Red Wing Iron Ranger Vs Wolverine 1000 Mile: Which is your Best Shot?

The redwings have been seen rapidly used and adapted by people inculcating in the fashion industry and more. At the same time, Wolverine, dated back in 1883, has managed to maintain its craze in the world.

Red Wing Iron Ranger Vs Wolverine 1000 Mile

In Wolverine’s case, opposed to the current boot made up of an entire grain cowhide, Wolverine boots are oriented from soft leather, which is why my vote will forever and always go for Wolverine.

We will be comparing and discussing both the boots in a detailed manner to make it easy for you to decide what you should buy and what you should not buy. The categories mentioned below cover every possible aspect that you need to consider before conducting any purchase.

Features RedWing Iron Ranger Wolverine 1000 Mile
Material Leather Leather
Chemical Resistance No Yes
Comfortable Yes Yes
Durability Yes Yes
Grip Yes No
Shock Proof No Yes
Wster Resistance Yes Yes

A Bit Insight on Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Redwing iron ranger: The founder of Redwing iron ranger is Charles Beckman, and the exciting fact is that there is a boot under Redwing that is named after the founder himself. Their boots are made and sure to cover all the needs ranging from farmers, blacksmiths, and more. 

Till now, Redwing has developed over 200,000 pairs of boots each year. They have played their part in World War 1 by playing the primary company manufacturing footwear role for every American soldier who was out there back then. The redwing then continues to do the same even during World War 2 time. 

Wolverine 1000 mile: The founder of Wolverine is G.A. Krause. The Wolverine is famous for creating boots based on toughness, level of comfort, durability, and a tint of rich quality. The name of the 1000-mile boot has a reason, and the reason is that the boot provides 1000 miles of wear. 

They have played their part in World War 2 by working with the U.S navy, where they developed pigskin gloves. This later came to be known as the pigskin suede.

The products of Wolverine have always been handcrafted in Michigan, along with special attention to details. 

The boots are created from Horween leather. The tanning process is carried out in Chicago, where delicate leather lining with an innersole is placed so that the safety and comfort level of feet and ankles are ensured.    

Fitting and Sizing of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Redwing iron ranger fit: You can buy your usual size in a Redwing iron ranger. The red-wing iron ranger is comfortable enough. They might not be a contender than other comfortable boots in the market, but they are comfortable, in my view. There is a portion of stiff leather footbed in the boot that will compress and hence will mold to your foot. 

Wolverine 1000 mile fit: If you plan to buy Wolverine 1000 miles, you should buy a size smaller than what you usually wear. Besides that, the boots are separated into two unique widths d ‘EEE.’

So, if you have normal feet, you should go for buying ‘D,’ and if you have some extra-wide feet, then ‘EEE’ is your shot. Behind naming them ‘D’ or ‘EEE,’ there is a specific reason Es are for thrice more extra width. After D, the width is continued with a number such as ‘E,’ ‘EE,’ ‘EEE.’ 

Leather Care of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Redwing iron ranger care: The red wing iron ranger is somewhat oil-tanned, which justifies that it will stay good and durable for a long period. To take care of the Redwing iron ranger, you can use Red Wing mink oil. The only drawback of using this oil is that it will end up darkening the boots significantly.

You can start by pulling out the laces and then follow up by rubbing a bit with your fingers. After this, all that is left to do is wait for sometimes thirty minutes, and then you can use the Red Wing mink oil on it.  

Wolverine 1000 mile care: When it comes to caring for Wolverine 1000 miles, you can use some greasy leather cream to condition your boots. If you want some more assurance, you can directly jump to the video on YouTube, where the Vice President of Product Development will walk you through the process of how you should take the initiative to protect your boots.

How To Clean Boots | Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Care & Cleaning

To give a bit of insight, in the video, the VP directs the viewers to use a damp cloth to clean the leather and sole, and if there is some extra dirt, he guides them to brush it intently.

In the video, Wolverine also recommended the leather conditioner that they have of their own. They further discuss that the leather conditioner is made up of both mink oil and pine pitch. 

Some points to take care:

      • If you use Wolverine daily, make sure that you are cleaning them every two or three weeks.
      • If you are worried about water resistance, then you can go buying the leather dressing that Wolverine offers  

Soles of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Red Wing Iron Ranger: There is a nitrile cork outsole in the Red Wing Iron Ranger, exclusively designed as a form of non-slip outside. But it has been observed that in delicate situations such as sidewalk in the rain or any natural surfaces, they tend to more or less slip. 

But now all the Iron Rangers have Vibram mini-lug outsole, and it has been examined that they are much more capable. I have observed that these boots are not very much winter-friendly because walking with these boots in the snow is no piece of cake. 

Wolverine 1000 mile: Talking about soles, there are three layers in total which are leather sole, cork midsole, and that leather insole. Wolverine likes to keep it eye-catching, which is why they fail to create a top-notch quality sole and have to settle for an average size quality sole eventually.

To be more specific about the leather sole, they are not durable enough, which is why there will be dents and scratches sooner or later. But the silver lining is that there is a Vibram heel available that can help in combating these issues.  

Break-in of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Red Wing Iron Ranger: The leather in a Red Wing Iron Ranger is about two millimeters thick and which is why it will be weeks or even months before one finds it difficult or uncomfortable to wear the shoes. With years passing by, the leather in the boots started to soften up a bit. 

Wolverine 1000 mile: Like The Red Wing Iron Ranger, the Wolverine also has two millimeters in the respective leather, but the catch here is that even though with such thickness, they (Wolverine) tend to break much easier as compared to the Iron Ranger.

This is the reason why it is easy to use them as soon as one buys them. Considering that the boot is oriented from leather, it makes walking on the sole pretty much more comfortable than giving any uncomfortable feeling.

Value of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Red Wing Iron Ranger: The price of Red Wing Iron Ranger is somewhere around 320$ on Amazon as well in their official site. You will be happy to know that the boot’s price keeps on fluctuating around 300$ during the time of sale.  

Wolverine 1000 mile: In comparison to Red Wing Iron Ranger, Wolverine is quite expensive, and the reason may lie in its durability. To be even more specific, a pair of Wolverine will cost around 365$ on their official website.

If you are looking to buy them at a lower price, you can head on to Amazon and buy directly from there. If you are looking for a pair of boots that has to be from the most reputable tanneries in the USA, then the Wolverine has to be your best shot. In Amazon, you will get a pair of Wolverine at around 320$ to 360$

The durability of Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile

Redwing iron ranger:  Though the break-in of the leather footbed is something that is not appreciable, the boots are made so that they can last. If you are expecting them to last for years, you can expect some sessions to resolve them. 

Wolverine 1000 mile: The boots of Wolverine 1000 mile are very durable, and the surprising fact is that the longer you intend to wear, the better look you are giving them by shaping them.

In case of replacing their insoles, you can buy some from their official website. I love how the insoles are designed to provide a bit more comfort and prevent any shock. 

When to Wear Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile, Which One Should You Buy?

Redwing iron ranger

You can wear a red wing iron ranger for the following occasions:

Streetwear: It is a type of style where urban youth is involved. So, you can go for pants with a much wider silhouette in trend and follow up by pairing them with your boots. 

In denim: Go for a denim-on-denim look and pair it with Redwing iron ranger boots. I like how it gives a minimalistic biker look. You can opt for buying slim-fit jeans or even boot cut jeans, and you will be all ready to slay. 

At weddings: You can pair your two-piece suit with these boots, and the best part is that it matches the occasion. It is also preferable to wear during weddings around summertime, and you will effortlessly pull off the look. 

Wolverine 1000 mile

You can get Wolverine 1000 mile for the following occasion:

Formal: You can wear Wolverine 1000 miles for office work and manage to maintain formal wear. All you have to do is select your favorite pair from the range and wear it effortlessly.

Any color jeans: The best part of buying these boots is that you can wear these with jeans no matter what the color is. You can pull off the dark jeans look as you can pull off the faded blue color jeans with the Wolverine pair of boots. 

Among Red Wing Iron Ranger and Wolverine 1000 Mile, Which One Should You Buy?

Considering all the aspects and characteristics, we have decided that Wolverine 1000 Mile is our pick. The reason behind this is that along with some fine leather, sole, and care, they manage to go with almost every outfit, be it a gentle walk or some special occasion. Wolverine also offers comfort while walking or partying, or doing any other activities. 

The only thing that is not pleasing about the boots is that the leather sole is slippery. If you are looking for a pair of boots that has to be made in the USA, then your one-stop destination is Wolverine 1000 Mile. 

Sure, they have scratch issues but considering that the boots can be worn on multiple occasions, it is pretty much a decent buy. You can wear them and head overseas and, along with them, give an all-vibe aesthetic. Another reason for declaring Wolverine as the winner is because of their easy to resole feature. They look pretty much stylish and enhance as time passes. 

These are all the categories that were there to solve your equation of which boots you should buy. If you want something less than the price of Wolverine, you can always go for buying the Red Wing Iron Ranger because they too have some mind-blowing qualities that will make them worthy of buying. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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