10 Best Work Shirts for Women (Button Down and T-shirts)

Best Work Shirts for WomenA fundamental part of every professional woman’s wardrobe, the work shirt is a great everyday option that works well regardless of your profession.

A good basic work shirt can readily be paired with a pair of tapered slacks or an A-line or pencil skirt for a clean, elegant style that is appropriate for work. Add a nice blazer or jacket and a scarf and you’ve got a chic professional look.

A work shirt also works well for more casual or informal work settings. It can also be paired with a simple pair of jeans. And should you have a more casual appointment after work hours, a simple work shirt will be a nice choice for just about any type of after-work activity.

Top Women Work Shirt Comparison Table

Women ShirtsMaterialSleevesSizingExtras
Hane’s Nano T-shirt100% cottonShortSmall to 3XLargeLots of colors
Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Boatneck58% cotton, 39% Modal, 3% Elastane¾ length sleevesXSmall to XXLargeNon-fading
J. Crew’s Vintage Cotton V-Neck CottonShortXXXSmall through 3XLarge2 color options
Frame Le Mid Rise Muscle Prima CottonSmall CapXSmall to XLargeBanded crew neck
Uniqlo Ribbed Cotton 96% cotton, 4% spandexLongXXSmall to XXLargeBudget buy
Amazon Essentials100% cottonLongXSmall to XXLargeMany colors and prints
Calvin Klein Sleeveless 100% cottonNonesizes 2 through 16Spread lapel, wrinkle-free cotton
Dickies Stretch Poplin 65% cotton, 33% polyester, 2% spandexShortSmall to XLargeRolled cuffs, Hidden, Button-down collar
LilySilk Silk SilkLongXSmall to XXLargeBow Tie, hidden buttons
CAMIXA Women’s 100% Linen LinenLongXSmall to XXLargeFrench seam

Today’s market offers so many classic fashionable options in a multitude of fabrics. You can find work shirts such as the oversized shirt or a slim-fitted shirt.

Shirts with original designs or prints, and manufactured in materials that include polyester, cotton, silk, and various combinations are all available both in-store and online.

Then there’s the style to consider. Do you need basic t-shirts, a classic button-down, or the season’s new fashion entry? Let’s take a look at what you’ll want to consider and what the market has to offer.

Selecting the best work shirt for your job means you’ll wear it during your entire work shift.

The Basic T-shirt for Every Wardrobe

Let’s consider the humble t-shirt. you really can never have too many. In the summer t-shirts will help you survive the heat while in the spring and fall, your wardrobe won’t be complete without the perfect t-shirt to wear under blazers, jackets, and sweaters.

And tees come in many versions from boatneck to crew to a V-neck. We’ve researched hundreds of women’s t-shirts to help you choose this clothing staple must for your work wardrobe.

Best Basic Tee

1. Hane’s Nano T-shirt for Women

This is your classic 100% cotton t-shirt for women. It is super comfortable and can be anything from cute to professional depending on what you pair it with. It is machine washable and preshrunk.

Hanes offers it in a whopping twenty-four colors and it’s a great buy for your budget. It also feels soft on your skin for ladies with sensitivity issues. This perfect plain t-shirt is a must for every work wardrobe.


      • Budget buy
      • Lots of Colors
      • 100% cotton
      • Soft


      • Thin material
      • Sizing issues
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Best Boatneck Tee

2. Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Boatneck T-Shirt

This affordable solid-colored T comes in a variety of colors. It features 3/4 length sleeves in a cotton-modal-elastane fabric combination with 58% cotton, 39% modal, and 3% elastane.

This T is machine washable and is available in sizes XSmall to XXLarge. Customer feedback gives a thumbs up to this basic work shirt.


      • Lightweight but not sheer
      • Great fit
      • Non-fading
      • Can be paired with everything in your wardrobe


      • Tends to run small
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Best V-Neck Tee

3. Crew’s Vintage Cotton V-Neck T-shirt


This T-shirt offers a relaxed fit in pleasant lightweight cotton that gives this classic V-neck tee a modern update. It features a great fit and lots of comfort throughout your work day.

Being lightweight, it’s very appropriate for summer and warmer climates but is perfect for layering during cooler seasons or evening wear.

J. Crew offers it in at least a dozen colors and in sizes from XXXSmall through 3XLarge. While a bit more expensive than other tees, it won’t break the bank.


      • Cotton
      • Machine washable
      • Color and Sizing options


      • Not many darker color options

Best Sleeveless Tee

4. Frame Le Mid-Rise Muscle Tee Shirt

If you have great arms, why not show them off on the job? This is a lightweight sleeveless tee that affords breathability with slight cap sleeves and a banded crew neck.

With a true-to-size fit, it is available in white, black, and olive in prima cotton. While more expensive, it offers comfort while on the job. Available at Bloomingdale’s.


      • True to size fit
      • Banded crewneck
      • Machine washable
      • Prima cotton


      • Quite Expensive

Best Long Sleeve Tee

5. Uniqlo Ribbed Cotton Long Sleeve Tee-shirt

Uniqlo Ribbed Cotton Long Sleeve Tee-shirt

Made in somewhat thicker cotton, it is opaque enough that it can be worn alone or with a jacket or sweater.

This is a basic long sleeve tee that is very affordably priced and offers a certain amount of warmth for cooler days and evenings.

Usually available in black, white, and navy, it is often out of stock due to its popularity, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Uniqlo website for when it’s available. Sizes run from XXS to XXL.


      • Low-nap cotton
      • Opaque 
      • Crew neck design


      • Sells out very quickly

The Button-Down Work Shirt

The button-down work shirt is a workplace fashion staple that will allow you to easily transition from your work to after-hour appointments and a myriad of activities.

The first thing to consider is where you intend to wear yours. Will it be in an office or board room, or in an industrial, commercial, or agricultural type setting?

This will make a difference in where you choose your best button-down shirt and how much you pay for it.

Are you looking for a more fitted tailored shirt for under a blazer, vest, or your favorite cardigan or a boxy, oversized shirt to pair with your favorite jeans? Check out the guide on best denim shirts.

The price will depend a great deal on where you shop even though you don’t need to empty your wallet to find a nice quality shirt.

Often the choice will come down to your preference in a fabric such as silk, cotton, linen, synthetic, or a blend.

The one thing all these shirts will have in common is that they have buttons. After that, almost anything goes. Undoubtedly, you’ll want at least one white button-down shirt for your closet.

Best Basic Button-Down Work Shirt

6. Amazon Essentials Long-sleeve Button-Down Work Shirt

This affordable button-down shirt deserves a place in every working woman’s closet. It is made from cotton poplin and features long sleeves, cuffs that button, a chest pocket, and a shirttail style hem.

It can be worn in just about any weather all year long and looks great alone, under a vest, or even with a skirt.

Available in sizes XSmall to XXLarge, it comes in 11 different colored designs including versions of striped, gingham, floral, or dotted.


      • Very affordable
      • 100% cotton
      • Machine wash
      • Single chest pocket


      • Sizing issues
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Best Sleeveless Button-down Shirt

7. Calvin Klein Sleeveless Button-Down Shirt

Calvin Klein is a brand well known for its refined aesthetic. This sleeveless button-down shirt brings a vest to mind but with a lovely spread lapel to add a touch of class when worn with your favorite button-down sweater.

It is manufactured in wrinkle-free cotton which makes it ideal when traveling for your job. Although the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning, feedback suggests that some shoppers have machine washed with success. Available in sizes 2 through 16, it comes in white, blue, and pink.


      • 100% cotton
      • Wrinkle-free
      • True to size
      • Wide lapel


      • Dry cleaning suggested
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Best Short sleeve Button-Down Shirt

8. Dickies Stretch Poplin Short Sleeve Shirt

A Short-sleeve button-down is another must for any working woman’s wardrobe since it can be worn in so many different ways whether under a jacket or over a tank top.

This shirt features rolled cuffs that are tacked so no unrolling! It also has darts at the bustline for a better fit and a nice pleat in the back giving you some room for movement.

Available in sizes Small to XLarge, it is manufactured in 65% cotton,33% polyester, and 2% spandex. Machine washable, it boasts a hidden button-down collar. Colors include white, black, and rose.


      • Affordable
      • Machine washable
      • bust darts for improved fit
      • High low hem


      • Thin fabric
      • Wrinkle prone
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Best Button-down Bow Tie Work Shirt

9. LilySilk Silk Button Down Blouse with Bow Tie

This is a beautiful silk button-down blouse that features a bow tie. Constructed in pure silk charmeuse, it boasts luxurious breathability with hidden buttons adding to its allure.

If you have a board meeting, an appointment with an important client, a presentation, press conference, or an elegant lunch, dinner, or aperitif for business purposes, this is the blouse for you.

The bow tie can be styled and tied in numerous ways to offer you various styling choices. If your wallet can afford it, this is a great investment. Sizes are available from XSmall through XXLarge and it comes in eleven color options.


      • 100% silk
      • Elegant chic style
      • Lightweight
      • No wrinkle


      • Expensive
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Best Linen Button-Down Shirt

10. CAMIXA Women’s 100% Linen Button Down Long Sleeve Work Shirt

If you’re a friend of the environment, you may want to invest in a linen button-down shirt made in linen. Linen is made from flax which has a low impact on our surroundings.

Linen is perfect for the summer of warmer climates as it leaves you feeling fresh in spite of the heat. This Camixa shirt comes in sizes XSmall to XXLarge with a relaxed loose fit. 

It features two front pockets and mother of pearl buttons in thirty different colors.


      • 100% linen
      • Prewashed
      • French seam
      • Shirt Care Guide included


      • Sizing issues
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Things to Consider when Choosing Work Shirt for Women

Does the shirt fit you well?

Nothing is more important than the fit and not all sizing is the same for every brand. Check measurements if at all possible. 

Is the shirt comfortable for an entire work shift?

You don’t want a shirt so tight that you are uncomfortable. You’ll want a certain amount of breathability for perspiration to remain as dry and comfortable as possible in hot weather. In a cooler climate, you’ll want a work shirt that provides warmth.

What materials are used to make the shirt?

Manufacturers use a multitude of materials or combinations of materials when producing shirts. The choice of material will also influence the cost of the shirt.

Shirts will be made of cotton, polyester, linen, silk, lycra, or of some combination of these or other synthetics. 

Higher quality material will have the shirt to last for years. A low-quality material may not last more than a few wash cycles.

Should you opt not to wear an undershirt, camisole, or slip, you will want a material that is soft rather than irritating to the skin. The use of low or high-quality materials will influence cost, durability, and comfort.

What Can I Afford?

In today’s economic climate, budget is a major concern when purchasing work attire. It is not a good long-term investment to buy a work shirt simply because it is cheap, and there is no point in running up credit card debt that you can’t afford. Consider the cost/quality ratio to get your money’s worth.

Finally, you may want a shirt that is easily laundered and machine washable allowing you to drop them into your washing machine after work. Check out indications from the manufacturer before purchasing. 

How many work shirts do I need for my profession?

This depends entirely on how often you wear shirts as opposed to sweaters or dresses. A week’s supply is always convenient.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your profession, one or several of these shirts, or similarly styled work shirts should find there way into your closet.

We hope this article will help you find the best work shirt for women for a permanent place in your professional wardrobe.

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