10 Tips To Keep Your Feet Warm in Cowboy Boots

We all love the cowboy boots for being timeless classics that can be worn throughout the year. But one question that undoubtedly strikes a new buyer of cowboy boots is: Are they really suitable for winters?

This is because cowboy boots are known for being used in summers, especially in dry mid-western states. So, if they can be used in winters, then how much cold can they really resist. Most importantly, can you keep your feet warm in Cowboy boots? If it’s possible, then how?

Well, let’s tackle all these issues one by one.

10 Effortless Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm in Cowboy Boots

When you are done choosing the perfect moisture-wicking and breathable socks and have finalized the decision for boots that are waterproof and provide good insulation as well, it’s time to move on effortlessly to some other hot tips that will definitely help you out when winter comes:

1.) Stirrups

Stirrups Cowboy Boots

Having better blood circulation is the key to keeping your feet warm. Therefore, when you’re riding a horse, it is better to drop the stirrups so that your ankles and feet get to move more and stimulate blood flow.

2.) Keep Your Toes Moving

Another trick to encourage your blood circulation is to keep your toes moving, just pressing to the bottom and releasing them after a while as you are working or riding. At the same time, walking faster and longer will also help for the same reason.

3.) Foot Warmers

Different versions of foot warmers are also available if you plan to spend a lot of your time working or walking outdoors. These are little warm sleeping bags made especially for your feet during winters.

4.) Thermal Insoles

You can also wear specialized thermal insoles to make your feet even cozier.

5.) Boot Cuffs

Boots Cuffs are another smart investment to add both style and warmth to your feet.

6.) Additional Fabrics

A very useful household method is to stuff your cowboy boots with additional cotton balls and fabrics, or even paper at times to keep them warm and insulated.

7.) Toe Warmers

Another essential product to make your feet feel warm and cozy is the toe warmer. It proves to be of great help even outdoors as it offers a natural and safe heating option for your feet.

8.) Waterproofing

Waterproofing is very important to prevent your sweat and moisture from making your feet cold. While buying waterproof boots is undoubtedly the best option, it isn’t the only choice you have.

With sock liners, you can prevent both sweat or moisture and discomfort as they are lightweight, soft, and waterproof.

9.) Gaiters


If you live in an area where it’s as windy as it is cold, you can also buy these thick and decent-looking fabrics to act as barriers to both the wind and snow and keep your feet warm.

10.) Cheap Alternatives

On the other hand, if you don’t care about appearances and just want to keep your feet warm, you can also go for cheaper and easily accessible alternatives such as duct tapes, plastic bags, and disposable shower caps to provide both waterproofing and insulation to your feet with an additional layer covering you.

Are Cowboy Boots Suitable for Winters?

Keeping our love for these classic boots aside, let’s take a moment to wonder, are cowboy boots really the best boots to wear in the winter season? After all, most cowboy boots are made of leather instead of rubber and are not properly insulated.

This is because, even historically, cowboy boots were worn in the mid-western and southern areas that are warmer than the rest of the country such as Arizona, Texas, and Kansas.

At the same time, cowboy boots are more durable, water-resistant, and have a rigid structure that makes them suitable for a variety of functions.

This makes it so that they keep you safe from both the scratches and cold weather even as you work at the barn or ride at the ranch.

Therefore, while cowboy boots are a complete fashion classic and somewhat compatible with the cold weather as well, there’s a limit to their functionality.

In areas with sub-zero temperatures, just wearing your favorite pair of cowboy boots isn’t going to be enough to protect you.

But don’t worry though! This article is meant to help you tackle exactly this minor inconvenience by giving you quick and effective tips to increase the compatibility between you and your cowboy boots.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Nobody wants to experience the discomfort and pain of having cold or frozen feet during the winter season.

It is better, therefore, to invest in high-quality water-resistant cowboy boots than to regret it later on. That way, not only can you save yourself from the discomfort but avoid health risks such as hypothermia!

Before learning some quick and effective tips to keep your feet warm in your classy pair of cowboy boots, let’s understand why our feet get cold in the first place:

1. Socks

Different socks are made from a variety of materials. Some are made of cotton, some are made of synthetic polymers, and some are made of wool blends.

Socks cowboy boots


• Wear socks made of materials that are moisture-wicking.

• Don’t compromise with the quality of the socks.

• Wear thermal socks and don’t hesitate to put on two if you’re living in a sub-zero temperature.

• When making choices for socks, go for the thicker and longer ones that cover your calves as well.

2. Boots

It isn’t just the socks that make all the impact. Choosing the right cowboy boots is equally as important to avoid discomfort and pain while keeping your feet warm. This needs four considerations:

• Your cowboy boots should have proper insulation to shield you from the cold. It should neither be defective nor insufficient.

• Your boots should be made of leather instead of rubber so that you sweat less and feel warmer.

• Make sure your boots aren’t so tight that they are stopping the blood circulation in your feet. To put it simply, give your toes enough space to wiggle around.

• When choosing cowboy boots for this winter season, choose the ones that have rubber soles instead of leather to avoid slipping on dry ice and slippery surfaces.

So, what we take away from the above four points is this: dry feet are warm feet and the quality of boots and socks is both important to have warmer and more comfortable feet.

Preparing Yourself For Winters

If you’re unwilling to purchase any additional products or want to fight cold the natural way, it’s not a problem as well. You can always toughen your body and apply some effective solutions to your lifestyle before the winters to make a huge impact.

1.) A Healthy Body: A healthy lifestyle with morning walks, daily exercise, and sufficient nutrition (especially a variety of vitamins, proteins, and minerals) works a long way to building a healthy body.

A healthy body is naturally more resistant to cold and keeps you warm but it requires a rigorous routine, self-discipline, and enduring habits.

2.) Self-care: Now since building a healthy body is a long and rigorous process, you can keep doing some sort of self-care routine on the side to prepare your feet for extreme temperatures.

This includes using a terry towel to dry your feet after a shower, immersing them alternatively in hot and cold water, and massaging them every night as you hit your bed. At the same time, you also apply warming creams to help with the process.

3.) Movement: It’s important for your feet to stay in motion regularly to ensure that your blood circulation remains optimum.

If you do not have an active lifestyle, you can do some rolling and shaking movements after your morning walks to change that. It will gradually create an impact without using much of your time.

Preparing Cowboy Boots for Winters

By now, you might have already begun making plans for the winter for yourself but do you know, that you can also prepare your cowboy shoes along with yourself?

It’s simple, convenient, and helps you avoid buying new shoes while keeping your feet warm and cozy. Here are a few effective techniques you can utilize to tune your cowboy shoes to the rhythm of the winter season:

1.) Submerging Them in Water: Before the cold weather approaches, submerging your cowboy boots in lukewarm water is a tried and tested method of customizing the boots to fit your feet like tailored clothes. Doing so loosens the fibers of the leather and as such your boots naturally fit you the best.

2.) Waterproofing: Even though most cowboy boots are already water resistant, this quality keeps on diminishing with time. But don’t worry, it is pretty easy to cast a protective waterproof film over them again yourself with materials such as shoe polish, conditioner, and beeswax.

If you don’t want to use these techniques frequently, you can buy cowboy boots such as workshops or ramblers, which are known to be more rigid, water-resistant, and durable already since they are meant to serve the workers.

3.) Drying your Boots: Since we already know that dry boots are the best to keep your feet warm, it is important to avoid getting their insides wet.

However, you can’t just ask the snow or rain to move aside right? So, if your boots end up getting wet, it’s important to have a boot dryer or a hair dryer handy to dry them up quickly.


Cowboy boots are as bold and tough as the real cowboys of western classics. Their rigid structure and leather body already make them durable and water resistant, which is enough to last the cold weather as long as you’re not living in an area with sub-zero or extremely low temperatures.

Even in those extreme cases though, as long as you prepare yourself and your boots while adding another few layers for waterproofing and insulation, they are enough to last for a long time, especially if you wear good-quality thermal socks as well.

At the same time, you need to keep your toes moving and keep your movement flowing so that the blood circulation around your feet stays optimized.

Body heat thus generated is generally enough to last you through the cold. Just ensure that you move continuously and keep your feet and your boots dry.

Good luck for the winter season!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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