What Are Riggers Gloves Used For?

Rigger gloves are basically safety gloves that people wear to protect their hands from various kinds of occupational hazards.

They are usually made from very tough leather and other materials like high-end cotton. Both of these materials are known to be durable, which is why people all over the world choose to add rigger gloves to their PPE kit.

There are several types of jobs that require you to wear rigger gloves. They are best for rigging, cable pulling, building, boating, fishing, construction, forestry, industrial purpose, mechanics, packing, transport, and warehouse work to name a few.

Apart from professional workers, such gloves can also be worn by people who are into gardening and landscaping. These gloves come packed with safety features that protect your hands from abrasions, cuts, scrapes, punctures, impact, etc.

In this article, you will learn everything about rigger gloves and the various kinds that exist for an array of purposes. Read on further to find out more!

What Are Riggers Glove Used For

The features to consider when buying rigger gloves

Being safe is so vital when performing any task. Be it in your professional work life or even as someone who does a lot of DIY work in and around the house.

By now you understand that rigger gloves are one of the most versatile kinds of safety gloves there is, which can be worn for various kinds of work.

We know that it can be quite overwhelming to buy a new pair of safety gloves if you have never bought one before, so here are a few valuable tips and features that I have narrowed down for you to help you buy the right ones for yourself.

1.) Comfortable

Being comfortable while working is so important, especially if you have tough jobs to do every day. Therefore your rigger gloves should give your hands the level of comfort you are looking for so it makes your work easier and you do not lose focus.

The gloves should be made of premium and genuine materials or fabrics so you do not have to compromise on the comfort factor. If you have to work for long hours on some days, there is no joy in working in discomfort.

2.) Breathable

It is natural for you to sweat or perspire when working. Hence, the rigger gloves should be made of breathable materials so they can wick away the moisture inside, which in turn will keep you comfortable.

You do not want to be taking off your gloves every time you sweat or feel hot in them. This can easily hamper your productivity.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics to wear on hot days, therefore, many rigger gloves are backed by cotton for better ventilation and breathability that allows cool air to pass through. Meaning you do not have to remove your gloves.

3.) Durable

Checking the durability of the gloves is one of the most important features when buying rigger gloves. For you to know that your gloves will last you for a long time to come, they should be constructed from top-end quality leather material.

Naturally, the price will be slightly on a higher side when the gloves are made from high-end leather, but they will be more reliable than gloves that cost lesser.

In the long run, this will turn out to be more cost-effective as you will be spending more initially when buying the rigger gloves, but will be able to take a good beating for a prolonged period. In turn, not have to spend money on a new pair of gloves again.

4.) Protection

It goes without saying that safety work gloves should be able to provide you with maximum protection at your job site. Make it a point to check the safety features of the rigger gloves.

The best kinds are the ones that come with various features to specifically protect your veins, knuckles, forefingers, and palms.

They should come with reinforced patches, and/or double-layered palms depending on the kind of rigging work you do. With such features, you are minimizing the risk of putting your hands in danger.

5.) Grip

Having a good grip is essential when rigging. Therefore, your rigger gloves need to have an excellent safe grip, which will keep you safe when lifting heavy objects, or when handling metals that are unfinished.

Without the perfect grip in your gloves, having all the other features will turn out to be quite pointless.

6.) Fit

Equally important is having a good fit. Try the gloves on before making a final decision about the gloves you want to buy. If the gloves do not fit you well there are chances of them coming off from your hands while you are in the middle of work. This can turn out to be quite a disaster safety-wise.

Even your movements will be restricted if you wear ill-fitting gloves. This can lead to your muscles hurting, causing blisters, and cramps, all of which can be extremely painful and hamper your work. Gloves with a hook and loop that help fasten on the wristband are an added bonus.

Other than that you can also buy gloves where the palm and back have seams across them to give you a more precise fit.

7.) Versatile

Since there are so many different types of jobs, buying a pair of versatile rigger gloves makes a lot of sense for people who do multiple jobs. The gloves should have most if not all of the features to serve your purpose well.

As rigger gloves are not limited to be used as safety gloves for only riggers. Many industries use such gloves as a part of their PPE kit for the safety of the workers.

Keep these key features in mind the next time you need to buy a new pair of rigger gloves. However, make sure to base your decision on the job at hand, because each glove will come with features best suited for a particular job.

Types of rigger gloves

Most of the brands and manufacturers make rigger gloves with one size that fits all. And then some brands also make different sizes for different hand sizes.

Whatever the case may be, it is beneficial to know the various types of rigger gloves that can be found in the market today.

Some of the most well-known styles are explained below.

1.) Hi-vis or high visibility rigger gloves

Many people work at night and sleep through the day, and then some people end up working long hours, and before you know it is already dark out. In such a situation it is best to wear high visibility rigger gloves and clothing, so passers-by and colleagues can spot you clearly from a distance.

These gloves are generally fluorescent in color and sometimes even come in other kinds of reflective colors and fabric or features.

It minimizes the danger of getting into an accident when working in dark surroundings. Mostly, construction workers, rail workers, emergency responders, and road workers are seen wearing such rigger gloves.

 2.) Thermal or insulated rigger gloves

As the name suggests thermal or insulated rigger gloves are specifically designed to keep your hands warm when working in cold conditions.

Thermal or insulated rigger gloves

There is a layer of insulating material added to the gloves so they can protect you from the cold. It becomes quite challenging to move your fingers when working in cold temperatures so wearing such rigger gloves turns out to be extremely helpful.

In some rigger gloves, there are fur linings to serve the same thermal purpose.

3.) Impact rigger gloves

There are rigger gloves that come with an added layer of protection which is usually thick padding built in the thumb, fingers, and knuckle area.

Such gloves are referred to as impact rigger gloves that provide you protection and keep your hands secured from the heavy-duty impact caused in hazardous work environments. These kinds of gloves are perfect for anyone working in high-risk accident-prone zones.

4.) Heat resistant rigger gloves

The heat-resistant rigger gloves are meant for people who work in hot or warm temperatures and environments.

It helps keep your hands cool in such weather conditions and also to keeps you safe against burns and heat. Some jobs require you to work with high heat and even flames, which can be very hazardous. This is where heat-resistant rigger gloves will come in handy to shield you from getting burnt.

5.) Double palm rigger gloves

If your work involves lifting or working with heavy-duty items, rugged objects, then it is best to keep your hands protected by wearing double palm rigger gloves.

Double palm rigger gloves

These types of gloves have an extra layer of padding in the palm area and under the thumb as well. It helps minimize the impact that is caused by working with such heavy and rugged things. It will also aid in keeping your hands safe from abrasions.

These are the most common rigger gloves that can be found easily online and in stores. Pick the right kinds for yourself based on your work type and you will not be disappointed.

Wrapping up

Whichever rigger gloves you decide to buy for yourself, make sure to also keep them clean after each use so you can get the most out of them in the long run.

First, you should rinse off the dirt from the gloves with water, after which apply some saddle soap and wash them with cold water. Let them air dry by laying them flat on the ground or on a flat surface.

Hurting your hands in any way only means you will not be able to work for a few days till they heal completely. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry, why risk it by not wearing protective gear.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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