Hearing Protection

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) any sound above 65 decibels (dB) is considered to be noise pollution. And workplaces like construction sites, iron industries or any industry using heavy machinery produces sound that are above 75 decibels (dB), which is extremely disturbing to the human ears. Therefore, wearing hearing protection becomes must as it helps to concentrate better in work by cancelling surrounding noises, makes you feel less fatigued and also saves your ear from getting impaired. With the advancement of technology, ear cuffs now have many features to choose from which hardens your task of finding the best hearing protection for your ears. Our experts have tested various headsets, headphones, ear plugs, ear cuffs and have come up with the best hearing protectionby category… for you!

Will Headphones Make You Bald?
When you wear such a headphone that fits extremely tight to your head, the rubber cushioning can heat up that certain area of the head and cause sweating, which is one of the causes of hair loss.
5 Best Hearing Protection for Woodworking
We invited a group of seasoned professionals to discuss with us their views on hearing protection and test several products while on the job to help us select the best ones for your consideration.
5 Best Ear Protection for Blacksmithing
We got in touch with a number of professional blacksmiths and professionals who work daily with metals, to listen to their specific needs and ideas about hearing protection while on the job. 
5 Best Ear Protectors for Airport Workers
If you are an airport worker, regardless of your qualification, you deal with noise and a lot of it. Ear protectors are specifically designed to protect professionals from any type of extreme noise.
5 Best Ear Protector for Factory Work
We asked a group of industrial factory workers to test ear protectors for a week while at work. We discussed noise reduction, comfort and cost with them at the end of the week.
8 Best Ear Protection for High-Frequency Noise
Earplugs probably offer the best protection however earmuffs and headbands also work fine since this type of noise isn’t particularly loud. All of these ear defenders will protect against high-frequency noise.
5 Best Hearing Protection Earmuffs for Lawn Mowing
We asked several lawncare maintenance professionals to test ear protectors for us and we came up with a list of great options for your consideration.
Best Hearing Protection for Chainsaw Use
When working with a large professional chainsaw, you will need the maximum noise attenuation possible, and these protectors offer among the highest NRRs on the market.
Best Hearing Protection with a Hard Hat (Earmuffs and Earplugs)
If you need a hard hat, it goes without saying that you also probably need hearing protection! Check out the right ear protectors with hard hat.
Best Ear Protection Radio Headset for Work
We compiled a selection of radio headsets that also guarantee hearing protection and asked a group of professional tradesmen to try them out for us while at work. Check out the results!
Best Ear Protection for Construction Worker
We decided to research the best ear defenders for construction professionals. Several crews of veteran construction pros tested our selection of ear protectors for ten days directly on the job.
6 Best Hard Hat Earmuffs for Noise Cancellation
When choosing a pair of hard hat earmuffs, make sure you know the amount of risk you need protection for, and remember that you don’t want to overprotect yourself so that you can’t hear alarms or colleagues.