4 Best Hard Hats for Small Heads

So, you need a hard hat for work, but you have a smaller-sized head and perhaps the hard hat your employer gives sits just a little too big for you to feel protected.

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few professionals out there that would like a hard hat for a smaller head or one that is adjustable enough to feel completely protected while on the job.

Because most hard hats do not come in small, medium, large, or extra-large, this may not be as easy as it might seem. Most hard hats are manufactured in one size even if they offer variations in style, material, and size.


A typical answer to this difficulty is to adjust the chin strap on the hard hat. But perhaps this isn’t the answer in every case when it comes to impact protection.

We went to work to research hard hat protection specifically with a small head size in mind. With all things considered.

Our top choice fell to the MSA V-Gard 475370 Full Brim Hard Hat. This is because it offers three different suspension systems to help you find the best-customized fit possible. Considering that hard hats do not come in various sizes, suspension systems are the alternative.

Here’s what we know about hard hat protection and what we discovered during our search. 

Hard HatMaterialSuspensionSafetyAdjustment system
MSA V-Gard 475370 Full BrimHigh-density polyethyleneFas-Trac III Ratchet suspension, 4-point Fas-Trac III Ratchet suspension, Staz-On Pinlock SuspensionType I, Class ERatchet knob or Pinlock
Honeywell Thermoplastic Full Brim Super Eight Fibre-Metal ThermoplasticEight-pointType I, Class ERatchet knob
Evolution Deluxe 280-EV6161-10V 6161 High-density polyethyleneSix-pointType I, Class C3D suspension adjustment with depth settings
Pyramex Full Brim Ridgeline 4-Point ABSFour-pointType I, Class E, C, and GRatchet

The Reviews

Best Overall Hard Hat for Small Heads

1.) MSA V-Gard 475370 Full Brim Hard Hat

The characteristic that automatically stands out about this hard hat, is that it offers three choices of suspension systems, meaning that even smaller heads should be able to find the correct fit.

MSA’s V-Gard hats are manufactured in polyethylene that is high-density for exceptional high-impact protection.

It is designed with a number of slots to permit the addition of important accessories like liners, sunshades, lamps, or whatever you need while on the job. It also is produced in an ample selection of colors and can be fitted with over 27 reflective strips.

Classified as a Type I, Class E hard hat, it offers lots of protection from electrical hazards. We really like the choice of suspension systems.

This hard hat can be fitted with a Fas-Trac III Ratchet suspension, a 4-point Fas-Trac III Ratchet suspension, or a Staz-On Pinlock Suspension. The Fas-Trac suspension system is an improved ratchet mechanism.

When combined with rear lug attachments, and three levels of adjustment for the nape strap, you can achieve a customized fit and a comfort pad has a contoured design to fit against the back of the head. The nape strap is impressive in customizing fit.


      • Good protection in tough environments
      • Nape strap allows three levels of adjustment
      • Suspension is Fas-Trac III 
      • Type I, Class E ANSI rated
      • Durable high-density polyethylene
      • Available in both cap and full brim versions
      • Good Color Selection available
      • Super budget-friendly


      • Headband quality could be improved
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Best 8-point Suspension Hard Hat for Small Heads

2.) Honeywell Thermoplastic Full Brim Super Eight Fibre-Metal Hard Hat

With an attractively designed full brim to protect you from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays, this thermoplastic full brim hard hat resists both heat and scratches. The super-smooth hat crown will deflect tools and falling debris.

The eight-point suspension system offers maximum dissipation of impact force as well as giving an incredibly customized fit for just about any head size, ensuring it to be snug, yet comfortable for long days at work.

The suspension system can be easily adjusted with a handy knob to accommodate even smaller head sizes. 

This hard hat is available in multiple colors with some that are fade-proof, and several are high visibility colors. Some high visibility colors even feature reflective tape details. 


      • Thermoplastic material
      • Resists heat and scratches
      • Smooth crown deflects impact force
      • ANSI-certified Type 1, Class E 
      • Eight-point suspension mechanism
      • Customized fit
      • Many colors including high visibility tints
      • Lightweight and comfortable
      • Affordable


      • No height adjustment possible
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Best 6-point Suspension Hard Hat for Small Heads

3.) Evolution Deluxe 280-EV6161-10V 6161 Hard Hat

Produced in polyethylene plastic that is high-density HDPE, the outer shell of this hard hat offers lots of impact protection in any work environment. 

Thanks to a versatile design with a full brim and vents, it is one of the most breathable hard hats on the market making it a great choice for warmer climates and hot temperatures. It will protect you from falling debris, sun, heat, rain, and glare.

The suspension system is produced in polyester featuring six load points for a combination of safety and comfort.

What really makes this hard hat noteworthy is the 3D adjustment system that helps you to create a customized precision fit thanks to a harness featuring depth settings.

Available in several colors, it is rated type I, class C by ANSI standards. 


      • HDPE construction
      • 6-point suspension system in comfortable polyester
      • Unique 3D suspension adjustment with depth settings
      • Vents for air circulation
      • Type I, Class C ANSI rated
      • Several color choices


      • Sweatband is very thin
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Best 4-point Suspension Hard Hat for Small Heads

4.) Pyramex Full Brim Ridgeline 4-Point Hard Hat 

Manufactured in lightweight ABS, this full brim hard hat features an easily adjustable ratchet suspension system with four points that can be adjusted directly during wear.

This, together with a soft brow pad that can be replaced when necessary, makes for an exceptionally comfortable hard hat for long workdays. It can weather and offer protection from extreme temperatures including minus 22° Fahrenheit below 0° and 140°F.

The four-point suspension can be converted to a six-point suspension system if desired. The Pyramex is certified as Type I, Class E, C, and G ANSI for optimal protection including electrical protection. Designed with a low profile, it offers a great fit that is completely customizable.

The four-point system can be adjusted upward, downward, forward, and backward, for the best possible fit regardless of head size. The rear suspension is padded for extra comfort.


      • ABS material
      • Lightweight
      • Customizable fit
      • Four-point ratchet system can be converted to a six-point system
      • Comfortable


      • Hard hat surface prone to scratching
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When you are concerned about sizes, it’s important to understand suspension mechanisms. Just about every hard hat on the market comes equipped with some type of suspension, and it is actually the suspension that fits or rests on your head.

Suspension is a kind of head harness or headband that keeps the hat securely on top of your head so that it doesn’t fall off if nudged or because of your movement during work.

The Suspension System Function

An important thing that suspension does is prevent the hard hat from resting directly on your head… it “suspends” the protection of the hard hat just above your head. In this manner, if you get hit by falling debris or tools, your hat takes the brunt of the impact and not your head.

Thanks to a number of suspension points, that will vary from hat to hat, the weight, and force of the impact are evenly distributed to these points absorbing the shock, so your head won’t. This concept is very similar to what shock absorbers do on motorcycles or automobiles.

Most may think that the suspension system’s function is to guarantee good fit and comfort. They assume that the hard outer plastic hat shell protects the head. In reality, the suspension system is designed to stretch and absorb the impact shock from a head blow. 

The hard shell of the hat will deflect the blow, but the strength of the blow will be dispersed along the suspension system inside the hard hat.

Because a suspension system will prevent the hat’s hardshell from touching or being in contact with the wearer’s head, the skull will not absorb the blow directly. Instead, the hard hat and suspension system will absorb the blow.

Suspension System Material

Usually, suspension bands will be manufactured in a soft, flexible but durable material such as nylon or polyester. These materials offer resistance and flexibility at the same time.

A suspension system must guarantee that the hard hat does not touch your head and that there is space in between. This space will usually measure from approximately 30 mm. to 1.2 inches.

Some helmets are designed to host extra polystyrene foam cushioning that is positioned between the suspension bands and the inside of the hard hat. 

What’s the Best Suspension for a Hard Hat?

For a hard hat to be effective in protecting your head, the suspension needs to fit properly. It cannot be too tight, and most certainly cannot be loose. The hat’s capacity to absorb shock through the suspension system depends on a correct fit.

There are several types of suspension systems to enable hard hats to fit just about any head size. As hard hats do not come in small, medium, or large, suspension systems must be adjustable to accommodate all head sizes. Consider that the standard suspension system for adult hard hats will be adjustable from 6.5inches to 8 inches.

For optimal protection, an important factor when selecting a hard hat suspension system is the number of suspension points included in the system. Systems may feature four, six, or eight points and occasionally you may find a hat that perhaps uses an odd number.

This number of points included in the system indicates the connections established between the suspension system and the outer hard shell.

So, four, six, or eight straps will be allocated in a pattern on the inside of the hard hat. The nylon or polyester straps are attached securely with heavy-duty stitching where they cross over each other. 

Another method used in suspension system design for strap connections is a circular crown pad or crown cushion that rests on the top of the head.

Suspension straps are threaded through the inside of the crown pad with the objective being that the more suspension points included the more the blow force will be dissipated.

The suspension system you select will depend on personal taste and it must guarantee a good fit for your size of head. Suspension system types to choose among include:

1.) Ratchet suspension system This is one of the most commonly used suspension systems. You adjust the hard hat’s fit by turning a knob. Often knobs or dials are oversized so that they can be operated with safety gloves on.

2.) Pin-lock suspension With this style, you need to remove the hard hat and adjust a pin into the proper hole to adjust the fit of your hard hat.

3.) Touch suspension Also referred to as a One-Touch suspension, you can adjust the hat fit by squeezing and sliding the suspension. The name “one-touch” comes from the fact that you can adjust the fit with only one hand.

4.) Swing ratchet – These suspensions incorporate a reversible ratchet for fit adjustment.

In consideration of the fact that the suspension system will guarantee fit, we looked for the best hard hats for small heads that offer impressive suspension systems.


A hard hat should be on your list of priorities when it comes to your own safety. This means acquiring a top-quality helmet that offers you a good comfortable fit.

Although hard hats do not come in sizes, they do use suspension systems to offer customized fits, so even if you have a small-sized head, you can find a hard hat that will offer you that comfortable snug fit that will guarantee your safety in the workplace.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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