Do You Wear Jeans Under Overalls?

Overalls are protective garments that save us from hazardous substances and dirt at our workplace. The answer is in the name itself; “overalls”, that is something that is to be worn over your usual clothing! So, you can and should definitely wear pants or jeans under overalls.

Don’t you wear an underpant beneath your pants or jeans?

It’s an obvious thing right?

So wearing pants or jeans underneath overalls is a must too and there are lots of reasons for it that I am going to share with you in this post of mine…..

Do You Wear Jeans Under Overalls

What are overalls?

According to the definition given by the Oxford Dictionary, an overall is:

“A loose-fitting coat or one piece garment worn over ordinary clothes for protection against dirt or heavy wear.”

Overalls have been given different names in different places, like in North America it’s called a dungaree and somewhere it’s also referred to as a bib-and-brace overall.

There are different types of overalls, ones that cover your entire body while the others are just with bibs and pants (the dungarees).

History of overalls:

The first ever use of overalls were seen in the British Army in the 1750s, where they were used as a protective covering for their formal clothing. 

History of overalls

Overalls were then refined by the use of denim materials which proved to be very durable and comfortable for a long day’s work in harsh and dirty environments and thus by the early 20th century, they were worn by most sections of workers like the construction workers, miners and railroad workers.

Are you supposed to wear pants underneath overalls?

As I have mentioned in the section above, there are two types of overalls:

      • One that covers your entire body that’s a protective garment
      • The other that is a denim dungaree with bibs and trousers

So, if you are wearing the proper overall that is actually a protective suit to protect you from the harsh elements of work like chemicals, toxins and dust, you need to wear your regular clothing underneath it.

Overalls might be transparent or made of some waterproof materials that might not be too comfortable for the skin to be worn barely.

Though overalls made of cotton, linen and denim are breathable and soft fabrics, yet some overalls are also made of plastic, nylon, leather etc. depending on the type of job you want them for.

When it comes to denim dungarees that consist of a bib and trousers, they can be worn solely without wearing pants underneath.

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What should you wear under overalls?

You definitely need to wear clothing underneath your overalls.

But the question is what types of clothing are suitable for wearing under overalls?

Though any regular clothing would go under overalls yet, you need to pay heed to the following points while selecting the clothing underneath your overalls:

1.) Breathable fabric so that you do not feel hot and uncomfortable because the overalls are not going to be very comfortable anyway

2.) Make sure the fabric is moisture wicking like cotton so that the sweat doesn’t settle on your body and keep you uncomfortable all day long

3.) Half sleeved shirts would be better suited with overalls or else the sleeve might pop out from the overalls and get dirty and you might to adjust that all through the day

4.) Try wearing elasticated pants with overalls because the belted pants might be very uncomfortable to adjust underneath the overalls

5.) T-shirts would be a better match for overalls than formal shirts

6.) In the cold, wearing sweaters would be more feasible than jackets under overalls

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How are overalls supposed to be worn?

Overalls are more like onesies that come for kids. It’s also worn by the armed forces of different nations.

The proper way of wearing overalls is first by wearing your usual clothing and then wearing the overall.

When it comes to wearing overalls, remember the following points:

1.) Choose overalls that is a size larger than your usual clothing size because you need to wear your clothes within

2.) Baggy overalls will give you a better experience

3.) First of all wear your clothing and then start sliding in the overall with first starting with your legs and then the arms

4.) Some overalls have buttons while the majority have zips on them

Should overalls be loose or tight?

Overalls are supposed to be baggy that is a bit loose and never fit tight.

If they already fit you tight, once you wear your normal clothing within and try to zip the overall up, it won’t fit you anymore.

Overalls are protective garments and not for style. So, they should fit baggy in order to make the least contact with your body while still covering you up from toxic chemicals, dirt, mud, dust and even fire hazards.

Tight overalls will also give an uncomfortable feeling like you are stuck within something suffocating and they will make you sweat profusely.

And it’s a wrap!

If your overalls are like dungarees and made of denim, there is no need to wear jeans underneath them. But if they are made of cotton or other transparent materials, wearing jeans under them is recommended.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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