Why Do Construction Workers Wear Orange?

Construction work is not an easy job. We know that it requires patience and a lot of hard work, and it is dangerous as well. The environment that a construction worker works in is hazardous and uncertain where accidents can happen any moment.

Therefore, we often see these workers in orange vests, which is like a uniform for them at work. These vests are not just for show, but rather come with valid reasons to provide safety. 

One of the main reasons why construction workers wear safety vests in orange color is because of visibility. It is crucial for the safety of a worker to be clearly visible while at work, especially when working around moving vehicles and equipment, from construction sites to roads or factories. And since orange is a bright color, many prefer this because of its high-visibility factor. 

These safety vests that construction workers wear do not only come in orange color but also they also come in neon yellow. They are also known as high visibility safety vests. 

 Why Do Construction Workers Wear Orange

Why is this high visibility vest important? 

These safety vests that people wear are to improve their visibility, that is, how well others see them. They are typically used to inform drivers and other vehicle operators of a worker’s presence, particularly in low-light and dark settings. 

These high-visibility vests allow cars to spot the construction worker sooner and more easily. This improves the overall safety while doing construction work on roads or otherwise.

The human eye responds best to things that are huge, contrasted, bright, or moving. High colour contrast between clothes and the work environment against which it is perceived improves worker visibility, thus keeping them safe. 

Importance of the color orange in high visibility vests. 

Colors can assist drivers and equipment operators at a workplace to identify other workers in the area. This is important if the workplace is dangerous. 

Orange is a popular color choice for road construction signs, cones, barrels, etc. And it is the needed safety color to distinguish a person from their environment.

Because this man-made color does not exist naturally, the human mind is more likely to detect orange as identifying a human form.

So what are the important features of high visibility safety vests?

Choosing the appropriate high-visibility apparel for the task in accordance with the ANSI standard is a smart first step toward reducing workplace accidents.

However, employees must wear and care for the apparel. Manufacturers often provide a number of options, within the different ANSI performance classes and garment types, to accommodate user preferences and increase the possibility of these vests usefulness. 

In order to optimise usefulness, the environmental circumstances that employees confront on a regular basis should be a primary factor in the choice of safety vest.

Vests and short-sleeve shirts may keep employees cool in hot weather, while long-sleeve shirts can give extra warmth in cooler weather, and outerwear and rainwear can keep out cold, wind, and rain, while simultaneously making you visible even in low light. 

Reasons to use orange safety jackets for construction 

1.) Safety while doing construction work

The visibility of employees on a construction site is critical to their safety. Construction workers frequently wear fluorescent-colored clothing, such as orange, yellow, or green.

Construction safety vests, shirts, and jackets are examples of these clothes. They make it simple to identify personnel and their locations on a building site.

2.) Important in bad weather conditions

If you work in an area that is severely cold and foggy in the winter, then an orange safety vest is ideal for you as you will be easily spotted.

But even during summers, a safety vest is important and it is also comfortable as it is a lightweight vest that doesn’t wear you down while at work.  

3.) Prevents unwanted injury

A worker has a greater chance of avoiding danger by wearing a safety vest that is of bright color like orange, as they will be highly visible on the road, which results in a lower occurrence of accidents on the road.

These vests have reflective stripes that make the wearer visible to other road users. Such bands or stripes will reflect light back at oncoming automobiles and drivers, drawing their attention to the wearer. Drivers can use this to adjust their speed in time to avoid hitting someone.

4.) They’re safe but also comfortable 

The employer’s goal should be the worker’s well-being, but ensuring the worker’s comfort with clothing is also equally important.

Comfort ensures that an individual can finish a work to the best of his or her ability without taking frequent pauses owing to unpleasant equipment.

When construction tasks necessitate a lot of mobility, comfort is critical. These construction safety clothing are lightweight and pleasant to wear. Because of their robust yet light fabric, they are ideal for even the most hazardous jobs.

5.) Safety vests for people working on roads

All safety jackets used near traffic lights are reflective, that is, they’re either neon or orange. These safety vests are often made of a solid material and feature a zippered front closing.

They are often used in crowded locations with a large amount of traffic, where they can be easily noticeable in a crowd. 

So which color is safer to use in construction work- Orange or yellow?

Many people think that yellow seems brighter when compared with orange. While this is true, but when we talk of colors, especially colors of clothing for safety, there are other factors to consider too.

Therefore, to address the issue of whether orange or yellow is safer, we’ll look at a few more elements and how they affect total conspicuity or visibility. 

So what is the meaning of the word conspicuity? 

It is the ability of a thing to draw the attention of an observer. 

For example; during their everyday commute, drivers are bombarded with things that compete for their attention, so how can we guarantee employees near the roads are noticed in order to avoid accidents? 

We use the method of contrast and recognition to draw attention to them. 

So this color orange becomes a contrasting color with the rest of the surrounding at a construction site since a construction site is filled with bricks, cement, concrete, etc that are mostly dull and grey. So a loud orange color will definitely stand up among them. 

And talking about recognition, orange is a sign of warning so whenever you encounter one, it will definitely catch your attention. 

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Safety vests are important for workers as they are the first line of protection against some workplace risks, allowing them to do their responsibilities securely.

Construction workers especially make use of orange vests to make themselves properly visible in a hazardous environment.

Now we know the importance of color in a safety vest and what important role it plays in keeping a worker safe from hazards. 

Accidents can be minimised if we are careful and prepared, which results in workplace safety. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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