Hearing Protection

Best Hearing Protection with a Hard Hat (Earmuffs and Earplugs)
If you need a hard hat, it goes without saying that you also probably need hearing protection! Check out the right ear protectors with hard hat.
Best Ear Protection Radio Headset for Work
We compiled a selection of radio headsets that also guarantee hearing protection and asked a group of professional tradesmen to try them out for us while at work. Check out the results!
Best Ear Protection for Construction Worker
We decided to research the best ear defenders for construction professionals. Several crews of veteran construction pros tested our selection of ear protectors for ten days directly on the job.
6 Best Hard Hat Earmuffs for Noise Cancellation
When choosing a pair of hard hat earmuffs, make sure you know the amount of risk you need protection for, and remember that you don’t want to overprotect yourself so that you can’t hear alarms or colleagues.