Do I Need a Jacket for 16 Degrees?

When Christmas is knocking on the doors and hot cocoa is waiting to soothe you, it’s time to dust up and revamp that winter wardrobe as well.

Everybody loves a white Christmas but nobody is going to enjoy getting frostbites and having a body numb with cold. As soon as fall sets in we often start layering up and the coats and jackets come out of the closet.

We usually consider jackets to be the vests for extremely low temperatures, but do you know if it’s okay to don them at 16 degrees as well?

How cold is too cold and how should we dress according to the temperature? If you are quite clueless and is looking for some answers, we have got you covered. Read on to know more. 

Do I Need a Jacket for 16 Degrees

Do I need a jacket for 16 degrees? 

How you should dress up for 16 degrees does not merely depend on that temperature but would also be influenced a lot by your health, the climatic conditions in which you have lived, your culture, your habits and even your age.

If you grew up in Siberia, 16 degrees would probably feel like nothing, actually it might feel moderately warm. But if you grew up in a tropical country with sunny beaches, 16 degrees would feel quite nippy.

If you are healthier your body will be able to keep you warmer at 16 degrees. If you are young or consumes food that helps generate more body heat, the same would happen as well. 

Considering the general living conditions, climate and lifestyle of Americans, 16 degrees would not really come across as too cold a temperature.

So thick woolen jackets are not really a requirement at that temperature. So as to keep warm, light layers like sweaters or hoodies or denim or cotton jackets and coats can be worn for 16 degrees. 

What type of jacket should I wear when the temperature is 16 degrees? 

16 degrees do not call for ultra thick and super warm woolen jackets. Since it is not too cold, it is better to use jackets that are made of denim material or cotton.

Layering using leather jackets or biker jackets is also preferable as they are lightweight, warm and fashionable. These jackets are not too bulky or heavy and would not make you feel too hot at 16 degrees. 

At what temperature should you wear jackets? 

Jackets are well suited for temperatures below 10 degrees. You can opt for thick hooded or double layered jackets with fleece lining, down, wool, and even polyester-blends. 

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How to choose the perfect leather jacket for winter? 

No matter your age or gender or personal style, you can never say no to the classic leather jacket in the winters.

A good leather jacket will provide you with unparalleled comfort and warmth and would protect you from the elements as well.

User friendly, durable and trendy, leather jackets are indeed legends in the clothing industry. 

But while choosing leather jackets for winter, certain points must be kept in mind to make a well informed purchase that would fetch you a product worth your money. 

1.) Always opt for 100% genuine leather jackets. There are cheaper alternatives such as faux leather available in the market but these options lack most of the desirable qualities of pure leather. 

2.) Go for a leather jacket with quilted lining. This would ensure that you get the warmth and protection of a leather jackets with the added benefit of a super soft and comfortable inner layer. 

3.) Since at 16 degrees cold winds can wreak some havoc it is better to choose leather jackets with hoods for added protection and warmth.

4.) Make sure that the leather jacket is not too loose fitting. A good fit ensures warmth and comfort. 

5.) While opting for leather jackets it is better to go with traditional colours such as black or brown as they can be styled in a variety of ways and would go very well with almost all other colours as well. 

Top 3 winter jackets 

1.) Genuine Black Leather Jacket Men 

2.) Szory Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket  

3.) Kara Hub Women Leather Jacket

What can I wear instead of jackets to stay warm at 16 degrees? 

At 16 degrees you can opt for various types of utilitarian and trendy pieces for a warm, comfortable and stylish winter. You can opt for the following vests instead of jackets for a cozy winter: 

1.) Woolen sweaters 

Woolen sweaters will keep you warm, dry, fresh and comfortable all day long. Woolen sweaters are really breathable and soft against the skin, thereby avoiding any chance of discomfort. Cashmere and merino wool sweaters would probably be the best option for a cozy winter. 

State Cashmere Men’s Essential V-Neck Sweater

JENNIE LIU Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover Turtleneck Sweater 

2.) Hoodies 

Hoodies are indeed the most comfortable option when it comes to winter wears. Loved by children and the older ones alike, hoodies, especially fleece hoodies are warm and soft and we’ll fitted for 16 degrees. Fleece is a blend of wool and cotton and provides all the best features of the two natural fibers. 

Bright and Colorful Super Soft Fleece Hoodie for Men and Women

3.) Flannel shirts 

Made with thick, close knit fabrics, flannel shirts are well suited for cold climates. Stay stylish and comfortable in these lightweight and functional flannel shirts as fall and winter slowly sets in. 

Meceku Womens Flannel Plaid Shirts 

Wrangler Authentics Plaid Fleece Shirt Jacket 

4.) Thermals 

Thermals stick to your body and help trap heat and creates an insulating layer to keep you warm. You won’t have to wear bulky jackets or coats but can keep away the cold by putting on these snug thermals. 

Bodtek Thermal Underwear for Men

Thermajane Women’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear 

5.) Denim coats 

With their cozy linings and accents, denim coats will let you play up the style quotient while keeping you really warm this winter.

With a wide variety of linings to choose from, like Sherpa, fur, quilted fabrics etc, denim jackets provide us with so many utilitarian and versatile options for our winter wardrobe. 

Wrangler Men’s Western Style Lined Denim Jacket 

Happy Sailed Women’s Lapel Sherpa Fleece Lined Denim Jacket

6.) Cotton coats 

Cotton jackets make an excellent outer layer in winters even though cotton is not really that desirable when the climate is damp and cold. 100% cotton jackets are moisture and dust resistant, easy to maintain and extremely durable. 

Mordenmiss Women’s Cotton Linen Full Front Buttons Jacket Outfit 

Levi’s Men’s Washed Cotton Military Jacket

7.) Cardigans 

Cardigans are probably the most versatile and stylish outerwears you can include in your winter wardrobe.

Really comfortable to wear and elegant and fashionable in appearance, cardigans gives you a classier look without impeding with its functionality or snugness. 

SUEANI Women’s Open Front Casual Long Sleeve Knit Classic Sweaters Cardigan with Pockets 

Sailwind Men’s Long-Sleeve Cardigan 

How to dress up when it’s 16 degrees? 

When it comes to having a perfect winter wardrobe, the first and foremost requirement that you should keep in mind is to make sure that the clothes you have can keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.

16 degrees might not seem to be such a low temperature but you can follow these tips to ensure that you use your clothes well this winter for some cozy days. 

1.) Layering clothes 

Make sure to wear at least three layers of cloth as soon as fall or winter really sets in. The layers of clothes will trap air in between them and thereby would trap heat and keep you warm. 

2.) Wear tight clothes 

Even though you might prefer loose fitting clothes, they are not a great option to go with when the weather is nippy. Wear tight fitted clothes during winters or fall. 

3.) Wear long coats 

Even though cropped or puffer jackets and coats are in vogue, long coats are more comfortable and preferable when the temperature is low. 

4.) Invest in good quality wool 

Wool can be a bit more expensive than other fabrics, but you should realise that woolen items are going to provide incomparable comfort and warmth and will definitely outlive garments made with cheaper fabrics. So invest in some good quality wool this summer. 

Keep these simple tips in mind to have a warm and mellow winter. 

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