How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit?

A Bomber Jacket is a short, waist-length jacket with a ribbed waistline and matching cuffs. It usually features a zipper front and four useful pockets on the top and sides.

Bombers are constructed from a variety of materials, including leather, polyester, nylon, and cotton.

Bomber jacket, just like any other jacket, should fit snugly in the shoulder, slim through the sleeves and body, and should look tailored as opposed to something that is big and bulky. It shouldn’t be too tight or excessively loose, as when it comes to your comfort, there is nothing better than a proper fit. 

How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit

Now let us discuss the fitting of a bomber jacket in details:

1.) Shoulders

As with every piece of apparel, the shoulder fit must be perfect. Because it’s very hard to change the shoulders, the first thing to look for is correct shoulder fit. 

So, how can you know if the jacket fits properly over the shoulders? 

The jacket’s shoulder seam should stop just where your shoulder naturally descends to your arm. If it reaches beyond this point, the jacket is too large. A jacket that is overly wide in the shoulders will seem sloppy and detract from the rest of your outfit.

If the jacket’s shoulder seams come before your shoulder finishes, the clothing is too small. A jacket that is too small in the shoulders is unpleasant and restricts your range of motion.

2.) Sleeves

The sleeves of a bomber jacket are all different, with each one ending in a knitted cuff that fits securely around your wrist.

Each sleeve should stop on or slightly above your wrist bone, with traditional designs displaying a clear size difference between the main section of the sleeves and the cuff.

You may think the sleeves are too big, but on the outside, this is the look you want.

3.) Wrist 

If your bomber jacket includes elastic wrist bands, they should fit snugly around your wrist and onto your hand. Always take this measurement with your hand at your side.

Make sure the elastic is tight enough to keep it from slipping up any more. This guarantees that the sleeve is long enough when your arms are raised.

If your bomber jacket does not have elastic wrists then the end of the sleeve should slide a bit farther over the hand. This allows sufficient length when you lift your arms over your head.

4.) Neck 

If you have a plain leather collar on your bomber jacket, it should fit like a formal shirt with the top button undone.

And if you have an elastic, low-sitting collar on your bomber jacket, it should lie flat against the back of your neck and droop slightly in front of your neck on both sides. Because these models do not have a flipping collar, this is the easiest fit.

5.) Torso

You should be able to zip up the jacket without any tugging on your body. Essentially, you want enough room under your jacket to wear a light sweater or dress shirt. This will suffice for the majority of casual attire.

How to wear a bomber jacket?

1.) Getting the appropriate fit for you is an important aspect of nailing the look, so check sure the measurements match your present jacket. 

2.) Begin with simple attire and work your way up. 

3.) Try plain white shirts with jeans and your favourite sneakers with a bomber jacket before accessorising with quirky designs. 

4.) Bomber jackets are appropriate for most occasions; choose one that complements your unique style and you’ll find wearing a bomber jacket effortless. 

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Benefits of Bomber Jackets

1.) Protection against severe cold weather- Bomber jackets made of leather does not only look fantastic but also protects against extreme cold temperatures. The fabric of these coats provides warmth and comfort, allowing one to feel unaffected by outside factors.

2.) They’re resilient and durable- Unlike other jackets, they do not deteriorate after a few months or even years. When you buy them, they stay the same and their quality does not deteriorate even after many years of usage.

The fabric used in its manufacturing preserves the physical beauty and longevity of these coats, making it a worthwhile investment.

3.) They’re lightweight- Yes, even though they protect you against extreme cold, they’re not made of heavy materials. Infact, they have minimal weight. As a result, it’s ideal for layering during the winter.

It offers enough room for a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath without seeming overly big. Furthermore, because the jacket is so light, you will not feel constricted or burdened. 

4.) They’re quite versatile- Everyone knows how amazing and adaptable one appears when wearing leather bomber jackets.

Nobody can deny their affection for these jackets since they not only accentuate one’s personality but also boost one’s confidence to new heights. Whether combined with casual jeans and tees or western wear, these jackets always look great.

How is the fitting different in a leather and nylon bomber jacket?

1. Shoulder

Leather bomber jacket: Your leather jacket’s shoulder seam should lay over the edge of your shoulder, giving you a form fit and a structured appearance, exactly like a classic leather version of the jacket should.

Nylon bomber jacket: The shoulder seams on the nylon jacket may extend half an inch beyond your shoulder gap. Being a soft fabric, the nylon jacket will drape softly over your shoulders without seeming bulky.

2. Arm length

Leather bomber jacket: The sleeves should be long enough to reach your hand and cover your wrist. The knitted cuffs should be snug around the wrist, preventing it from slipping up while raising your arm.

Nylon bomber jacket: The sleeves would be significantly roomier than on classic versions, but sleeve length should be consistently reliable.

3. Waistline

Leather bomber jacket: The elastic waistband should be just below your belt, and it should not expand too much when you close your jacket; you should aim for a somewhat snug yet comfortable fit.

Nylon bomber jacket: The waist should fall just beyond the belt, any shorter and it will pile up over your stomach and you don’t want to be pulling your jacket down all the time, so make sure it’s long enough.

4. Collar

Leather bomber jacket: In a conventional leather bomber jacket, there are two sorts of collars. The first is the upright rib-knit form, which should gently touch your neck from behind and keep open from the front. 

Nylon bomber jacket: Nylon bomber jackets have a fold-over shirt collar, which should fit like a shirt with a small breathing gap between the neck and collar.

How should you style a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets are extremely flexible and versatile. You may wear a bomber jacket with either casual or formal clothing, or perhaps both.

If your bomber jacket has a lot of insignias and tags, it’s certainly on the casual side, so match it with jeans and casual trousers. In terms of footwear, a casual bomber jacket pairs nicely with canvas or leather sneakers as well as boots.

You may dress up your bomber jacket if it has a simple style with few to no logos or tags. For a classy casual appearance, pair the jacket with dress pants, chinos, or even dark wash jeans. A simple bomber jacket looks fantastic with formal accessories like a dress shirt and tie.

Boots look great with bomber jackets since they add an understated edge to the appearance. Formal lace-up boots and dress shoes will complement the overall formal look. 

Recommended bomber jackets for you

1.) WULFUL Casual Bomber Jacket 

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2.) FoxQ Bomber Jackets 

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3.) Varsity Bomber Leather Jacket 

All of the hand-picked materials used in the making of this jacket are long-lasting and pleasant to wear, and the design is obviously intended to survive and withstand harsh weather conditions for years to come.

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4.) Mens Bomber Leather Jacket 

This durable jacket is one of a kind as it comes with all the features that protects you from severe cold, also while looking elegant. It is roomy but also gives you a proper fit. 

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Who should wear bomber jacket?

Being one of the most popular trends with a long history, bomber jackets have become a global phenomenon that transcends borders, languages, and cultures.

These jackets are known to be adaptable, gender-neutral, and relevant to all ages. If you’ve ever wondered what a Bomber Jacket is and how it fits, this article is a must-read.

Whether you’re lounging at campus or getting ready for a first date, these comfortable jackets lend immediate elegance to any piece of outfit.


As a result, there are several ways to dress up a bomber jacket, making it one of the more versatile jackets on the market.

It’s a good idea to read up a bit on how one should fit, though, to avoid going overboard with the bulky look or getting one that squashes your insides. 

However, while purchasing leather jackets, several factors should be considered, such as the fabric, linings, stitching, sleeves, zippers, designs, and pricing. Taking these criteria into account, you will be able to find a perfect fit for yourself. 

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