Do Bomber Jackets Protect Rain?

Bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets, have a history that goes back to the Second World War. They have always been known for their ability to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. But the question is, whether or not a bomber jacket can protect you from rain? 

Bomber jackets come in different materials. Almost all the fabrics and materials are water-resistant, but it’s the Nylon bomber jackets that are entirely waterproof. 

Speaking in general, bomber jackets offer protection from the rain. The extent of protection depends upon the fabric of the jacket. Besides, there are many ways to waterproof your bomber jacket so that it can provide 100% protection from the rain. 

Do Bomber Jackets Protect Rain

The best fabric for a bomber jacket would depend upon the extent of wet season you see, your job (if you work outside for most of the day and you live in the wettest regions in the US, you might want a nylon bomber jacket since it’s waterproof), your budget, and the fact whether or not you have the confidence to pull off something as stylish as a bomber jacket.

We have taken the liberty to walk you through many interesting facts about bomber jackets in this guide-

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make up your mind about whether or not a bomber jacket will be a worthy addition to your wardrobe for monsoons this year!

Bomber Jackets and Their Rainproofing Index: Can You Wear Bomber Jackets in Rain?

Wearing a bomber jacket in rain is a wise choice since these beauties can protect you from heavy downpours too. But, it’s the material of the bomber jacket that makes all the difference.

There are basically 6 variations of bomber jackets. All the 6 offer different levels of protection from the rain. 

1.) Nylon Bomber Jacket – It’s entirely waterproof. 

2.) Polyester Bomber Jacket – It is entirely waterproof. On top of that, it’s weather-resistant too. 

3.) Leather Bomber Jacket – It’s a stylish option to wear during light rainfall. Besides, it’s very easy to make a leather bomber jacket waterproof. 

4.) Suede Leather Bomber Jacket – It’s the cheaper alternative for real leather bomber jackets. 

5.) Quilted/Padded Bomber Jackets – More than the rain, these jackets are made to keep the wearer warm. They can, however, offer a very good resistance against rain when they are made waterproof. 

6.) Cotton Bomber Jacket – This bomber jacket requires major waterproofing. 

Since the prices of all bombers jackets differ and their water-resistant index varies a lot, there are simple ways to waterproof a bomber jacket so that you can buy the variety that you can afford. 

How to Make a Bomber Jacket Waterproof: Is it Very Hard and Expensive?

The first thing that you should understand is that it is not possible to make a non-waterproof material entirely waterproof. However, if the fabric is already water-resistant, you can make it almost waterproof easily. 

Find out the most effective way to waterproof your bomber jacket below! 

Use a Water Repelling Solution with DWR Formula

There are many effective water repelling solutions (Durable Water Repellents) that are available in the market these days. They’re perfect to waterproof a bomber jacket. Besides, the process is very simple.

1.) Use a very gentle cleanser to first wash your bomber jacket so that all the dirt and oil are removed. 

2.) Next, let the bomber jacket get completely dry. It’s best to let the jacket dry in medium heat mode in the washing machine. 

3.) Spray an effective DWR solution on the entire jacket (the outside surface) generously. 

4.) Let it dry for half an hour in natural air. 

5.) After 30 minutes, put the bomber jacket in the washing machine and let it dry in medium heat for another 30 minutes. 

6.) This is the safest way to waterproof a water-resistant bomber jacket. 

There are certain precautions though when trying to waterproof or reproof your old waterproof bomber jacket. Have a look!

1.) Do not machine wash if the bomber jacket you have is supposed to be hand-washed only. 

2.) Wear gloves, masks, and goggles while applying the waterproofing solution so that it doesn’t get in direct contact with your eyes and nose. 

3.) It’s better to apply the spray outdoor instead of doing it inside the house. 

When done carefully, waterproofing a bomber jacket just once during the onset of monsoons is enough to make the jacket rain-ready for the entire season. 

Benefits of a Wearing a Bomber Jacket in Rains

There are raincoats and umbrellas, so why use a bomber jacket at all? – That’s the one question that everybody has in mind. If you’ve been thinking about it as well, we have the answers!

1.) Bomber Jackets are Warm 

Although a raincoat and an umbrella can protect you from rain, they can’t protect you from cold and wind. A bomber jacket can. When you wear a bomber jacket instead of a raincoat, you don’t just stay dry, you stay warm as well. 

2.) Bomber Jackets are Stylish 

Neither a raincoat nor umbrella can make you look stylish. In fact, they take away all the fashion statements. On the contrary, a bomber jacket is super stylish.

So, you get the best of both worlds: you stay safe from the rain while looking absolutely stylish and attractive. 

3.) Bomber Jackets are Long-Lasting 

Your raincoats and umbrellas might not be designed to take the brunt of extreme rain and wind, but bomber jackets are! When you purchase high-quality waterproof bomber jackets, they can last for many years with proper care.

Besides, you can always keep re-proofing your old bomber jacket to ensure it offers 100% protection from rain as it used to when it was new.

How To Buy the Right Bomber Jacket for Protection From Rain?

There are very few steps that, when kept in mind, will help you purchase the best bomber jacket for rain. Have a look! 

1.) If you live in areas that see light rain, you don’t need to invest in a fully waterproof bomber jacket. You can buy a water-resistant bomber jacket and waterproof it yourself. It will save you a lot of money. 

2.) If you’re from the wettest areas in the US, there’s nothing better than a fully waterproof bomber jacket. 

3.) Even if you get light rains but most of your day is spent outdoors, buying a waterproof bomber jacket is a wise choice. 

3 Bomber Jackets that Offer the Best Rain Protection 

1.) High Visibility Safety Bomber Jacket by Pioneer

This is one of the best waterproof bomber jackets for construction workers. It’s visible from a very large distance. So, no matter where you are on the street, you’ll be seen from a long distance by the incoming traffic. 

1.) It has a detachable hood. No matter how heavy the rainfall is, this bomber jacket will fully protect you. 

2.) It’s super lightweight. Hence, working while wearing it during a heavy downpour will not affect your efficiency. 

3.) It’s windproof alongside being waterproof. 

4.) It’s fabricated with an inner fleece lining (removable) so that you stay warm as well. 

Cons: Some customers have reported that this bomber jacket runs one size bigger. So, instead of buying your usual jacket size, check the size guide provided by the manufacturer.

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2.) Water-repellent Men’s Bomber Jacket by TACVASEN

This is a water-resistant bomber jacket that’s ideal for hikers and cyclists living in areas that see mild rainfall. 

1.) It’s warm; perfect for light rainfall during the fall and autumns. 

2.) It’s not only water-resistant, but it is also windproof. 

3.) It’s immensely stylish and you can use it as casual wear too. 

4.) The cuffs and hem are rigged and elastic. It offers comfortable snug-fitting. 

Cons: Some buyers have reported a size mismatch. This bomber jacket might run a size smaller. Only when the fit is right that this jacket will offer the look that’s promised. Otherwise, it might look like a ladies’ bomber jacket. So, make sure you buy the right size!

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3.) MA-1 Water Repelling Flight Bomber Jacket by Rothco

This is an all-in-one kind of bomber jacket because it is water-resistant, wind-resistant, as well as cold-resistant. You can also wear it in the snow. 

1.) It’s a stylish reversible bomber jacket. One side is a vibrant orange. It makes the jacket visible from a long distance when it’s raining or snowing heavily. 

2.) It is made of 100% nylon and it’s water repellency is 100% as well. 

3.) It’s lightweight, very stylish, and very spacious too. 

Cons: Some buyers have reported a size mismatch. However, the manufacturer has already mentioned that this bomber jacket doesn’t match the size of regular jackets. They have their own size chart. So, it’s recommended that you follow the size chart provided by the company. 

Another issue reported is that this bomber can be a little bit noisy. If you’re extremely fussy about it, it’s better to skip this one. 

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Bomber jackets come in different materials. Some materials are water-resistant and some others are waterproof. Bomber jackets do protect from rain.

The amount of protection, though, will depend upon the extent of water resistance. Nylon and polymer bomber jackets are usually 100% waterproof. 

In a nutshell, the type of bomber jacket you buy for rain protection should depend upon the amount of rain you receive and the amount of time you spend outdoors in the rain. 

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