4 Best Gore-Tex Work Jacket

If you work in construction, agriculture, or as an electrician, plumber, engineer, architect, inevitably your work will take you outdoors. Mother Nature is not always kind, so a Gore-Tex work jacket should be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe of work gear.

Why? Because Gore-Tex protects you from the wind and rain, while never sacrificing breathability, an important characteristic of good quality work clothing.

A Gore-Tex work jacket will guarantee that while you are not wet on the outside, you are also not perspiring to the point that you are drenched underneath your jacket.

Best Gore-Tex Work Jacket

We’ve taken the initiative in finding the best Gore-Tex work jackets to save you some time when you begin your search for this type of work protection.

With so many choices available in stores and online, you could spend months digging through every option available, so we did it for you. Here’s what we found.

Our favorite overall Gore-Tex work jacket is the Arc’teryx Beta All Round Gore-Tex Jacket. It’s portable, packable, breathable, and waterproof in a sleek, classic jacket design.

Work JacketGore-TexFeaturesFit Lining
Arc’teryx Beta All Round 3 layer Gore-Tex PROZippered pocket, Pit zippers, Taped seams, DWR treated
Volcom Breathable Thermal Defense 3 Layer Gore-Tex2 zippered chest pockets, Taped seamsSmall to XXLDuck down
Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket Gore-Tex Paclite TechnologyAdjustable hood, Pit zippers, Zippered pockets Taped seamsRoomy design, Small to XXL
Grundens Downrigger 2-layer Gore-Tex constructionAdjustable hood and cuffsRoomy, Small to 3XLMoisture-wicking

The Reviews

Best Overall Gore-Tex Work Jacket

1.) Arc’teryx Beta All Round Gore-Tex Jacket

This is an impressive Gore-Tex PRO jacket initially designed for alpine environments, but if you require environmental protection, it doesn’t get much better than this jacket. It’s portable, packable, breathable, and waterproof in a sleek, classic jacket design.

This is a truly versatile jacket that is appropriate for numerous types of activities. An adjustable hem drawcord and Velcro cuff tabs allow for a more customized fit.

A drop hood is helmet-compatible, and the neck features an internal collar for increased protection. An embedded reflector will improve visibility in worsening weather conditions.

Sold in sizes from X-Small through XX-Large, it comes in red, grey, blue, or black. Made in 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro with taped seams.

External zippers are water-tight and pit zippers are integrated for ventilation. Two hand pockets and an internal zipped pocket complete the deal.


      • Breathable 
      • Lightweight 
      • Durable
      • Waterproof
      • Windproof
      • Taped seams
      • Zippered pockets
      • Pit Zippers
      • DWR-treated


      • Expensive
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Best Insulated Gore-Tex Work Jacket

2.) Volcom Breathable Thermal Defense Gore-Tex Jacket

A sleek design brings fashion to this Gore-Tex jacket. It offers an ample selection of sizes from X-Small all the way through XX-large.

Made with 100% premium nylon and 3-layer Gore-Tex lining method, this jacket screams comfort. It’s breathable and warm so you are well-protected in inclement weather thanks to waterproofing and windproofing.

Panels are insulated with duck down (80/20 responsible down standard) for warmth. The drop tail fit protects your back. 

If you work in harshly cold climates and snow as well as rain, this is a humdinger of a jacket. Two chest pockets with zipper closures let you store accessories or valuables. 


      • Drop tail fit
      • High turtleneck
      • 100% nylon
      • Gore-Tex 3-layer 
      • Duck down insulation
      • Taped seams


      • Expensive
      • Dry clean only
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Best Lightweight Gore-Tex Jacket

3.) Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket

If you are looking for a lightweight Gore-Tex jacket that offers the essentials when working, this jacket by Marmot is impressive.

Produced in 100% polyester, it uses Gore-Tex and Paclite technology to ensure waterproofing, breathability, portability all in the same lightweight jacket. Seams are taped to prevent water penetration. An attached hood is adjustable.

Zipper closure keeps you covered, and pit zips allow for increased air ventilation and an adjustable temperature.

A drawcord permits you to customize the hem fit. Zippered hand pockets and a chest pocket are integrated for carrying valuables and accessories.

Sold in sizes that run from small through XX-Large, it comes in two shades of black, a blue, and a grey.


      • Great design
      • Gore-tex and nylon blend
      • 100% recyclable materials
      • Blocks rain and wind
      • Zippered pockets 
      • Velcro cuffs, drawcord hemline, and hood are all adjustable
      • Pit zippers increase airflow and ventilation for increased comfort
      • Weighs in at 0.94 lbs.
      • Affordable


      • Design may be a bit roomy for some
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Best Moisture-wicking Gore-Tex Work Jacket

4.) Grundens Downrigger Gore-Tex Work Jacket

This Grunden Gore-Tex jacket was actually designed for fishermen, and therefore offers a great combination of waterproofing and breathability for those exposed to water.

The Jacket is produced with a 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric construction and a terrific liner that is moisture-wicking so you’ll not only be protected from the rain but also from excessive perspiration on the job so your skin will be comfortable all day long.

The cuff closures are adjustable for a personalized fit as is the adjustable drawcord hood. Double storm flap construction on all zippers protects from water penetration.

Pockets are fleece-lined for hand warmth. The design is comfortably roomy for eventual layering of clothing underneath. Small through 3X-Large sizing is available and this jacket comes in blue, orange, or grey.


      • 2-layer Gore-Tex construction
      • Moisture-wicking lining
      • Adjustable hood and cuffs
      • Double flap zipper protection
      • Roomy design
      • Hood for chilly weather


      • A bit expensive
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The History of Gore-Tex

In 1959, Bill and Genevieve Gore established Gore & Associates in Newark, Delaware. In 1969, their son, Robert, invented ePTFE or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. This was done by stretching PTFE. As a result, Gore-Tex was born, an exceptionally resistant and strong material that was also microporous.

Such was the success of this breathable, resistant, and waterproof material that it is used today in many apparel options from shoes to jackets for sporting, military, outdoor, and work gear. 

Gore-Tex waterproof material

The use of Gore-Tex membranes inside other fabrics creates a type of seal to block the elements from reaching you. It keeps you dry. Many jackets may use a three-layer style placing Gore-Tex between two layers of fabric and bonding it there.

A two-layer style will use Gore-tex with a layer of fabric and may feature insulation or not. The future looks bright for the continued use of Gore-Tex in apparel for numerous professions and activities.

How We Selected 

There are several different criteria that we factored in when making our selections and that we think you should as well.  

1.) Material. Gore-Tex fabric is so versatile that it is used in jackets that are both soft and hard shell and may come in two- or three-layer jacket styles.

There is also a newer version of Gore-Tex, called Gore-Tex Paclite, a two-layer material specifically for those on the move with reduced carrying space or in need of lightweight apparel.

Gore-Tex Active is used for apparel that is for physically demanding work tasks and features three layers with improved breathability.

Gore-Tex Pro is utilized for particularly harsh climates over longer periods. This incorporates a three-layer system together with rugged resistant materials like nylon that is 70 denier to create apparel that is extraordinarily protective in temperate climates.

2.) Style Functionality. While Gore-Tex jackets are manufactured for numerous outdoor activities, the purpose of your jacket, in this case, work, become crucial when choosing a preferred style.

Normally Gore-Tex jackets will be found in heavier jackets that will use a three-layer Gore-Tex membrane with weightier fabrics and feature stronger weatherproof zippers and lots of pockets, among other features.

A lighter-weight Gore-Tex jacket will highlight mobility in its design and strive to afford the most protection with the lightest weight achievable. 

So, if your work is exceptionally physically demanding and requires an ape range of motion, a light Gore-Tex jacket over clothing layering may be a preferred choice.

3.) Value and Cost. Here your budget will play a crucial role during the selection of your jacket. Gore-Tex apparel is available for just about every budget.

If you select a weightier hard-shell jacket, the price will determine the quality you purchase as not all apparel is equal.

Jackets with heftier price tags will offer more in the way of waterproofing, wind protection, insulation, and added features.

Also consider that Gore-Tex jackets will, at some point, need waterproofing, because even if the inner membrane is waterproof, the jacket’s outer layer will gradually consume and lose some of its waterproofing meaning you’ll be soaked on the outside and this will hamper the positive effect of the Gore-Tex membrane. Grime, grease, and just plain old dirt can also interfere with the Gore-Tex effect.

4.) Water, Wind, and Weather Resistance. When selecting your Gore-Tex jacket, think about the average climate that it will be exposed to. Do you live in a place where it rains often, with high humidity, or with fog? Imagine living in Seattle as opposed to Arizona.

In Seattle, stronger weatherproofing is a must, whereas Arizona’s dryer climate will not necessitate heavily rain-resistant materials. Will you need more insulation or is a lighter breathable jacket a better choice? 

Work Jacket Features

What type of features should your Gore-Tex work jacket offer? Consider these:

1.) Hood. Most Gore-Tex rain jackets will include a hood that is adjustable for fit. If you require a hard hat or helmet, you may wish to look for a hood that is compatible.

2.) Drawcords. Drawcords integrated at the hem and on a hood will offer a more customized fit.

3.) Pockets. External pockets are essential, especially in a rainstorm. Places for storing phones, keys, money, or other accessories offer lots of conveniences. These pockets also need to be waterproof to keep your accessories dry.

4.) Seams. Believe it or not, the way seams are designed can make a difference in waterproofing. Better Gore-Tex jackets will have taped seams to guarantee to be waterproof.

When seams are stitched, small needle holes are left in a jacket’s fabric. In wet conditions, water can seep through these holes. Taped seams prevent water from entering and penetrating. 

5.) Zippers. Waterproof zippers will only add to the level of overall protection that a Gore-Tex work jacket provides. This kind of zipper will repel water, impeding penetration.

What To Know About Gore-Tex Jackets

Gore-Tex jackets do not guarantee warmth because they are not necessarily insulated. The Gore-Tex outer jacket is a layer that the manufacturer may decide to insulate or not.

It will provide protection from rain and wind, but if you need warmth, you will need to find an insulated Gore-Tex jacket or wear other types of insulation underneath your jacket.

Gore-Tex waterproofing will not be 100% because breathability is a defining characteristic of Gore-Tex fabric. Gore-tex places a premium on breathability, otherwise, you will be wet nonetheless for excessive perspiration.

However, Gore-Tex jackets can be waterproofed by applying a Durable Water Repellent of DWR to Gore-Tex jackets.

This treatment, usually a spray, will guarantee that the fabric repels water causing it to bead and roll off. While most Gore-Tex jackets will be machine washable, you will want to apply a fresh coat of DWR as it will wash off in the washing cycle.

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If you want the best in breathable waterproof protection on the job, you can’t go wrong when choosing a Gore-Tex work jacket.

These jackets will run a bit higher than other rain gear apparel, however, the breathability is unrivaled.

We hope this article will inspire you to consider a Gore-Tex work jacket for the ultimate in weather and wind protection.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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