How Do Sheepskin Boots Stretch? (4 Ways)

Sheepskin boots as the name suggests are manufactured using skin obtained from sheep. These boots are unisex in design and are composed of dual faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside and a tanned outside surface, as well as a synthetic sole.

These boots are not only used as a style statement but also provide ample comfort. Most of us who plan to buy sheepskin boots are eager to know whether these boots can be stretched or not.

Yes, sheepskin boots can be stretched over time. Because all genuine sheepskin stretches, you may anticipate your boots to extend with time if they’re made of it. This is why you should make sure your sheepskin boots are snug and comfortable when you first try them on, as they will stretch around half a size.

How Do Sheepskin Boots Stretch

How do sheepskin boots fit? What are the ways to stretch these boots? Worry not, all your questions will be answred through this article. 

How do Sheepskin Boots Fit?

Sheepskin boots mostly run true to size. However, if you wear half a size then it is recommended to size up. We suggest you to wear these boots without socks since these boots come with laces which can accommodate feet of various widths.

How to choose a perfect size Sheepskin Boot?

There are few things that you need to be sure of while purchasing sheepskin boots. When selecting a size, make sure you select a standard shoe size and avoid selecting an over-sized pair.

Sheepskin boot manufacturers promote it. If a person purchases a size that is larger than their actual size, it may grow loose with time. The reason for this is due to the stretching factor.

How to select Boots if you wear half a Size?

It’s probable that many of the customers’ shoe sizes are half sizes, such as 7.5 or 6.5, making it difficult to find a pair of boots that fit well.

The majority of clients are unaware that genuine sheepskin boots are not available in half sizes. Again, this is due to the fact that sheepskin has a natural tendency to stretch about half a size as the wool gently conforms around the wearer’s foot.

As a result, if someone’s foot is a little bigger than a size 7, it’s best to go with the size 7, keeping in mind the stretch element.

Since the boot isn’t particularly long, the wearer will benefit from the extra flexibility. If a person’s foot size falls between 7.5 and 8, the size 8 boot would be the best choice.

Size Guide of Sheepskin Boots

Women’s  Size Guide (Width=M)

US Euro
5 36
6 37
7 38
8 39
9 40
10 41
11 42

Men’s Size Guide (Width=M)

US Euro
7 40
8 41
9 42
10 43
11 44
12 45
13 46

Ways to Stretch Sheepskin Boots

If your sheepskin boots are genuine, they will definitely stretch because of the presence of wool which loosens up after molding around your foot. So how are you going to stretch the boots? Here are four easy steps to stretch:

1.) Wear your boots without socks

During the first few days, don’t wear socks with your boots to ensure a flawless fit. Keep your feet clean and dry for a few days while the slippers are growing, and once they fit like a comfy glove (shoe), you can wear socks if you choose.

2.) Wear the Wet Boots

Farmers and cowboys have utilised the practise of getting their leather boots wet and wearing them to assist produce a bespoke fit.

You have two options here: insert wet newspaper into your slippers or boots and let them dry, or spray them with water and wear them while they dry. Both of these methods aid in achieving a secure fit.

Some people have sprayed the boots of their slippers with a mixture of 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 2/3 water. While the leather moulds to the foot as it dries, the wetness helps give the wearer additional flexibility.

3.) Try Walking in Your New Boots

This is the simplest method to stretch your boots. It’s time saving as well as it takes just a day or two. All you have to do is just wear them and break in them.

You might feel a little bit of discomfort in the beginning but eventually this feeling will depart as the leather will stretch and the wool will automatically take the shape and size of your foot.

4.) Using a Boot Stretcher

A boot stretcher is a device which relieves the pressure of the toe area thus stretching the boot and making it much more comfortable.

All you have to do is just close the boot stretcher within the shoe, squeezing the foot-shaped end into the boot’s toe area.

To expand the boot stretcher, turn the handle clockwise until it feels tight inside the boot.

Allow around 8 hours for the stretcher to be in place. If you leave your shoes in the stretcher for too long, they may overstretch.

Turn the stretcher handle counterclockwise and try on the boots to make sure they fit. If they’re still too tight, repeat the technique until they’re the right size.

Final Thoughts

Overall, people all around the world adore and choose sheepskin boots because they are so comfortable in nature. Furthermore, these boots are an excellent choice for gifting, and the good news is that there is very little room for error if you are unsure of your size.

If the boots you buy are a little stiff at first, they will stretch out and become a more comfortable fit. If the pair is a bit too big, you may always wear sheepskin boots with socks to fill them up a little more.

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