Best Waterproof Work Jacket for Men and Women

Yes, rain is all good and romantic. But not for those who like to get their work done no matter how lovely or adverse the weather conditions are. And rain is the last thing they want to stop them from working ferociously.

So, do we have a solution? Well, that is what we are here for. We have been eyeing on some of the best waterproof work jackets and its time we reveal them to you.

Lucky for you, we will also be taking you through everything you would need to know before buying your work gear.

Best Waterproof Work Jacket

However, there is one of these that is our absolute favorite. We are talking about the Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Berg Insulated Jacket. With this, there are no chances of you getting wet and its lightweight, is comfortable, cosy and all the things you would expect.

Comparison Table of Top Waterproof Jackets for Work

StyleMaterialFunctions PocketsFeatures
Helly Hansen Berg Insulated Hooded jacket 100% PolyesterWaterproof with reflective elementsYesChin guard, storm flap
Columbia Glennaker Sherpa-LinedSherpa rain jacket100% Polyester; 100% Nylon
Sherpa liningYesRemovable hood, elastic hem
HARD LAND Men’s WinterParka jacket100% NylonWindproof, abrasion resistant, breathable and insulatedYesInsulated hood, synthetic insulation for warmth
CAMEL CROWN Men’s SoftshellFleece jacket96% Polyester, 4% SpandexWindproof, zippered pockets for safety.Yes Athletic design with polar fleece lining
FREE SOLDIER TacticalMilitary tactical jacket94% Polyester, 6% SpandexScratch- resistant, flexibleYesAxillary ventilation system, functional pockets
FONIRRA Hi-Viz SafetyBomber work jacket100% PolyesterPolyurethane coating with elastic waist bandYesANSI Class 3 safety
Columbia Women’s Lined LongHooded rain jacket100% Polyester; 100% NylonWaterproof shell with zipper closureYes Perfect length and comfort
Legendary HoodedCamo Hooded Jacket66% Polyester, 34% CottonHeavy duty, Zip off hoodYesSanded canvas, double interior pocket

Our Pick- Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Berg Insulated Jacket

In case you have done your fair share of research, there is absolutely no way Helly Hansen has not appeared in your browser history. This is one of the leading workwear brands from Scandinavia and its gears are used and appreciated by even professionals. So, you know we are starting with only THE BEST!

Made up of 100% polyester it makes sure that you do not get wet and the zip closure keeps your layers dry. The jacket also has reflective elements which align with the brand’s safety claims. Last but not the least it has got a chin guard and a hood that can be easily taken off when you want to carry the jacket on sunny days.

Not to forget, when you come back from your work toss the jacket in the washing machine which means you don’t have to sit and hand wash it.

Both wind and water-resistant. The stitches can come off after some time.
Warm and durable.
Has a great fit.
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Runner Up- Columbia Men’s Glennaker Sherpa-Lined Rain Jacket

When you invest in a good piece of clothing you don’t just use it for years up straight but also feel comfortable in it. And the Columbia Sherpa Lined jacket is exactly that.

It is efficient in protecting you from the heat as well as the rain. The credit goes to the ultra-comfortable Sherpa lining and the 100% Nylon coating on its outer surface. But, one that cannot get unnoticed about this particular jacket is the number of sizes they have. Would you believe if we say there are 21 size options? I mean, how cool is that?

So, if you have tried various work jackets and didn’t find the perfect size and comfort you were looking for, this has to be it.

The drawstring at the waistline is a saviour on cold nights. There could have been more pockets.
Comfortable and cozy.
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Best Functional Jacket- HARD LAND Men’s Winter Work Jacket

This waterproof jacket is so much more than just being functional and waterproof. Yes, it is waterproof, windproof, abrasion resistant, breathable, stain repellant, antistatic, durable and insulated. What else could you ask for?

Also, it comes in four different colours- Black, Od Green, Olive Green and Black-2 and the largest size available is 3X- Large. But what we liked the most about this particular jacket is that it has got so many pockets. There are seven pockets in total and one of them is on the inside for you to keep your mobile phone.

This clothing piece is entirely made up of Nylon which is soft and feels super comfortable which means you won’t have to struggle with comfort. It does provide protection to the cold but that doesn’t mean it is a heavy fleece jacket. Nope. It is extremely lightweight making it suitable for work.

Has enough number of pockets. The size runs small.
Value for money.
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Best Everyday Jacket- CAMEL CROWN Men’s Softshell Jacket

In case you were looking for a gear that can be won at work and to run errands as well, don’t you worry. Because we have got you covered.

This is the Camel Crown men’s jacket that is lightweight, breathable, waterproof and windproof. But why we say it is the best everyday jacket is because it has got a basic yet classy look to it.

Apart from that, the material is of 75 denier which means it is not too thin but durable. Also, it keeps the clothing lightweight. You get this particular softshell jacket in six colors and all of these are what you could wear out for work, grocery shopping or just a walk with your dog.

The sleeves are long enough and don’t gather up while you are working. Not quite warm.
Good for layering.
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Best Budget Buy- FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell Hooded Military Tactical Jacket

We understand not all of our readers want to or can splurge over the best waterproof work jacket and that is why we have the best budget option for you i.e., the FREE SOLDIER tactical jacket.

If you are wondering about its design, know that it is quite similar to the Hard Land winter jacket. The materials used for this one are 94% polyester and 6% Spandex and it is absolutely waterproof. While the Polyester makes sure that you don’t get wet, the Spandex material gives you room to move around and do your work effortlessly.

However, the highlighting feature was that it has an AXILLARY VENTILATION SYSTEM along with a zipper that makes sure that your underarms feel fresh and dry all day while you are at the tough grind.

The quality is good along with the zippers. Not good for extreme cold.
The hood has an additional cap for protection from rain and sun.
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Best Jacket for Safety- FONIRRA Hi-Viz Safety Jacket for Men with Reflective Liner

There is a reason why workers prefer jackets with reflective liners over other options and we are here, to tell you why.

According to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 17% of workers die annually because of falls, slips and trips. However, the highest number of deaths were caused by transportation incidents. Needless to say, your work is risky and you have to take every measure possible to keep yourself safe.

Thus, the FONIRRA waterproof jacket with reflective liner had to be in our list of best waterproof work jacket. While we are still on the safety topic, let us tell you that this workwear jacket offers ANSI Class 3 safety along with the much-needed warmth on a chilly day.

There are as many pockets as you would need to not complain about its functionality and wide silver reflective strips it just fits all the criteria for being the best work gear n terms of safety.

The pockets face up so you don’t have to worry about your essentials falling off. The length could have been longer.
The hood is large enough to even fit over a hat and that’s always great.
Complies with ANSI Class 3.
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Best workwear for women- Columbia Women’s Switchback Lined Long Jacket

All of our previous recommendations for the best waterproof work jacket were for men. Not because women can’t pull it off but because you might not get your perfect fit. So, the Columbia Lined Long jacket is made for women and is available in nine sizes. Not to mention there are 17 different colours to choose from and we do find it a little unfair to men.

Now, let’s get on to some real helpful information about this jacket. The material is 100% Polyester making sure that you are dry inside and your work doesn’t get affected. The soft lining inside keeps you warm and you can also layer up if you are working in extreme cold conditions without compromising with comfort and flexibility.

Still, confused about whether you should go for this or not? Well, it has a minimal aesthetic which makes it ideal for days when you are expecting it to rain and still not sure, it is longer than other jackets to provide that extra protection and warmth, two hand pockets, cuffs that can be adjusted according to your preference. And these we think are enough reasons to give this one a shot.

Has a simple and professional look to it. The quality of the zippers could have been better.
Long enough to cover your upper thigs.
Perfect for the transition weather.
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Best Durable Jacket- Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Hooded Jacket

While some of you might be looking for a jacket that just gets the work done, others might require something that is versatile and can be used a multiple time. And what we all want is that it lasts us long. We feel the legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Jacket fits all the above-mentioned criteria.

At the first look at the jacket, you might find it a little too heavy. But it weighs just 10 oz. and why we are recommending this to you is simply because it is excellent at protecting you from the cold weather with 210 grams of insulation and lasts really long. No matter how much you put it through it will easily last you for hours.

This one is also great for men who are more inclined towards print rather than solids. There are three colour options available- Black, Barley and Twig and all three of them are equally good.

Lightweight and still protects you from extreme cold. The print might look informal to some.
Well-made and durable. The size runs big.
Fairly priced for the quality.
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Why wear a waterproof work jacket?

It might seem a little silly at this point as to why we are questioning the core of this write-up. But we also know that a lot of the readers are still contemplating as to whether they should get themselves a brand-new work jacket? Or can I do without it and save me some cash?

We are here to help you make the workwear decisions which you will hardly regret and thus, it is important that you go through this section to make up your mind.

So, we are going to list down 4 to 5 working areas where you cannot do without a waterproof jacket. Because who would like to get wet and get their entire day ruined, right?

1.) Construction sites: At construction sites there are is a lot of work involving the use of water and sometimes you even have to work carrying stuff while it rains. So, a waterproof jacket along with other gears will serve your purpose.

2.) Forest: When working in a forest you never know when it starts pouring down and there are almost no chances you will have a shelter nearby.

3.) Agriculture: Workers who work on farms need the best waterproof work jacket at the least. You would also need gear to protect you from the soiling, pesticides etc.

4.) Offshore industries: You must have seen mostly all of the offshore workers wearing workwear jackets in bright reflective colours. And we suggest those bright jackets better be waterproof. What do you think?

Moreover, it’s not just about the heavy rain or drizzle it is also about the chemicals, abrasives and other physical injuries you need to protect yourself from. And thus, you need to have the best waterproof work jacket that has your back.

How to Find the Right Waterproof Work Jacket?

To begin with, take a look at the material your waterproof jacket is made up of. If it is polyester or nylon then only you should go for it, because then you are completely sure of the waterproof factor. Also, the material shouldn’t be stiff or else you would be standing there stuck and won’t have another option other than taking the jacket off.

Up next, you need to know how good or thin the inner lining of the jacket is. This is to know whether you will be able to layer other clothes inside or not and still be comfortable.

The length and fit are also important. The length will protect you completely and the fit will just keep you cozy, comfortable and focused at work.

Last but not the least, pockets. Ask a woman what a saviour pockets are and how badly we long for it. On a serious note, pockets should be such that they store your items and still not weigh you down. A pocket on the inside is a must.

Why is Helly Hansen Men’s Berg Insulated Jacket our most favourite pick?

The next time you visit a store, look closely as to what is it that attracts you the most. We bet it is the brand name in big bold letters. And thus, we value the brand name once we are sure about the quality.

The same is the case with Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Berg Insulated Jacket. Helly Hansen has been making gears which are trusted by professional for over 140 years now. And we rely on their expertise and experience on the matter. But, what’s next?

Quality: The jacket is made up of 100% Polyester and polyester is known to protect you from rain, get dried quickly, is abrasion- resistant, is super lightweight, does not get worn or torn easily and the best part does not require a lot of care.

Versatile: When you are spending more than $100 on a piece of clothing you wouldn’t just want to wear it to work and then forget about it, right? Don’t you worry. The Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Berg Insulated Jacket might be worn at work but you can also carry it for your hiking, sailing, skiing trips etc.

Safety: The basic objective of getting a workwear jacket is to protect yourself from all kinds of disturbances that might stand in the middle of you and your work. And that is exactly why this one has reflective elements on it.

Flaws but not Dealbreakers

One of the major reasons why we are suggesting the Helly Hansen Jacket is because there are very few things that can go wrong with this. Yes, this might be a surprise but it is actually true.

The only problem with this one is that the stitches may not be the strongest and start to come off after using it continuously for a certain time. But we can always fix that and get the complete value for our money, right?

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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