6 Best Flannel Work Shirts

While the flannel shirt may seem to have been around forever, there is a reason for this. It is a comfortable, heavy-duty, good-looking piece of clothing that is especially appealing to the physically active working man.

Precisely because of these characteristics, the classic flannel shirt has become an icon and retains its functionality more than ever.

Best Flannel Work Shirts

When we began searching for the best flannel shirts for work, it was crucial not to concentrate on one specific aspect. The flannel shirt is fundamental for keeping workers warm on the job, but today it’s not only warmth but overall functionality that’s important.

Choosing a great flannel work shirt with so many available on the market has been incredibly challenging. Read further to find our favorite picks.

Work ShirtMaterialPocketsClosureSizesMachine Washable
Legendary Whitetails Flannel Buck Camp100% cottonOne chest pocket with button closureButtonsSmall to 5X Large BigCold water wash
Goodthreads Slim-Fit Herringbone Plaid Flannel100% cottonTwo button-through closure chest pocketsButtonsX-Small to 3X Large TallYes
Weatherproof Vintage Flannel100% weatherproof cottonOne button-through chest pocketButtonsSmall to XXLYes
Wrangler Authentics Fleece Long-sleeve Flannel100% double-sided brushed polyesterTwo chest pockets with button closuresButtonsSmall to 3XYes
Dickies Flex Flannel Long-sleeve99% cotton with 1% spandex brushed fabric2 chest pockets with pencil divisionButtonsSmall to 4XLYes
G. H. Bass & Co. Fireside Long-sleeve Flannel100% preshrunk brushed cottonOne chest pocket with button-through closureButtonsSmall to XXLYes

The Reviews

Best Overall Cotton Flannel Work Shirt

1.) Legendary Whitetails Flannel Buck Camp Work Shirt

This is a top-quality authentic flannel work shirt. Manufacturer Legendary Whitetails make their shirts last.

It is available in approximately twenty different colors and designs, so you’ll look great on the job, but these shirts are also ideal for hunting, hiking, camping, or spending an afternoon outdoors.

Made in 100% cotton flannel it features stylish cuffs and a lined collar in contrasting corduroy. 

Designed for durability, they come with a pocket on the left chest with a slot for a pencil and a button for closing. The shirt has button closures. It can be washed in a washing machine.


      • 100% cotton
      • Contrasting cuffs and lined collar
      • Durable
      • pocket with pencil slot and button for closure
      • Relaxed fit
      • Sized S-5XL Big


      • Some shrinkage reported after washing
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Best Slim-Fit Flannel Work Shirt

2.) Goodthreads Slim-Fit Herringbone Plaid Flannel Work Shirt

Another very good quality flannel shirt that is durable. This shirt looks great on. It is manufactured in 100% cotton and is machine washable.

The timeless classic style features a rounded hem and fits close to your body making it ideal for a slim fit silhouette.

Produced in exceptionally soft herringbone fabric, it comes with button closures and a single button cuff closure. This is an Amazon brand and is imported. 


      • 100% cotton
      • Machine washable
      • Rounded hem
      • Button closures
      • True to size fit
      • Available in 11 colors and patterns
      • Sized XS through 3XL


      • Heavy fabric
      • Very warm I not in an exceptionally cold climate
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Best Weatherproof Flannel Work Shirt

3.) Weatherproof Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

Weatherproof Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

The Weatherproof Vintage flannel work shirt brings the same handsome look as a century ago.

Large plaid designs are attractive and include cool colors that look great with jeans or even a nice sporty jacket. 

But the great thing about these shirts is the waterproof technology used in their production. This feature definitely distinguishes them from others. 


      • Button collar
      • Weatherproof
      • Double buttons on cuffs
      • Inside locker loop
      • Full-length button placket
      • Front pocket on the left chest
      • Machine washable
      • Sized small through XXL


      • Expensive

Best Polyester Flannel Work Shirt

4.) Wrangler Authentics Fleece Long-sleeve Flannel Work Shirt

Wrangler boasts an excellent century-old reputation when it comes to clothing, and this flannel shirt is no exception.

This polyester flannel work shirt is a top quality product, and the cost is very budget-friendly.

The flannel fleece is produced with comfort in mind. The fabric is brushed on both sides providing softness and warmth. 


      • 100% polyester
      • Soft and comfortable
      • Two chest pockets
      • 12 color options
      • Button closure
      • Machine washable
      • Sized from Small through 3X
      • Affordable 


      • Not heavyweight fabric
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Best Flex Flannel Shirt

5.) Dickies Flex Flannel Long-sleeve Work Shirt

Dickies is a well-known reputable brand when it comes to workwear, so this shirt comes with a workwear pedigree so to say. It’s tough and heavy-duty but has a certain style as well.

Made in 99% cotton and 1% spandex it has the perfect tiny amount of stretch. The shirt front has two front pockets with button closures, and you can choose among eight colors. 


      • 99% cotton with 1% spandex brushed fabric
      • Button closures
      • 8 color options
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Machine washable
      • 2 pockets feature pencil division
      • Sizes small through 4 XL


      • Sizes run large
      • Some shrinkage after washing
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Best Budget-Friendly Flannel Shirt

6.) H. Bass & Co. Fireside Long-sleeve Flannel Work Shirt

If you love flannel shirts, this shirt comes in an array of colors at a budget-friendly price. Classically styled, it’ll look great at work or during outdoor activities.

The 100% cotton is brushed and soft and keeps you warm. Available in two dozen options between plaids and solid colors, it is machine washable.

The shirt comes with a chest pocket that uses a button-through type of closure. This shirt is also preshrunk, so you won’t need to worry about shrinkage after washing it.


      • 100% brushed cotton
      • Affordable
      • Two dozen colors and designs to choose among
      • Button chest pocket
      • Preshrunk
      • Buttoned collar
      • Machine washable
      • Sizes from small through XXL


      • Sizes may run small
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What Is Flannel?

A centuries-old material, it originally was produced from worsted yarn or carded wool for working-class men such as lumberjacks or those tradesmen working outdoors.

In the 16th century, Wales flannel is said to have made its appearance being produced in wool for the cold climate. Flannel was also used successively for blankets, bedding, pajamas, and nightgowns or nightshirts.

Flannel today is produced from cotton, synthetics, or wool. Flannel shirts traditionally have a plaid pattern in the material used, however, today, they can be found in solid colors or stripes and perhaps even in patterns. 

In fact, flannel should not be confused with the plaid design but refers to the soft type of fabric. Most flannel material will be brushed, but some unbrushed flannel can be found.

Factors to Consider while Buying Flannel Work Shirts

1.) Brand

While there will be some valid knockoffs or imitations, well-known brands offer some guarantees. Some important brands have a reputation for producing quality clothing and have done so for years.

Good dependable brands will allow you to get the most out of your investment thanks to the durability and the overall comfort when wearing the shirt.

Some manufacturers even specialize in specifically making flannel shirts and their quality control will be top-notch. The best brand shirts will last and still look good over time.

2.) Comfort

When purchasing shirts for work, you need to consider that you will be wearing your shirt all day long and will need to be comfortable whether you do physical labor or not.

It will be especially true if you wear flannel shirts for other physical and sporting activities such as hunting, hiking, camping, or anything else. You want an attractive look that affords you comfort.

3.) Cost

Your budget will also influence your choice. A few flannel shirts will be more expensive, but the style and overall quality of the material and shirt construction may be worth the investment.

However, consider more affordable shirts as well, those that will allow you to purchase a number of them for your workweek needs.

4.) Material

The material used when constructing a shirt is also crucial to its success. Durability and comfort are the most important features when considering the material.

It’s important that the shirt be soft and comfortable after every wash, and we specifically looked for material that was easily laundered in the washing machine and that saves time when ironing.

Ideally, no-iron shirts or those that require just a quick pass with an iron will save you time that you can dedicate elsewhere. Avoid stiff materials that feel like you are dressed in cardboard.

5.) Warmth

Flannel shirts are part of autumn and winter wear, so warmth is a necessary characteristic. Lightweight yet warm are among the best qualities you can look for.

The shirt should provide a minimum amount of warmth whether you wear it with a jacket or sweater or not and will contribute to overall warmth when layering clothing for the outdoors.

6.) Weight

You don’t want a bulky shirt or cumbersome. A lightweight shirt is ideal because it will not impede your movements or make you look awkward.

Comfort is not being weighed down during work. The only exception will be if your personal taste prefers the feel of a heavier shirt.

Instore Purchasing vs. Online Purchasing

Thanks to the convenience of shopping on the internet, many workers now prefer to buy workwear online.

You can save quite a bit of time and even some money shopping online as opposed to spending endless hours in stores.

But one of the disadvantages of online shopping is if the product that arrives is not what you assumed you were purchasing.

The advantages of in-store shirt shopping include you know exactly what you are buying and being to try on the shirt to get the precise sizing.

If you choose to buy online, make sure to research the site. A good option is to purchase from one of the manufacturers’ online stores, as most well-known brands will have their own online sites, or they will sell their products in major reputable clothing and department stores.

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Today’s flannel shirts are more stylish than ever, and they are functional, warm, and easy to launder and care for.

Available in a large selection of material types and fabric thicknesses, they also come in a lots of patterns, color combinations, solid colors, and designs.

You can buy 7 shirts, one for each day of the week, and still sport a new look with every shirt change.

Regardless of your motivation for including flannel shirts in your wardrobe, the rugged style is attractive, nonetheless.

For working men, especially those that spend a good part of the workday outdoors, there are few choices better than the basic flannel work shirt to keep you comfortable and warm while on the job.



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