

Cowboys and cowgirls do not have a lot of time to spare to dryclean their jeans during tours and therefore the material has to be stiff and thick enough to remain clean and comfortable throughout the trips. 

What makes cowboy jeans special? 

Cowboy jeans are specially designed for rough usage. They should 

– Make the wearer comfortable throughout long horse rides, 

-Withstand wear and tear, 

– Not attract dust or dirt, 

– Look crisp and clean for days without laundry,

– Be well fitted to give off a sleek, stylish look and comfortable feel

-Go well with the boots and the thick belt 

-Feel good against the skin and not cause allergies or rashes. 

What to look for when buying cowboy jeans? 

When looking for cowboy jeans, make sure that they do possess these following features to get one that is worth your money. 

1.) Make sure that the material is thick enough to survive multiple cuts and scratches

2.) Ensure that the jeans are tight fitted to prevent the jeans from getting stuck in fences and to save yourself from having rashes and sore skin. 

3.) The leg of the jean must be tapered so that there won’t be any fuss while wearing them with the high boots. 

4.) Ensure that there is a wide space between the front belt loops to accommodate the trophy buckle. 

5.) Smooth round rivets in the bottom and thigh area will help make horse riding more comfortable.

6.) Get the jeans starched so that they will look crisp and repel dust and dirt. 

7.) Make sure that the pockets are positioned high up and not low, to avoid discomfort

8.) Go for high rise jeans that would sit perfectly on your waist and wouldn’t budge and cause discomfort during tours

9.) Go for thick and breathable materials like 100% cotton denim or demand denim, so that you will feel comfortable and cool even after wearing them all day long. 

Right length of cowboy jeans 

Right length of cowboy jeans 

Cowboy jeans must be long enough to completely cover and protect your leg but it should not be too long that it might just get stuck under the heel of your boot or would get dragged through the dirt.

A length that is slightly above the ankle would be a perfect length for a cowboy jean. 

Right colour for cowboy jeans

It is best to wear dark wash jeans as the long hours in the dust and dirt can make light wash jeans look dull and dirty. Dark wash jeans will not take on the soil colour and give an untidy look.

If you are traveling during the day a medium blue jean would be a perfect choice and for night rides a darker wash is more preferable. 

How tight should cowboy jeans be? 

Cowboy jeans should have a rather tight fit as loose fabric can rub against the skin and make it sore or the denim can get stuck in fences. It is always applicable to go for a cowboy jean that is at least one size smaller than your regular jeans. 

There is a simple trick to find out the perfect fit of the cowboy jean. You shouldn’t be able to able to fit two fingers in the waistband when you try them out. In such a case the jean would be not too tight nor too loose. 

Can cowboys wear black jeans? 

Black or charcoal wash denims can give you an effortlessly dapper look. Black jeans can be worn by cowboys as they do not get dirty so fast due to their dark colour. They are more suited for nights as the colour black has the tendency to absorb heat.

Benefits of thick cowboy jeans

Cowboy jeans are: 

      • Durable 
      • Comfortable
      • Stylish 
      • Dirt repellent 
      • Breathable 
      • Well fitted 
      • Well equipped for rough usage 
      • Can be worn comfortably with high rise boots 

Cowboy Jeans vs Regular Jeans

Regular jeans are not as thick as cowboy jeans. Cowboy jeans act as a protective layer whereas regular jeans are very prone to wear and tear. 

Cowboy jeans are starched. This makes them dirt repellent and crispy looks. Regular jeans will absorb dirt and sweat and get damp or soggy with use. 

Cowboy jeans are more breathable than regular jeans. Regular jeans are not that comfortable when worn for days at a stretch, whereas cowboy jeans are designed specifically for that. 

How to make your jeans fit for cowboys?

Find yourself a high rise thick denim jean, with high pockets, tapered legs and tight fitting. You can get this jean starched to make it thicker and stiffer. This will prevent wear and tear and dirt accumulation.

The starch will form a film over the jeans that will keep it clean and make it look neat and tidy. If you do not wish to get a proper cowboy jeans you can starch your normal jean to make it cowboy friendly. 

Top 3 Cowboy Jeans 

Levi’s, Wrangler, Carhartt, Key, Lee etc are some of the most popular brands of cowboy jeans. 

1.) Wrangler Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean 

This 100% cotton jean is stylish, durable and comes with copper rivets to improve comfort. The breathable and thick fabric ensures that it will deliver comfort alongside protection. 

2.) Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans

Inspired by Wild West this stylish jean comes with ergonomic pockets, bartack clipping guard and guaranteed durability 

3.) Wrangler Women’s Cowboy Cut Slim Fit High Rise Stretch Jean

This chic cowgirl jeans provides a flattering look and all day comfort. 

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