6 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in Work Boots

We get lots of inquiries about work socks, believe it or not, we researched what the marketplace has to offer in the way of good socks for physical activity. 

We had our team of professionals test these socks for several weeks directly in the workplace to find the best socks for sweaty feet in a pair of work boots just for you.

Our team was really enthusiastic about our choice of the best Moisture-wicking work socks, the Darn Tough Coolmax® Work Boot Sock. These socks won everyone over because of their impressive ability to wick moisture away keeping feet dry all long.

A good value option for limited budgets is the Fruit of the Loom heavy-duty Cushioned Crew socks sold in six-packs.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Work SocksMaterial Moisture-wickingHeightMachine washable
Darn Tough Coolmax®39% Coolmax® polyester, 30% nylon, 28% acrylic, 3% Lycra SpandexYesBoot socksYes
Wrangler Riggs Over-the-Calf Sock80% cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandexNoOver-the-calfYes
Footloose® Compression90% nylon, 10% spandexQuick-drying propertiesKnee-highYes
Fox River Steel Toe Midcalf80% acrylic, 18% nylon, 2% spandexYesMid-calfYes
Carhartt Cold Weather Thermal70% acrylic, 8% polyester, 16% wool, 1% spandex, 5% nylonYesCrew sockYes
Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Cushioned76% cotton, 22% polyester, 1% lycra spandexYesCrew sockYes

Detailed Reviews of Sweaty Feet Socks

Best Moisture-wicking Socks for Sweaty Feet 

1. Darn Tough Coolmax®Work Boot Sock

This work boot sock for sweaty feet is impressive in its ability to wick moisture away. It offers full cushioning and is seamless not only for comfort but for preventing bunching and slipping inside your boot throughout the day. Exceptional breathability is guaranteed thanks to a sock construction that uses seam fusion.

These socks protect your feet from bacteria while keeping foot odor at bay. This is a four-season work sock that will keep your feet at a comfortable temperature through cold winters and hot summers.

Machine washable, it is available in two colors: olive or grey/black and is mid-calf in height. Sock composition is 39% Coolmax® polyester, 30% nylon, 28% acrylic, 3% Lycra Spandex. Made in the USA.


      • Seamless fusion construction
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Cushioned 
      • Mid-calf height


      • Only two colors
      • Expensive 
      • Some problems with staying up on the leg
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Best Over-the-Calf Socks for Sweaty feet 

2.) Wrangler Riggs Over-the-Calf Socks

Wrangler is a top manufacturer of resistant clothing, and these socks maintain their standard. Here the company has employed a combination of cotton and nylon with spandex for a four-season year-round work sock.

These socks stay up on your leg for the entire work shift and give lots of added cushioning and support to prevent foot fatigue. 

The 14-inch height covers the mid-calf. A comfortable fit and convenient machine washing together with an affordable price make these socks an appealing option. Made in the USA.


      • Full bottom cushion
      • Machine Washable
      • Good support


      • Only in black or white
      • Not moisture-wicking

Best Compression Socks for Sweaty Feet

3.) Footloose® Compression Work Socks

Footloose® Compression Work Socks

If you need compression socks for work boots for health reasons, then Footloose has the kind of socks you are looking for. These are designed to be worn all day long, guaranteeing comfort and breathability even inside a pair of work boots.

For professionals that spend most of the day on their feet and suffer from tired feet and legs at the end of the day, these compression socks will impress.

This is a knee-high sock made with 10% spandex and 90% nylon offering both breathability and absorption of moisture.

The design hugs calves with comfortable compression for extended periods of standing providing support for improved blood circulation to prevent swelling, muscle fatigue, and varicose veins.

Quick-drying properties protect from fungal infections and anti-bacterial features help with irritation and odor.


      • Sold in multi-packs
      • Assorted colors
      • Well-made
      • Breathable 
      • Machine washable
      • Moisture absorption


      • Limited sizes
      • A bit expensive

Best Steel Toe Socks for Sweaty Feet 

4.) Fox River Steel Toe Midcalf Work Sock

A combination of high-quality 80% acrylic, 18% nylon, and 2% spandex merit your attention when looking for a solid comfortable pair of work socks. Manufactured in the USA, they can be machine washed and can even be tumbled dry. 

Both heel and toe are reinforced for steel toe boots. The mid-calf height makes them ideal for wear with most work boots. (Best Work Socks for Steel Toe Boots)

They are extra warm for those who deal with colder climates and they wick away moisture for foot comfort.

Fox River’s “fit” design enables a custom fit thanks to knitting compression and a rib sock top. Sold in a 2-pack, these quality work socks absorb shock to keep your feet happy on the job.


      • Mixed fiber construction
      • Machine washable and tumble dry
      • Good fit 
      • Reinforced toe and heel for steel toe work boots


      • Limited durability reported
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Best Cold-Weather Socks for Sweaty Feet 

5.) Carhartt Cold Weather Thermal Work Sock

If you work in a cold climate and especially outdoors a lot, this Carhartt work sock is bound to make life easier.  Thanks to a combination of wool, acrylic, nylon, and spandex, this over-the-calf sock offers great insulation and warmth for frigid workdays.

The sock bottom is completely cushioned and includes nice arch support.

Available in black, brown, and navy, they have a ribbed cuff, reinforced sole, and are moisture-wicking for that added perspiration.

They also protect from odor and feature ankle vents for the reduction of bulkiness during wear. Made in the USA.


      • Lots of sizes from 5 to 15
      • Machine Washable
      • Arch support
      • Moisture-wicking


      • Only three colors
      • A bit expensive
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Best Budget Socks for Sweaty Feet 

6.) Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Cushioned Crew Socks

If you are on a budget, the fruit of the Loom doesn’t disappoint with the basic machine-washable work boot socks sold in a pack of six. These are heavy-duty standard athletic style work socks that offer comfort and breathability all day long.

A reinforced sole and a cushioned foot prevent foot fatigue while moisture-wicking fibers keep feet dry. These socks are antimicrobial with ventilation channels incorporated for breathability.

Durable and snug with 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and 1% lycra spandex for a great fit. Available in white, black, or grey. Imported.


      • Budget-friendly
      • Moisture-wicking
      • Antimicrobial 
      • Sold in 6-packs
      • Machine washable


      • Only three colors
      • Tight fit
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Why you need good work socks?

Regardless of your profession, whether in construction, heavy industry, agriculture, plumbing, or welding, you most probably wear a good pair of work boots on the job. And as any pro can tell you, work boots no matter how good, need a good pair of socks to complete your work gear.

Bad socks can bunch up when you move around, contribute to forming blisters by sliding around or remain drenched in perspiration during your workday causing you discomfort, odor, and generally bad health.

What We Factored in When Choosing


Moisture-wicking was certainly one of our top priorities. If your feet perspire, your socks and the insides of your work boots are bound to be damp.

Excessive moisture will increase friction when your foot moves inside your boot and this friction is one of the principal causes of blisters. Socks made of moisture-wicking material will help to move the moisture outward and away from your feet and skin. 

Good moisture-wicking materials include polyester, cotton, and nylon. These materials offer breathability, allowing air to circulate, and as such perspiration will dissipate by passing through the sock. If you work in a cold climate, wool is another great moisture-wicking textile that also helps to limit odor.

If you are required to wear a waterproof boot, a moisture-wicking sock can really make a difference in your comfort.

Sock Height

The effects of sock height should never be underestimated. It can improve your comfort especially in consideration of the style of work boots that you wear.

A low-rise sock is not ideal for a standard work boot. If the sock is not high enough to prevent your work boot from directly rubbing against your skin. When selecting, consider the height of your work boots and how they fit.

Do you have 6-inch, 8-inch boots, or higher? Are they lace-up work boots that hug your calves? Are there snug padded collars at your ankles? The correct sock height will protect your leg. 

Basic sock heights include:

1.) Ankle socks- These socks stop at your ankle. If your work boot goes any higher, this is a sock style to avoid.

2.) No-show socks- These socks are even lower than ankle socks. They end before your ankle, so they are not a good choice for work boots. 

3.) Crew socks- This sock style will cover your ankle but will not protect the calf. There are also 3/4 crews that are a bit shorter than the standard crew sock.

4.) Boot socks- Boot socks are designed to be worn with boots and are approximately the height of a standard cowboy boot.

5.) Over-the-calf socks- These socks will completely cover your calf muscle. They are a bit higher than boot socks and will peek out of your favorite pair of western boots.

6.) Knee socks- Knee socks go all the way to your knee cap.


Style is a question of personal preference particularly since your sock is hidden inside a work boot. here we are referring to the design of the sock and how it complements the design of your work boots.

If your work boot features a moc toe or a square toe, you’ll probably have room for a thickly designed sock with room at the toe.

A Wellington rubber boot that pulls on will allow you to choose a heavyweight sock, whereas a thinner sock that is lighter in weight may be a better choice for heavily insulated work boots.

Padding and Cushioning

Depending on your movement during your work shift, various points of your feet will bear the brunt of the pressure exerted. Toes and heels are stressed when standing, walking, or running.

Ankles can be strained during bending and stretching. Toes, heels, and ankles can benefit from extra padding.

Some work socks will feature an entire layer of cushioning across the bottom of feet. Some socks will increase cushioning for ankles and toes while others may completely cushion the heel area. A few designs may cover the foot top.

Special Features. 

Several socks will offer special features. Some sock designs offer increased support for arches. Compression socks will help workers with circulation problems or that suffer from diabetes to prevent foot swelling. Still, other socks are designed with extra padding for work boots with safety toes. 


Nothing can interfere with good work boots faster than bad socks. If your feet are tired of being achy and wet on the job, our list of best socks for sweaty feet in work boots offers you multiple options for improving foot comfort and fighting foot fatigue during your work shift.

All of these socks are highly rated and merit your consideration. Good luck finding that perfect pair of work boot socks and thank you for reading.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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