Why Do Carpenters Wear Suspenders?

Tools are the weapons of carpenters that they need to carry every second while at work.

While carrying tools is inevitable in carpentry, yet there are ways by which this can be made easy, comfortable and more organized!

When it comes to proper organization of tools so that they come handy and easy accessed when needed, tool belts are the perfect companions for this. Just wear a tool belt around your waist and organize the tools in its looks and holes. But one problem with tool belts is …

Tool belts will put pressure on your waist and hips and will slip down every other time due to the weight of the tools in it. That is when a carpenter needs to wear a suspender to disperse the weight of the tool belt to the shoulders and the upper part of the body. It also helps to hold both the tool belt and the pants in place.

If you are still confused with the concept of a suspender, why don’t you read the detailed guide on a tool belt suspender that I have in store for you!

And I am sure you will get to know many unusual and unknow facts about this simple, but very useful thing; tool belt suspenders…


What are tool belt suspenders?

Let’s first break the words “tool belt suspenders” into half to get a better understanding of the concept. 

So, we will first have to understand what a tool belt is and then we will move to suspenders.

Workers from various sectors like construction, electricians, carpenters have to make use of a number of tools in their job.

While using a tool box might seem to be more feasible, but there are times when you would require to get hands on more organized tools while in the mid of some important project and nothing is better than a tool belt for this purpose.

A tool belt is a type of belt that has holes and pockets in it to hold tools of various shapes and sizes. Wearing a tool belt across your waist gives you easy access to tools whenever required.

Just organize the tool belt according to your need and pull out the required tool. Also, a wearing belt will ensure that all your tools are in place while work and there is no chance of misplacing them.

But one disadvantage of a tool belt is that it puts unnecessary pressure on your waist and hips when loaded with heavy tools and that’s where a suspender comes to your rescue.

A suspender is just a strap that hangs from your shoulder and attaches to the tool belt in order to pull the tool belt up and hold in place.

Thus, a suspender helps in distributing the pressure exerted by a tool belt to the upper part of your body (shoulders and back) as well and relieves tension from the waist and the hips. Also, it ensures that the tool belt does not come down due to its weight when loaded with tools.

There are suspenders available in different materials like leather suspenders, non-stretchable woven materials, elastic materials and polypropylene materials that wicks moisture and perspiration.

What do tool belt suspenders do?

In simple words, the job of a tool belt suspender is to hold the tool belt in place. This in turn helps in a number of ways like the suspender helps to decrease the weight exerted by the tool belt (when loaded with heavy tools) which works by reducing the pressure exerted by the tool belt on your waist and hip area.

How this works is, when you wear the suspender it kind of pulls the tool belt upwards and the weight of the tool belt is shared by your shoulders as well.

Also, the suspender helps to solve the problem of the ever-lowering tool belt due to weight which can be pretty much disturbing for you while you work like keeping on pulling the tool belt up while it slips down the waist and exerts pressure on your pants too.

Are suspenders worth it?

Yes, suspenders are totally worth the buy for a number of reasons:

      • It helps to keep the tool belt secured to the waist
      • It solves the problem of lowering down of your pants due to the load of the tool belt
      • It shares the weight of the tool belt by distributing it to your shoulders and back
      • Wearing of the tool belt obviously becomes more comfortable with suspenders
      • It also adds a stylist look to your attire

Do suspenders help with back pain?

Yes, suspenders definitely help with back pain especially lower back pain that pops up due to wearing of tool belts loaded with heavy tools and equipment. And how does it do it?

Suspenders help with lower back pain by carrying the weight of the tool belt on your shoulders an distributing to the entire body.

Can I wear suspenders with jeans?

Oh yes! Its just so much in trend!

You can and you should give wearing a suspender with your jeans a try!

Not only does it look super-hot, but it also helps with jeans without loops. Yes, the jeans that come without loops might not always give you a perfect fit and in time, the elastic might loosen around the waist and that when just sewing a button inside the waist area of the jeans and securing the suspenders with those buttons can help stay put your jeans to your waist tightly.

Do suspenders work better than a belt?

Both belts and suspenders have been in use since ages and suspenders were more in fashion in the past. But in the present times, we can again see a rise in the demand for suspenders and they have been back to style in the fashion world today!

Well, there’re several instances where a suspender works better than a belt like:

1.) A suspender is much more comfortable to wear than a belt just for the simple fact that belt holds tight to your waist which does not feel comfortable for the entire day.

2.) A belt will make loose fitting pants and thus your shirt to bunch up at the waist making you look frumpy. This will not be the case with suspenders.

3.) A suspender also allows better circulation in the body as it does not cling tightly to a particular place and runs through the entire length of the upper body. Whereas a belt will cling to the waist tightly, blocking circulation around that area.

4.) Belts might also cause sweating in the waist area thus causing fungal infections. Whereas, suspenders come with a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps you dry all day.

5.) Suspenders make you look thinner, smarter and helps in correcting your posture.

What kind of shirt do you wear with suspenders?

Though there is no binding as to what should you wear with a suspender, but yet there is a thing called what is right for the eyes and also what is comfortable. you can wear probably anything with your suspenders from tux to suits to casual wears.

That said, full sleeved shirts with collared buttons look the best with suspenders. Also, shirts that have a regular fitting and are not too loose goes perfect. Casual shirts that are not to be tugged inside the pants will not look good with suspenders.

All in all, formal shirts with long sleeves and buttoned up collars goes the best with suspenders.

Are suspenders bad for your shoulders?

No suspenders are not bad for your shoulders until and unless the tool belt it is attached too is way too heavy.

If so, the suspender can exert excess pressure on your shoulder causing pain and also the straps might get rubbed against the shoulders continuously leading to rashes and marks.

But this will not be the problem with stretchable suspenders as the straps of such suspenders will stretch with the increase in load in the tool belt, thus releasing pressure from the shoulders.

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And it’s a wrap!

Whether you are a carpenter or in any other profession, if your work demands wearing of tool belts, a suspender is a must.

Initially it might feel like an extra load to carry something around your shoulders, but once you are used to wearing it, you will feel how relieved you are from your waist and hip pain!

Also, just give it a try in your casual clothing and make the staring (of women) worth it!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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