6 Best 6 inch Work Boots Comparison and Review

Are you looking for the best 6-inch work boots to wear on the job? Tired of uncomfortable boots that perhaps are missing key safety features and perhaps are not manufactured with top-quality materials? So are we.

That’s why we took a month to search and test right in the workplace a series of work boots. Our team wore these boots day in and day out for a month in the most challenging work environments. We added everything up and came up with our list of best 6-inch work boots for your consideration.

Best 6 inch Work Boots

Our choice for the best overall 6-inch Work Boot fell to the Timberland PRO Boondock 6-inch Boots due to safety toe caps coupled with slip-resistant outsoles and superbly cushioned insoles. With these boots, you get protection, comfort, and exceptional traction in one boot.

We also liked the protective features in the Wolverine Raider 6-inch Work Boot with its steel toe caps, although all of the boots on our list are well worth consideration.

Comparison of 6 inch Boots

Work BootsUppersOutsolesSafetyWaterproof
Timberland PRO Boondock 6-inch100% leatherSyntheticComposite soleWaterproof leather with waterproof membrane
Danner Moc Toe 6-inch Bull Run100% full-grain leatherRubberElectrical hazard, ATSM, Steel toe capNo
Irish Setter 83606 Aluminum Toe 6-inch100% leatherRubberAluminum toe cap, Electrical hazard, Outsole heat resistantYes
Wolverine Raider 6-inch 100% full-grain leatherRubberSteel toe capNo
Thorogood American heritage 6-inch MAXWearFull-grain leatherWedge in polyurethaneElectrical hazardNo
Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT 6-inch100% LeatherSyntheticSteel toe capYes

Top Six Inch Boot Reviews

Best Overall 6-inch Work Boots

1. Timberland PRO Boondock 6-inch Work Boots

This work boot is resistant to oil and slippage and provides both electrical and thermal insulation and waterproofing properties to guarantee on-the-job comfort. A Timberland integrated anti-fatigue design keeps legs and feet as comfortable as possible during long workdays.

Design elements include an amply padded top collar, outsoles with traction lugs for making them appropriate for both mud and snow, and an appealing aesthetic style. The Boondock also meets ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard requirements for workplace safety. 

The antifatigue design features inverted cones that offer support including both compression and rebound movement. These boots are completely waterproof with the treated leather uppers, and they come with a waterproof membrane. 


      • Safety toes in composite 
      • Rubber toe protectors
      • Protection from Electrical hazards
      • Resistance to slippage
      • Leather uppers are abrasion resistant
      • Mesh lining for moisture-wicking
      • Waterproofing and Insulation
      • Metal protector friendly
      • Super traction
      • Good Year Welt construction
      • Great for wide feet


      • Durability limited on the insole
      • A bit heavy
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Best Construction 6-inch Work Boots

2. Danner Moc Toe 6-inch Bull Run Work Boots 

The Danner six-inch work boots are impressive due to the safety features that they offer. They come with attractive wedge outsoles that are resistant to oily surfaces and to slippage, but they are also non-marking.

Plus, they offer steel safety toe caps preventing your toes from being crushed by falling debris or heavy work tools typical of a construction site.

Made in the USA, the boot uppers are produced in quality full-grain leather and use a construction known as “stitch-down” guaranteeing durability and facilitating repairs down the line.

Comfort is guaranteed thanks to their “Ortholite” cushioned footbeds which fight foot fatigue during long days at the construction site.


      • Quality leather uppers
      • EH protection
      • Non-marking Danner wedge outsole
      • Resistant to slippage and oily surfaces
      • Steel safety toe caps for protection
      • Ortholite cushioned insole


      • Heavy leather may not be for everyone
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Best Aluminum Toe 6-inch Work Boots

3. Irish Setter 83606 Aluminum Toe 6-inch Work Boots 

This pair of Irish Setter six-inch work boots are also quite impressive for their safety features. They feature aluminum safety toe caps that offer incredible protection from compression injuries as steel caps do, but the aluminum toe cap is lighter in weight.

Another great aspect is the EVA outsoles produced in rubber and known for traction digging deep into any terrain or surface to prevent slips and falls.

Irish Setter also dedicates its technological research to guarantee the comfort of your foot with “Texon” footbeds that offer exceptional cushioning.

Goodyear Welt construction completes this sturdy pair of work boots built for durability. Sizing may run a bit narrow, so if you have wider feet, you will want to try these on before purchasing.


      • Safety toe caps in lightweight aluminum 
      • Uppers in lasting full-grain leather
      • EVA traction outsoles in rubber
      • “Texon” footbeds cushion and provide shock absorption
      • Goodyear welt construction


      • Sizing appears somewhat narrow
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 Best Steel Toe 6-inch Work Boots

4. Wolverine Raider 6-inch Work Boots with Steel Toe 

This Wolverine Raider six-inch Work Boot makes our list due to a hardy lugged rubber outsole offering great traction when navigating slippery or oily surfaces. The Uppers in 100% full-grain leather keep you warm and dry preventing liquids from penetrating.

Comfort is no less a priority for manufacturer Wolverine when producing this pair of work boots, and as soon as you put them on, your feet are welcomed by a nicely cushioned footbed. The PU sole is considerably lightweight and offers good strong shock absorption while on the job. 


      • Uppers in full-grain leather
      • Contour Welt construction provides flexibility
      • Removable Multishox footbed
      • Lightweight PU midsole 
      • CK breathable mesh lining 
      • Resistant to slippage and to oil
      • Rubber outsole is lugged for traction
      • Abrasion resistant


      • Sizing may not be true to size
      • Some considerations about quality
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 Best Wedge Sole 6-inch Work Boot

5. Thorogood American heritage 6-inch MAXWear Work Boots

The Thorogood American heritage work boot is aesthetically appealing with cream-colored wedge outsoles designed to resist slippage big time regardless of the surface offering phenomenal traction. 

This work boot also boasts a steel safety toe cap affording the maximum protection against falling debris or tools in your workplace.

Comfort is a priority for Thorogood. These boots have fully cushioned Poron footbeds that can be removed. The cushioning ensures shock absorption for those professionals that have particularly long work shifts.

While a bit of tiredness at the end of the day is normal, foot pain is not and Thorogood has invested in your comfort with the design of these work boots.


      • Steel safety toe caps
      • Wedge outsole with great traction
      • Cushioned removable footbeds
      • Shock absorption
      • Shanks in fiberglass
      • EH protection


      • Without waterproofing
      • Without insulation
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 Best Comfort 6-inch Work Boot

6. Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT 6-inch Work Boot

Developed by Timberland for the natural gas and oil industries, this boot offers fantastic resistance to slippage. It features industrial-grade traction combined with the technology for shock diffusion plus an anti-fatigue design. The Rigmaster work boots boast an impressive tread that uses rubber triangular-shaped lugs.

Produced in 100% quality leather, this boot has been waterproofed and the uppers of the boot are abrasion-resistant. Goodyear Welt construction guarantees a superb bonding between upper and outer soles. The boot’s midsole is produced in polyurethane. Padding on the top collar contributes to improved comfort.

An antimicrobial mesh lines the inside for odor control and the boot offers reinforcement thanks to a shank in steel. Safety steel toes round out protection while guaranteeing comfort. Available in two colors, black, and tobacco, both are attractive. Made in the USA.


      • Breathable Anti-microbial lining and cushioning
      • Resistant to heat, abrasion, and oil
      • Safety toe in steel
      • Powerfit Comfort Technology
      • Outsole in Polyurethane 
      • Midsoles are anti-fatigue
      • Waterproofing membrane


      • Reservations about outsole durability
      • Need breaking in
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Features to Consider in a 6-inch Work Boot

Depending on your profession, you may look for specific features in a work boot. Here are some of the principal features to consider when selecting your best pair of 6-inch work boots.

1.) Construction. This may seem like a given, but actually, it isn’t. Unfortunately, not all 6-inch work boots are manufactured with top-quality materials. Also, construction methods will differ.

If the construction of the boot is mediocre, durability will be compromised, and you may end up buying a new pair after several months. Work boots need to be produced using top-notch materials both for durability and for your safety. 

Construction methods like Goodyear Welt and Goodyear storm welt are synonymous with quality construction, so your work boots should last.

2.) Insulation. Insulation will be important for workers that work in colder climates outdoors. This is a must feature for warm feet.

Depending on the insulation a work boot may appear somewhat bulkier and perhaps a little heavier, but thanks to new insulation materials, the difference should be minimal.

3.) Outsoles with Slip-Resistance. Outsoles are of primary importance when considering any type of footwear. Even more so when selecting work footwear. The ideal work boot outsole will guarantee you sufficient traction for the surfaces that you work on.

Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Work Boots

In certain industries, outsoles that are oil-resistant or slip-resistant will make all the difference and can help prevent falls and work-related injuries.

4.) Safety. The most well-known safety feature in work boots is the safety toe. Often called toe box or toe caps, this feature offers an exceptional protective layer for your toes, meaning if debris or tools fall, your feet are protected. Safety toe protection comes in various materials such as:

      • Steel toe. The gold standard for toe protection, the steel toe cap may result a bit heavier but does protect.
      • Composite toe. Composite toe boxes are non-metallic. If your profession has you working with electricity, or machinery, or near live wires, this is a credible protective option.
      • Aluminum toe. The aluminum toe cap is protective like a steel toe cap, however, it weighs much less. They are usually a bit more expensive than a pair of work boots with the traditional steel toe. If you can spend a bit more and prefer a boot with less weight, consider this alternative.

Regardless of the toe box you choose, they offer extra protection. You may want to check with your employer to verify if your industry has specific safety toe requirements.

5.) Shock Absorption. This is an important characteristic for the comfort of your feet during your workday. Features specifically integrated into a work boot’s design to contrast foot fatigue and contribute to comfort include:

      • Insoles or footbeds that are adequately cushioned 
      • Midsoles that absorb shock during movement

6.) Waterproofing. Whether your boots are waterproof or not will determine if your feet remain dry during your work shift A waterproof membrane will add to the price of the boots you select, however, if you work in extreme weather conditions, it will be worth your while to invest a little more price-wise. 

So, if you work in a situation that exposes you to inclement weather of liquids, look for waterproof work boots.

A Final Thought

Six-inch work boots can be more comfortable than taller work boots, but much will depend on your particular work environment. If you are at risk for chemical splashes or face serious risks, a taller boot may be what you need. 

If you only require a moderate amount of protection and prefer boots that weigh less and are less bulky, the six-inch work boot will be a great choice. 

Remember that these six-inch work boots offer great safety features like safety toe caps, resistance to slippage and abrasion. So, if you do not specifically necessitate a taller boot for your profession, six-inch work boots are invitingly comfortable.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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