Do Baggy Pants Make You Look Bigger?

Very few people have perfect bodies or even perfectly proportioned bodies. Everyone is slightly different when it comes to shaping, so no garment style will fit two people in the same manner. 

Garment style can contribute to your overall effect in dressing. Oversized clothing and baggy pants fit into this category and most certainly do not make people appear thinner because they hang away from your body.

Your body may even appear as big as the clothes appear to be. They do not offer contour to your silhouette.

Do Baggy Pants Make You Look Bigger

Should Thin Men Wear Baggy Pants?

For the exceptionally thin, there may be a misconception that baggy or loose-fitting pants will make them somehow appear less thin. This can be a mistake. Wearing baggy clothes as a thin person, can in the end just make you appear even thinner than you actually are. 

Another error is purchasing clothing that is several sizes too big. Often oversized clothing is a fashion trend.

But if you like this style, buy the design in your appropriate size, so that it will hang correctly on your body frame. Buying one or more sizes up can cause the clothing to be too long and baggy in the wrong places.

Should Thin Men Wear Baggy Pants

Sweatpants are also a fashion favorite, and they are baggy, but opting to wear baggy jeans or loose-fitting sweatpants is only a good choice if you are trying to achieve a street-savvy skater look.

If, as a thin person, you want to achieve a more solid look, select a nice pair of slim-fit pants or jeans. Avoid skinny jeans or pants as they will only accentuate thinness. 

If you have a thin silhouette and want to include baggy pants in your clothing choices to give the appearance of a fuller body type, remember to choose thicker fabrics and layer your clothing selections. Do not depend on baggy pants alone.

Should Heavy Men Wear Baggy Pants?

No, a baggy fit does not look attractive on heavier or overweight men. They are usually very unflattering.

One might think that baggy pants hide those extra undesirable pounds, but more often than not, baggy pants will add on the pounds rather than hide them. Better you should choose properly fitting slacks than provide a nice silhouette.

Should Heavy Men Wear Baggy Pants

Often larger men will wear baggy pants in an attempt to hide the bulk, thinking that baggy pants will help them appear smaller, but they actually will cause those wearing them to appear larger. Extra fabric does not hide excess girth, it brings attention to it. 

A choice of baggy pants can be a reaction to tightly styled clothes that make heavier people feel uncomfortable. The comfort of baggy clothes, however, does not translate into a more attractive silhouette. 

Overweight people do not want to wear pants that add or highlight bulk, so baggy pants should be avoided. And if you are losing weight, you don’t want to wear clothes that appear oversized, as they will distort your new body proportions.

The Proper Fit 

It’s crucial that clothes fit correctly. When wearing a pair of slacks, your thumbs should move easily between the pants and your waist.

If the pants you choose have pleats, these should lie flat and not spread open especially if you are standing. Pleats are not inserted to afford extra room; they contribute to the movement of the fabric.

The Waistline Fit

A lot is said about where your pants should sit when it comes to your waistline. To create a nice, well-proportioned silhouette, pants should be worn at your natural waistline or just below your navel.

By wearing pants below the paunch of your midriff, you will distort your body proportions and accentuate your stomach, making it appear even larger.

Wearing your pants around your middle will aid in making extra weight around the middle less apparent. The vision of an enormous belly hanging over a belt buckle is unappealing from any angle.

Buy the correct size of pant waist that allows you to wear your pants at your navel. You can opt for a longer belt as well or a pair of suspenders. Do not select a pant size or style that makes your gut appear more pronounced.

When Is It Okay to Wear Baggy Pants?

Baggy pants may be a fashion statement, or just plain comfortable, but they are not appropriate clothing for every occasion.

They can appear to be sloppy in the workplace, depending on your profession, and may even be considered unprofessional in specific work environments.

When relaxing, running errands, or going to a casual get-together or party, baggy pants may be fine. When going out for a nice dinner or for a professional engagement, fitted looks are more appropriate.

If you are especially thin, baggy pants are not a solution. To create a fuller appearance, the layering of fitted clothing will provide you with a more polished result.

Baggy Pants: Yes, or No?

Much depends on your reason for wearing baggy pants. You may want to wear them as a casual fashion statement, or you may want to wear them because they are comfortable.

The reality is that clothing, baggy pants included, will not change the shape of your body. Good clothing choices will give you a nice, well-proportioned look.

Clothes that supposedly make you look thinner may compress girth to some extent and lessen your comfort.

Baggy clothing may afford you more comfort, but not look very tidy, so you may want to limit wearing baggy clothing to situations where appearance isn’t very important.

Do baggy pants make you look bigger? In the case of overweight men, the most likely answer is that yes, baggy pants will make you look bigger by attracting attention to your extra weight.

In the case, of the very thin, baggy pants may draw attention to their thinness, giving the appearance that one is drowning in his attire or that one is wearing a bag or tent rather than nice clothing.

To determine whether baggy pants are right for you, try on your correct size and look in the mirror to evaluate your body silhouette with a critical eye.

Once you’ve selected a pair, wear them in the appropriate situations where casual baggy pants are a perfect clothing choice.

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