What Does SRC Stand for in Safety Shoes?

Water and slippery surfaces exist everywhere and you need to bear with them in almost every job; be it construction or brick laying, or iron industry or pipe lining, or forestry or farming!

Slipping off and falling is considered to be a hazard which might even be fatal at times. So, wearing boots that are slip-resistant is a must and most of the industries in US demand their workers to wear boots that are slip-resistant.

What Does SRC Stand for in Safety Shoes

But though mentioned by the manufacturer that the boots are slip-resistant, some boots fail to provide the required amount of slip-resistance to your feet on wet and slippery floors.

This is a grave problem that how can you trust the boots for being really slip-resistant because you cannot take a chance with your life!!

Well, there’s where SRC safety footwear comes to your rescue and are recommended by most of the US’S workplaces where slippage is a hazard.

SRC stands for slip-resistant footwear. SRC is the standard mark that is given to footwear when they pass two feature tests: SRA+SRB, where SRA stand for slip resistant on ceramic smeared with sodium lauryl sulphate and SRB stand for resistant to steel smeared with glycerol and SRC rating is given when the footwear has tested under both SRA & SRB conditions.

Down this article, I will take you through a detailed guide for SRC shoes and boots and will also introduce with the best SRC rated boots that are recommended by our experts after conducting several tests.

Where its written?

All safety footwears are tested and manufactured under the standard of EN ISO 20345:2011 and SRC is no exception.

The SRC rating is also given by the same standard after passing the footwears through two types of tests which I am going to discuss in the section below.

Symbol of SRC:

Let’s not repeat the same thing once again. Just keeping it short, the symbols of SRC footwear are: SRA, SRB and SRC.

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Who should wear SRC shoes?

SRC shoes and boots should be worn by the workers whose workplace demand wearing safety shoes rated by the EN ISO 20345:2011 standards only.

Failing to wear the aforesaid, can be a punishable offence and might cause harassment to you as well as the employer of the workplace. 

That said, workers from the construction sites, farmers, food manufacturers, pipe liners, and every single worker whose workplace pose slipping, tripping or falling hazard due to wet and slippery surfaces (which includes oils, fluids, water, snow, chemicals) are required to wear SRC rated safety footwear.

What are the testing standards for SRC footwear?

As mentioned above, the testing for the SRC shoes is done under two conditions, viz., SRA & SRB using a machine. The test is carried out in multiple steps which are as follows:

1.) Firstly, the outsole is check for slip resistance. The front part of the shoe is the most vulnerable to slips and trips.

Therefore, first of all it is tested on a ceramic surface that is made slippery using detergent soap or any soapy substance that is enough to make the ceramic surface the most slippery.

After that, the outsole is again tested for slip resistance on a steel surface with glycerol.

SRC shoes testing

2.) Next is the turn to check the slip-resistance capacity of the heels of the footwear.

Slippage by the heel is considered to be the most dangerous type of hazard as it can get your head injured and might be fatal too.

The heels of the footwear too are tested for both SRA & SRB.

3.) Then both the heels and the outsoles are tested for slip-resistance on dry surfaces where there are no chances of slippage.

4.) The machine then compares the effectiveness of the tread pattern on both the surfaces and then rates the footwear as SRC approved or not.

Sometimes, the machine can even apply higher degrees of risk as per the slippage of the surface and the items used in making it slippery is concerned.

Recommended SRC shoes

Here’s a list of top 3 SRC rated shoes that are tested and recommended by our experts:

1.) Larnmern steel toe shoes men, safety work reflective strip puncture proof footwear industrial & construction shoe:

If you are searching for a really safety footwear that has all the possible safety features in it, then these are the boots you should be getting for yourself.

Want to get noticed from far for avoiding being hit by a vehicle? The reflective strips on the uppers of the shoes will do the work for you. Risk from heavy falling or rolling objects? The shock proof steel toe caps will take care of it.

Fear from stepping on any sharp object and getting the shoes punctured? The puncture proof steel midsole won’t let it happen. Want comfort that soothes your feet all day long?

The thick insoles and the breathable upper mesh fabric will give you that. And lastly, the outsoles are SRC rated so don’t you worry about the slippage problems!

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2.) Tinefiy indestructible steel toe shoes for men women lightweight comfortable slip resistant safety work shoes industrial construction shoes warehouse shoes:

Want shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and yet containing all the safety features? This is the one for you! The Kevlar outsole and the midsole are not only lightweight but they protect your feet from any puncture or hard gravels while you walk or run in them.

The breathable mesh fabric keeps your feet dry all day long and the fully cushioned arch-supportive insole gives you the comfort you deserve along with being anti-fatigue in nature.

Wait, there is more to it with the steel toe protection caps and the SRC rated outsoles that lets you walk, run and jump in the most slippery surfaces without the slightest chances of slipping and falling.

And yes, these shoes will also make you noticed from afar with the presence of the reflective strips that looks cool too!

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3.) Larnmern steel toe boots, men’s work safety outdoor protection footwear industrial and construction boots:

If durability and comfort is your priority along with protection, then get your hands on these beautiful ankle length shoes. Firstly, let’s concentrate on the comfort feature of these shoes.

The insole is not only cushioned well and has arch support, but also has a moisture wicking fabric that soaks up all the sweat from the bottom of your feet to keep it dry all day and to avoid sliding of the feet inside the shoes and the shock absorbing midsole gives the required stability and prevents foot fatigue.

One unique feature of these boots is that it has anti-static wires sewn in the insole that helps to prevent static electricity in the feet and steel toe and the midsole both meet the European standards and save the fete from any falling object or from any penetration.

To ensure the durability of the shoes, the upper is made with a combination of leather, mesh and TPU material and that also makes the shoes extremely lightweight.

The tongue of the shoes is such padded that it prevents the entry of water, dust and sand inside the feet to keep your feet dry and clean irrespective of the terrain you traverse. Lastly, these shoes have also got the SRC rated outsoles for the slip-resistance.

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And it’s a wrap!

To wrap it up, SRC rated shoes and boots have become the utmost necessity in any field of work because nearly 70% of the accidents in workplaces in the US happen due to slipping of and getting injured. 

Get your hands on the above mentioned SRC rated shoes and you will thank me later!

That’s all for today! Don’t keep me waiting and be back soon in my next post!

Till then…

Take care and have a great day ahead!

And oh yes!

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Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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