What Are Freezer Jackets Made Of? 

People who operate in cold weather, freezers, or extreme cold rooms require cold-temperature protection in order to be productive.

We can all agree that working in a cold environment is extremely tough and it does hamper our productivity. Therefore, you need some sort of clothing that is designed to work efficiently in these cold conditions.

And that is why, there is a whole range of clothing and footwear that serves to protect workers who work in extreme cold conditions. They’re called freezer wear. 

What Are Freezer Jackets Made Of

Usually, freezer wear outfits and jackets are made of polyester with an inner thermal lining made of fleece that provides insulation. The ideal intention of these freezer jackets is to protect you from harsh cold and keep you warm, and that is what it does. 

However, you have to be careful before purchasing freezer jackets as there are many fake ones out there. And there can be some serious repercussions in using a fake one that does not deliver quality insulation in colder environments. 

Basically, look for a quality jacket that has a polyester or nylon outer and fleece inner lining to give you protection as well as warmth. 

Let us have a look at some of the advantages of using freezer jackets made of polyester outer layer and fleece lining:

1.) Comfort in a really cold environment

When you have access to high-quality equipment that keeps you warm and comfortable, it will immediately make your workday less stressful.

People who spend a considerable amount of their lives at work ought to be kept comfortable so that they can function productively.

Polyester fabric repels water, therefore, if you are working in a cold, wet environment, a freezer jacket with polyester outer lining will keep you safe from rain.

And the inner fleece lining is of a breathable fabric and won’t let you compromise on comfort while you’re at work. This is especially critical in cold temperatures or a freezer setting.

2.) Increases your productivity

Imagine having to work in a cold environment with clothes that do not provide enough warmth. Sounds terrible right? That is why you need a quality freezer jacket with a fleece inner lining that keeps you super warm and enhances your work pace and efficiency.

When you work in the cold without the correct equipment, your productivity might suffer. There are several reasons why performance suffers as a result of the cold.

To begin with, your body works extra to combat the cold and stay warm. With all that energy being consumed, you quickly tire and become lethargic.

And all that energy used on heating implies less energy for things, like focus and efficient work. Another factor is that the cold is simply unpleasant. When you focus on being uncomfortable, you are distracted from the task at hand, and your performance suffers as a result.

3.) Keeps you and your health protected 

It is critical for your health to keep yourself warm in a cold environment, as you can fall sick very often. Proper precautions, in terms of freezer jackets, footwear, etc has to be taken and these precautions are especially vital when it comes to freezer wear.

One of the most well-known cold-related conditions, hypothermia, can affect you when your body temperatures fall down upto 95°F, and a fleece inner lining will protect you from falling prey to the cold. 

But, you’re particularly vulnerable if you’ve been exposed to rain, perspiration, or snow, all of which may dramatically drop your body temperature.

In many cold storage facilities, choosing a quality freezer suit that is both water-repellent and wind-tight is advisable. That is why polyester is used widely while manufacturing freezer jackets. 

4.) Chances of accidents are relatively low

People feeling cold at work are clumsy and sluggish because of the constant discomfort which increases the likelihood of workplace mishaps.

You can even sweat in a cold environment if you’re running around or working for long hours, which means sweat accumulation will also help freeze your body.

That is why jackets made of polyester and fleece inner lining will wick away moisture keeping you dry and cozy.

People exposed to chilly temperatures without suitable protection may put themselves at risk in addition to jeopardising their own safety.

Therefore, wearing a freezer jacket may boost not just workplace safety, but also employee pleasure and comfort. 

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What is the risk of buying an improper freezer jacket of low quality?

People working in freezing temperatures outdoors or in cold storage usually work several shifts and spend hours each day in extreme cold conditions.

If your freezer jacket is inadequate, continuous exposure to freezing conditions can have major consequences for your body, ranging from impaired physical and mental functionality to catastrophic cold ailments like frostbite and hypothermia. 

For example, a freezer jacket not made of polyester outer layer might not repel water, and working in cold conditions like snow will easily pass through the fabric as liquid, which will eventually make you feel extremely cold.

And as you know, fleece is the warmest fabric there is which is also non-porous in nature and that is why it is an ideal lining material which not only keeps you warm in extreme cold, but it’s also breathable which will not let moisture linger around and damp your skin. 

What are the features your freezer jacket should have?

1.) Suitable insulation for extreme temperatures

While purchasing freezer jackets, the first thing to consider is the climate in which you will be working. The environment may have a  temperature range of 0°C to 4°C, or even lower than that.  

Next, consider how involved your job function is in the cold workplace. You create your own body heat while working, and the more active or physical your task is, the more heat you generate. 

Once you know what sort of cold environment you work in and how busy your job position is, you can purchase the freezer jacket.

However, it is always advisable to go for a jacket that comes with a warm inner lining, like fleece, which is not only warm, but also breathable. 

2.) Quality of the freezer jacket fabric

Your freezer jacket must be sturdy and durable. Usually, jackets are frequently ripped to bits after only a few months of wear. You might encounter any sharp object at your workplace that might damage your jacket. 

That is why choose a jacket with superior outer materials, like polyester or nylon, to ensure that your clothing lasts longer as these two fabrics can take a lot of wear and tear without compromising on quality. 

3.) How flexible is the jacket?

There has been a significant shift on how freezer jackets are made these days. They are less heavy and bulky while providing excellent insulation. Large, heavy jackets restrict your movement as you work, causing discomfort because of limited mobility.

Therefore, you need a jacket made of polyester that is not as bulky, provides good insulation and does not restrict your movement. 

4.) See if your jacket is breathable

Even in a chilly atmosphere, thick, bulky jackets lead to overheating and sweating. Choose a breathable freezer jacket to reduce the chances of overheating yourself.

Breathability is defined as how rapidly or slowly moisture passes through a fabric, or in the case of a freezer jacket, how quickly perspiration evaporates. 

Traditional freezer wear may cause you to sweat more quickly since the insulation, liner, and exterior fabric are composed of materials that do not breathe.

However, with the recent advancement in technology, we now have freezer jackets made of breathable lining like fleece, which not only wicks away moisture but also keeps you warm.  

5.) See if your freezer jacket has a proper inner lining

As mentioned above, we have already discussed the necessity of breathable fabric so you don’t overheat and moisture within the jacket evaporates rapidly.

Another thing to think about is the lining of the freezer jacket. Fleece lining is one such essential feature that is a must have in freezer jackets because they are non-porous in nature, which means they are breathable as well as moisture wicking. 

Here we provide you with some tips so that you choose the best freezer jacket for yourself:

1.) Resistance from wear and tear- You’ll need a sturdy jacket with a tough polyester or nylon outer shell that won’t rip or scratch when you run into heavy machinery while at work.

2.) Water-resistance- A damp and chilly environment can be exceedingly dangerous, resulting in hypothermia. When transitioning between climates, freezer jackets with a water-repellent, wind-tight finish can keep the coldness at bay.

3.) Insulation- Before purchasing a freezer jacket, be sure to thoroughly inspect the insulation. The weight of the insulation will give you a decent idea of how warm the suit will be.

Recommended freezer suits for you while working in cold temperatures

1.) Ergodyne GloWear Insulated Jacket

This work jacket comes with extremely good insulation for colder temperatures so that your work will not be affected. 

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2.) SAFEGEAR Work Jacket

This work jacket is ANSI compliant, which means it is not only safe but also keeps you warm and protected from extreme cold. 

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3.) KwikSafety Work Jacket

This jacket not only repels water, but it also comes with all the safety features required at your workplace. It comes with good insulating features that will make sure you remain warm even while working in a colder environment. 

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You have to pay attention to a few things while purchasing freezer jackets, first is to get a jacket that goes well with your work and work environment. And then, always invest in a quality freezer jacket for the well being of your health. 

As we have discussed before, jackets with a polyester outer layer and an inner layer of fleece are just suitable for working in a cold environment as it is comfortable, breathable and warm. 

Also, apart from freezer jackets, there are other freezer outfits available for the safety of your whole body, and you should use them to work with full dedication. 

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