Do Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

How does one know if a pair of pants will change the way they fit after they have been worn? How many times have a pair of slacks appeared to be the perfect fit in a dressing room only to seem baggy at the end of a day of wear?

How does one judge a pair of pants and know that the slacks will maintain their shape? Or will they stretch out? After stretching, will a pair of pants ever fit properly again, and will your new pants be flattering?

When considering whether pants will get bigger as you wear them, start by considering the material they are made of.

Do Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn

Do Jeans Get Larger as They Are Worn?

Breaking into a new pair of jeans can be challenging. When selecting a new pair of jeans, it’s recommended that you find a pair that appears to fit perfectly, and then actually buy the style one size smaller.

Generally speaking, 100% cotton denim will stretch or expand from an inch to an inch-and-a-half during the first three months of wear.

Others have suggested buying your perfect size, wearing them for several days, and then sitting in a bathtub of warm water for approximately twenty minutes with the jeans still on.

Once you’ve soaked, remove the jeans, and hang them outside on the clothesline in the sun to dry. This will aid in shrinking jeans to the shape of your body.

So, even if they shrink to some degree, they will shrink to your size and the waist will not shrink smaller than yours. Once the jeans have dried, you can try them on and squat a bit to get the correct feel.

Will Washing Jeans Change the Size?

Will Washing Jeans Change the Size

Some people may choose to wash jeans only occasionally, but washing will actually extend the life of your pants.

When you wash your jeans, you’ll be removing bacteria, dirt, and sweat which is important because sweat and dirt can contribute to breaking down the fabric meaning they’ll wear out faster.

If jeans have stretched out a bit, it’s wise to run them through a normal wash cycle at the hottest temperature. This will be very effective if your jeans are 100% denim cotton.

Avoid adding fabric softener. Once you’ve washed them, place them in your dryer in a hot setting. The heat will cause the denim fibers to constrict so that your jeans feel snugger the next time you put them on.

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What If the Jeans’ Waistband Is Still Too Loose?

You shouldn’t necessarily need a belt to keep your jeans from falling. If the waistband has stretched out too much and has not shrunk after washing and drying, you can sew a piece of elastic at the back of the inside of the waistband or take them to your tailor for an adjustment.

Do Chino Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

Do Chino Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn

Chinos are cotton and lighter than denim jeans. One problem with cotton is not that it will get bigger with wear but that it will shrink if they have been washed or dried at higher temperatures.

Unlike denim, they will not stretch out during wear but will maintain their original shape. To make sure your chinos maintain their shape, launder the pants in cold water and use a low-speed spin.

Do not place them in a dryer but allow them to air dry by hanging them out on a clothesline. With proper care, chino pants should maintain the perfect fit you bought.

Stretching chinos is difficult. It’s easier to shrink them. They can be washed in hot water with a high-speed spin cycle. If you also dry them in a dryer this will contribute to their shrinking by approximately 15% of their original size.

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Do Wool Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

Hypoallergenic, soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, warm, easy-to-clean, and even flame-resistant, wool is a natural fiber. Although this fiber can stretch to as much as 70% of its determined length, it will return to its original form.

Wool pants will retain their shape regardless of what activity you are involved in during wear. It tends to be tear-resistant and wrinkle-free due to its natural robust durable nature.

While wool can stretch or shrink, it is more likely that wool pants will shrink, and this will be due to improper washing. Wool can stretch if left to soak for too long, but wool pants will not stretch out due to wear.

Woven wool fabric is very stable and with proper care should maintain its original shape for the duration of the trousers’ lifespan.

Do Polyester Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

Fibers produced in polyester are not naturally elastic, so polyester trousers will not be stretchy. Polyester is by design, made to maintain its original shape and survive rougher treatment or increased wear and tear. They may appear to give when wet, but not in a significant manner that makes a difference.

A popular synthetic, polyester may give some “stretch” when blended with another fiber like spandex, also known as elastane or lycra.

In this case, the final fabric blend will have a stretchy feel, but trousers made from polyester, or a polyester blend should not get bigger with wear.

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Do Dress Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

You will see one pair of nice dress pants in everyone’s wardrobe. But will dress pants get bigger as you wear them over time? Dress pants can stretch a little as they are worn. But how much bigger they get will depend on the style of the pant and above all, the fabric they are made from.

Pants produced in a fabric that stretches will get bigger than those made in fabrics that do not stretch as will a looser style of pants. But in the end, it all comes down to which fabric your dress pants are made from.

Do Pants Get Larger as They Are Worn?

If you are referring to jeans made of 100% cotton denim, the answer is yes they will get bigger as they are worn. Most pants made from other fabrics will not stretch or shrink during wear unless you gain weight.

They may be at risk for shrinking depending on how they are laundered and eventually dried. With proper care, pants should maintain their shape and size for the duration of their lifespan.

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