Should You Buy a Size Up in Pants?

Should on buy up a size in pants? This may be a relevant question if you have a habit of shrinking your pants after laundering, are in between sizes, or have one size in the waist and another in the thighs or legs. It’s all about fit and what you want in fit when purchasing.

What If My Waist and Thigh Sizes Don’t Match When Buying Trousers?

Many guys work out regularly and have larger thighs than what many jeans are styled for. Perhaps a 32 waist is perfect, but the thighs are much too tight to be comfortable. What to do? Should you buy a larger waist just to get the right fit in the legs?

Should You Buy a Size Up in Pants

There are some important aspects to factor in before settling on what size will be best for this kind of sizing dilemma. Consider that both waist and hip sizes will differ by one inch from one size to the next.

Pants’ knees and thighs will differ by approximately a half inch from one size to the next and the trousers’ front rise will differ about a quarter inch from one size to another. Keep in mind that the length measurement of the legs will not differ from one size to the next.

If you are concerned about the leg opening, this measurement will depend on the pant style. The more common pant styles, straight and bootcut, will differ by about a half inch from one size to the next. Other pant styles will generally only vary a quarter inch between sizes.

When you choose to buy a size up, knowing the approximate extra legroom can be helpful, but will a half inch be sufficient for well-developed thighs? Remember that sizing permits pants to be smaller or bigger while nonetheless keeping the same shape.

This is done by changing the larger parts of the pants by more and the smaller parts of the pants by less to maintain proportion.

The pant waist will change by twice as much as the knees or thighs; hence the pant shape remains more or less intact, otherwise, the final shape would appear much different.

Should I Buy a Size Up if I Am in Between Sizes?

If the waist size is perfect but the thighs are uncomfortably tight, it’s better not to size up because you will be trying to wear an incorrect size altogether.

Better you should look for a pair of pants with a slightly different shape that has a better design for your body type.

Buying pants that are perfect for the waist only or the thighs only will leave you uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

Some may recommend purchasing pants a size up and then having them altered by a tailor, but this will require time and expense. Tailoring can also change the shape of the pants and your appearance in them.

Your objective should be to find a pair of trousers that fit you properly.

How Should My Pants Fit Me?

Luckily, there are various styles of trousers on the market to fit a generous variety of body types. Properly fitting pants can make your style look great whether on the job or out for a night on the town. 

How Should My Pants Fit Me

Regardless of the shape of your body, a few things need to be factored in when getting great-fitting pants.

1.) Pants should neither be too slim fitting nor too baggy.

2.) Choose the proper inseam length and the proper waist size even if you have larger thighs or an athletic muscular build.

3.) Remember that pants will hang differently depending on the fabric. Dressier trousers should boast a clean cut but should not be as slim as casual pants or jeans.

4.) Shop for a pair of pants that are styled for your body type, Some brands are styled specifically for athletic builds while others offer slim cuts or straight legs.

5.) Properly fitting slacks should be comfortable. While a waistband should be comfortably snug, it should not be too tight, nor should your pants slide down during wear. Pants’ inseams should offer a clean break with pants’ tops arriving at the top of footwear without exposing the ankle or bunching up.

6.) The seat of the pants and the crotch should never fit tightly.

7.) Select the best style for the situation.

Why Am I Having Trouble Finding the Right Size?

Today, there is such a thing as vanity sizing. Often the waist size may be a little bit larger than the size that appears on a label. An inseam size may be relatively accurate, but the waist size may be entirely different.

Many brands no longer offer true sizing but vanity sizing. It’s best to try pants on rather than believing what the label indicates. This will be especially so if you purchase lots of your clothing online.

Can I Wear Pants a Size Bigger?

Yes, this may be the case if you happen to be losing weight and you haven’t finished with your dieting. Can pants that are a size bigger work? Yes, there are several ways to wear slacks that are larger and still achieve a stylish look.

Your first option is to wear a belt that will cinch the waist enough to afford the slacks a more tailored appearance.

You can also consider rolling the hem up a bit. This can contribute to your pants looking proportioned correctly for your body shape and add a bit of flair to your style.

If pants are bigger, hopefully, they will be made with a thicker fabric that is less apt to show any lumps from excess material.

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What About Jeans?

Jeans will inevitably stretch out some the more you wear them so you can select a size that is snug knowing that the denim will give over time.

If you are worried, consider choosing a proper fit with a little bit of elastic added to the denim fabric blend.

What About My Belt Size?

When planning on pairing a belt with your slacks, especially if pants are a little bit bigger, a typical mistake is assuming that the belt size is the same as the pant size.

This is generally untrue due to vanity sizing or because a fabric has some elastic in the blend. A good habit to follow is to add two inches to your pant size when purchasing a belt.

You may want to measure your current belt, but belts are made in various types of leather, and many are made with less expensive materials making them prone to stretching.

The Bottom Line: Should I Buy Up a Size in Pants?

Ideally, you need to buy the proper size of pants. Before deciding to buy a size up, select the correct shape of pants for your body type.

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