Bootcut Vs Kicker Bootcut Jeans: Are they Different?

Nowadays shopping for jeans can be very challenging with so many rises, colors, and so many styles. Comfortable, functional, durable, and stylish are all on our list of wants when it comes to buying a pair of jeans.

Styles will come and go, but one or two cuts are here for the long term, and the bootcut jeans design has been around for over a century. 

Bootcut jeans are versatile and in style and they can be worn in multiple situations and on any number of occasions. Now not only are there bootcut jeans but kicker bootcut jeans. So, are there differences and if so, what are they?

Bootcut Vs Kicker Bootcut Jeans

What Are Bootcut Jeans?

Bootcut jeans are made from denim and have a tailored style that is straight from the pant waist to the knees. From the knee to the pant ankle, the jeans will flair a bit wider specifically in the ankle area. 

The bootcut jean was heavily influenced by pants worn by sailors as far back as the 1850s. Those pants from the 1800s were designed so that boots could be worn with them without difficulty.

They became popular with ranchers and cowboys for the same reason ranch workers need to wear boots daily for work. 

Hollywood took the cue and bootcut jeans were used in western films in the 1940s and 1950s. It was with their inclusion as film costumes that they were gentrified from manual labor clothing to casual wear.

In 1941, the Lee company had rodeo star Turk Greenough aid them in improving the fit of their jeans, and his wife, Sally Rand, altered the jeans to afford a slightly snugger fit but with a flare to accommodate her husband’s riding boots.

The modern-day version of the bootcut jean was born in the 1960s, but design changes were implemented with larger flares and bell bottoms.

In the late 1980s, bootcut jeans returned. Modern bootcut jeans are referred to as classical to differentiate them from the original bootcut style.

Bootcut indicates that the jean legs will be a bit narrower at the knee than at the leg opening. Most manufacturers will identify bootcut jeans to have a leg opening measuring between 17 and 20 inches.

There are two bootcut jean styles: original and classic. What’s the difference? The original cut is straight in the thigh with a bootcut opening for the leg for comfort.

A classic bootcut has a looser fit in the thigh with a bootcut leg opening. The classic style is great for those that prefer a more relaxed fit for this style.

When considering Bootcut jeans keep in mind

1.) The cut

The cut of the fabric will feature a slightly tapered design in the thigh that will then widen after the knee to the hem of the pants.

2.) Your Height

A Bootcut style breaks up leg length, so if you want to minimize your height or leg length, bootcut jeans are an optimal choice.

3.) Footwear

Bootcut jeans should sit comfortably over boot

Bootcut jeans are made to be worn with boots or chunkier-styled shoes but look great with any footwear. Whereas straight-cut jeans are tucked into boots or worn atop footwear, bootcut jeans should sit comfortably over boot or shoe tops.

Bootcut Jeans for Women Compared to Bootcut Jeans for Men

The principal difference between bootcut jeans for men and women will be in the fit. Women’s bootcut jeans will generally be tighter to the knee with a bit of a flare at the bottom. Men’s bootcut jeans will bit a bit more relaxed for the entire leg length.

Are Bootcut Jeans the Same as Flare Jeans or Bell Bottom Jeans?

No, while bootcut jeans have a straight fit from the waist hip, and thigh to the knee and then flare outward at the ankles, actual flare-stye jeans will have a wider, somewhat looser fit.

Bell bottom jeans will flare out directly from the knees with a snugger fit in the thigh. The two should not be confused as bell-bottom jeans flare out more than what is necessary to accommodate a pair of boots.

Straight-leg jeans will not change their shape beneath the knee but just cover the legs with an entirely straight cut.

What Are Kicker Bootcut Jeans?

Kicker Bootcut jeans sit just underneath the waist. They will feature a bootcut style leg, lean and long, with a very slight taper from the knee to the ankle.

Are Bootcut Jeans Easy to Find?

Almost all major manufacturers of jeans have their own individual versions of bootcut jeans. Each brand may be slightly different, but the design will accommodate wearing bots underneath the jeans.

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How Can Bootcut Jeans Be Worn

Happily, bootcut jeans can be worn with all types of wardrobe choices. Consider that they are no-muss, no-fuss wardrobe items.  Try one or more of these:

1.) Classic Casual

Bootcut jeans are ideal for casual or informal activities, and they even perform well in a casual business environment. These jeans are fashionable with shirts, sweaters, jackets, or blazers. They also look stylish with hoodies.

2.) Sleek and Chic

Darker-hued bootcut jeans with a turtleneck and a blazer offer a sleeker look when chic is called for.

3.) A Nostalgic Look

If you want to give a shout to a 1960s hippie look with a tee and sandals, bootcut jeans are perfect, or you can advance to the 1970s for a more bohemian look.

4.) Western Wow

Thanks to the flare at the leg opening, bootcut jeans will fit comfortably over a pair of cowboy boots. Add a western shirt and jacket and you’ll achieve the Western look you prefer.

5.) Street Duds

Bootcut jeans look great when paired with leather jackets, gloves, or coats.

The Bottom Line: What’s the Difference Between Bootcut Jeans and Kicker Bootcut Jeans?

Both of these styles share the basic design of a straight leg design from the waist down the thigh to the knee.

Both styles also feature a slight flare in their cut. The difference fundamentally sits with where the flare in the plant leg begins.

The bootcut jeans will have their slight flare around the ankle, while kicker bootcut jeans will flare slightly from the knee to the hem of the jeans.

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