How Should MOC Toe Boots Fit?

How Should MOC Toe Boots Fit

Do you know where from did the name MOC toe came from?

It got its name from the ‘U’ shaped stitching right on the toe box area that is inspired by the traditional moccasin. This particular shape of the toe box leaves enough space for your toes to move freely and to breathe. It is also suited for people who have wide toe area.

That said,

The MOC toe boots should fit snug to your feet, having ample amount of room in the toe box area, making sure that the toes do not get rubbed against the walls of the boots and they do not remain cramped inside the toe box. Your heel should rest exactly at the ball of the heels of the boots and the sides of your feet should not get pressed by the side walls of the boots.

Through the course of this article, you will come to know more about MOC toe boots from different brands and how do they should fit to your feet!

So, let’s begin the hunt…

Do MOC toe boots run big?

Whether MOC toe boots run big or small depends on the brand of the boot that you are buying. While Redwing MOC toe boots might give you too snug fit, Thorogood boots are somewhat true to their size while still offering some extra room in the toe box area.

That said, let us first understand what are MOC toe boots and what are they used for!

MOC toe boots are made with U shaped front area (the area around the toes of the boots). These toe box shape offers maximum space for your toes to wiggle comfortable without rubbing against the walls of the boots.

MOC toe boots were first made with the intention of protecting your toes from impacts. They were generally made for the construction workers, wood cutters, iron workers, etc. so that their toes would remain safe inside the wide toe box area!

Therefore, these boots do really some extra spaces in the toe box area for which you might feel the need of going just half a size down in them. 

Are Red Wing MOC toe true to size?

Red Wing MOC Toe boots are made with the last no. 23 since the year 1950 and there has been no significant change in the model since then.

These boots have roomy toe box area that allows extra space for your toes to wiggle. Therefore, Redwing suggests to buy their MOC toe boots half a size down than the size your sneakers. 

But there is one important thing to keep in mind and that is, while you are to buy the Redwing MOC Toe boots half a size down, while you plan to buy an extra insole for your boots, the insole should be the exact size of your sneakers!

Are Thorogood MOC Toe true to size?

Yes, Thorogood MOC Toe boots will perfectly fit true to their sizes! Therefore, there is absolutely no need to size up or down in these boots.

Go with the actual size of your sneakers without any doubt and the Thorogood boots will give you the most comfortable fit.

Are MOC toe boots comfortable?

MOC toe boots are very comfortable because of the ample amount of space they give to your feet to rest freely, move when needed and to breathe. Also, they are very lightweight and stylish too. 

In fact, MOC toe boots are so comfortable to wear that once you start wearing them, you will not feel like switching over to any other boot style. 

How should MOC toe boots fit?

While checking for the fitting of your MOC toe boots, consider the following points:

→ The toes should have enough room in the toe box area and they should not touch the end of the boots

→ The toes should not remain cramped inside the toe box

→ The toes should not feel pressurized from the sides of the boots

→ The boots should not be too loose to make your toes slip front and back while walking, thus hitting the ends of the boots and developing blisters

→ Your heel should not come out of the boots while walking

→ The sides of your feet also should not experience any pressure

All in all, the MOC toe boots should offer you a snug fit

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And it’s a wrap!

So, you see MOC toe boots from different brands offer different sizes and that is due to the specific model they are built with. Some models have extra space in them and some are just perfect for your feet.

But MOC toe boots in general offer a bit loose fit, and therefore you can go a size down or just pair the boots with some thick pairs of socks.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned for more exciting posts on work boots. Till then…

Stay fit and keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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