Will a Carhartt Jacket Shrink in the Dryer?

Carharrt jackets are popular among workers due to its durability and overall comfort that it offers. It has established itself as a reliable and popular brand regarding workplace apparel.

And when it comes to cleaning them, you want to be sure you’re doing it the right way that not only protects them but also cleans them properly. 

Your carhartt jacket is likely to shrink if they’re made of 100% cotton, especially when put in a dryer because of the heat. But if your jacket comes pre-washed, then it will have minimal shrinkage, however, if it is not pre-washed, expect some shrinkage in your jackets. 

Will a Carhartt Jacket Shrink in the Dryer

But do you know, it is not advisable to put your carhartt jacket in the dryer in order to retain the temperature control features of the fabric.

In this article, we’ll provide you with more such information and tips to maintain your favourite carhartt jacket. Keep reading!

Let us know why Carhartt jackets are worth it?

Here are some benefits of  it:

1.) They are versatile and will keep you cozy on freezing winter days.

Carhartt jackets are environmentally friendly and are constructed of high-quality fabric that allows them to be worn in any environment making them super versatile for our busy lives. These coats are warm and will keep you warm in the chilly weather.

2.) They’re very popular because of their affordability. 

These coats are quite reasonably priced. They are also very pleasant to wear and have a fabric that is durable and will last long in any circumstance.

3.) They come loaded with wonderful features. 

The waterproof materials, high visibility line, fabrics with good quality stitches, and flame resistance are only a few of the qualities of the Carhatt jackets.

All of these characteristics along with its stylish designs make these jackets extremely popular among the youths.

4.) They’re reliable and durable.

Carhartt jackets are sturdy and durable making them ideal for rough wear and tear too along with casual outings. It comes with rugged design which gives you a tough aesthetic making you feel confident whenever you wear them. 

5.) They’re of superior quality. 

Carhartt is one of the most popular and reliable brands in the US. So the quality is obviously uncompromised.

Carhatt jackets, too,  are high-quality apparels that allow you to save money because even though they’re affordable, the quality is unmatched. 

Now, since we know the benefits of carhartt jackets, let us understand why a dryer is not suitable for your favourite carhartt jackets, and how it harms them. 

Why is dryer harmful for your carhartt jacket?

Most clothes maintain their longevity when they are properly washed and air dried. Yes, air drying is the best option there is. But we rarely have time for clothes taking too much time to dry, therefore, we prefer to use a dryer. 

Even though you dry your carhartt jacket in a dryer, make sure it is at the lowest temperature so that it doesn’t destroy the good features of the garment. 

According to US today’s article (https://www.reviewed.com/laundry/features/how-dryers-destroy-your-clothes), a  recent research proved that the dryer shrinks clothing twice as much as washing alone.

According to the study, it is the agitation and pressured air that influences the size of the cloth, not the temperature of tumble drying.

Tumble drying causes friction which leads to microscopic degradation to your jacket fabric. You can’t really see it with naked eyes because it’s too small unless you peek in the dryer’s lint chamber.

There will be bits of fabric that have come off the clothing in the dryer, and these will affect the durability of your jacket. 

Here we will discuss how you can clean and maintain the good quality and longevity of a carhartt jacket. 

How to prevent shrinkage in carhartt jackets?

The simplest and most apparent approach to help avoid shrinkage in your Carhartt jacket is to follow the care recommendations on its label. Following these instructions will reduce the amount of shrinking in your jacket. 

Another alternative is to get a Carhartt jacket made of a fabric that is less prone to shrink because as we know that pure cotton fabrics shrink with frequent washes. Carhartt jackets also come with a mix of fabric blend. 

The most popular ones our experts present to you are The Cordura Nylon fabric and the Quick Duck fabric. 

CORDURA Nylon fabric: This 1000D (denier) nylon is very robust and can withstand harsh work environments.

This fabric is used in the Carhartt J133 jacket, which is designed for harsh weather conditions. If you are concerned about 100% cotton shrinking on you, this jacket might be a decent alternative. 

Quick duck fabric: Quick Duck is a fabric combination used by Carhartt to make jackets that are lighter in weight than regular duck fabric, while yet having a robust canvas that can withstand rough worksites.

These fabric combination coats are less prone to shrink and might be a good alternative to 100% cotton jackets. 

Check it out here-

What to make sure of while washing the jacket?

1.) Check the label- Now you have to understand that every piece of garment bought from a decent store comes with its own set of instructions on how to maintain them.

So it is advisable to read the label on the particular jacket and follow the directions. Usually labels will inform you what you can and cannot use, as well as what setting to use while washing it. 

2.) Choice of detergent- The detergent that you use plays an important role in establishing how long a clothing will survive.

In order to wash your carhartt jacket, choose a mild and gentle-based detergent that is free from any bleach, as bleach might potentially break down the actual fibers of the jacket. 

3.) Set the temperature of the washer- Set your washing machine to a mild or moderate temperature. In general, when washing, the temperature should be less than 158 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Now add the mild detergent, and let it wash. Do not use any fabric softener. 

4.) Washing process- Run the washing machine as usual and let it clean itself. It is advisable to opt for mild wash as it will gently clean the jacket without damaging the fabric. 

5.) Use a dryer at a low temperature- Yes, if you wish to put your carhartt jacket in the dryer, make sure it is at a low temperature. However, it is always a best option to let it air dry which will not at all damage the material. 

A Youtube channel by the name Mr. Bald has a video where he reviews his carhartt jacket after many washes. Watch the video here-

Many washes later. Carhartt Jacket updat Dec 2020 Carhartt Brown.

As for it’s maintenance, you need to keep a few things in mind about carhartt jackets. 

Avoid using softeners and other similar cleaning and washing chemicals and bleach because they may sometimes influence the overall appearance by generating a greasy layer that can make it a bit more flammable, and hamper the performance of the jackets.

This is especially true for people who rely on these jackets to keep them safe and provide protection. 

While ironing, remember to keep the temperature at the lowest heat and gently iron your jacket. Remember, it is just like using the dryer therefore heat should be regulated as per the jacket’s requirement. 

Recommended Carhartt jackets for you that has minimal shrinkage:

1.) Carhartt Storm Defender Jacket

This durable jacket comes with nylon fabric which makes it water-resistant therefore keeping the quality of the jacket intact.

It is also breathable so say goodbye to the nasty foul produced by your sweat and stay comfortable throughout every environment. 

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2.) Carhartt Shoreline Jacket

This waterproof jacket is durable and you don’t have to worry about shrinking even after many washes. It also comes with various color options. 

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3.) Carhartt Gilliam Jacket

This long-lasting and dependable jacket is also water repellent. It is lightweight and comfortable, and can be worn on warmer days or as a layer on colder days.

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Remember that, while Carharrt has a reputation for being durable and resilient, the jackets ultimately do break down or shrink with repeated washes.

But with adequate care and precaution, you can maintain the quality of the jacket and use it for a very long time.

Therefore, in this article we have mentioned all that could help you understand the material of a carhartt jacket and how to take care of it. 

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