How To Get Rid Of Ankle Pain From Work Boots

Work is very essential for one’s living.

And much more essential is one’s safety and protection.

In my articles, I always tend to keep our readers updated regarding the safety measures, ought to be taken by construction workers and people working around heavy equipment.

Getting up every morning, putting on their proper safety gears like hard hats, goggles, safety vests, work-boots etc. and then proceeding to their respective working places, is a worker’s daily routine.

How to Get Rid of Ankle Pain From Work Boots

Most often, we come across situations, where these workers suffer from various pains and injuries because of their work gears. Wearing your safety boots for long hours can, sometimes, give you acute ankle pain.

What should be done then?

You cannot sit at home holding your ankle. It won’t be wise enough.


Okay! Don’t panic. I have solution to that.

In this article, let me jot down some remedies for your ankle pain, which will certainly help you out.

Typical 8-10 long hours of work shift, at construction sites, standing around heavy equipment and uneven surfaces, can result into severe ankle pain. But this can be avoided and at the same time cured with the help of weight-loss, proper medicines, exercises and by inserting insoles in your work-boots.

As you scroll downwards, you will be updated in detail.

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9 Remedies to Get Rid of Ankle Pain from Boots

1.) For the first few days of your ankle pain, avoid excess movement of your feet and try to provide rest to it.

Putting on ice bag to reduce ankle pain

2.) Putting on ice bag for at least 20 minutes at a time, three to five times a day, continuously for 3 days, will give you relief and reduce the swelling.

3.) Tightly wrapping up your ankle with ACE – Elastic Bandage, will surely lessen the pain.

4.) Always prefer to raise your ankle on a stack of pillows, just above your heart level.

5.) General exercises like rotating your ankle in circles, in both directions will certainly help.

6.) Multiple sessions of physiotherapy can rapidly improve a patient’s prognosis.

7.) To speed up your recovery, use your hands to gently flex the ankle up and down.

8.) Orthopedic shoe-inserts or foot or ankle braces can also give you relief.

ankle braces

9.) In case of chronic pain, steroid injections help to reduce swelling, stiffness and discomfort of your ankle. But, if in case all the above options fail, kindly visit your doctor for surgery.

Factors Resulting into Ankle Pain from Work-Boots

1.) Achilles Tendonitis-

This causes due to the involvement of your feet in heavy work for long hours with your boots on. People running and walking long distances or playing sports, more often, can also have this kind of pain.Achilles Tendonitis

Overuse of work-boots due to sudden increase in physical activities can also cause this. Stretching or lengthening your calf muscles can help you out from this pain.

Avoid wearing worn-out boots to prevent yourself from getting such ankle pains. But, if the pain is persistent, then you need to consult your doctor.

2.) Injuries-

Generally slips, falls, accidents, twisted ankles and working in fast paced environments, results into such injuries.

These injuries may lead to swelling, internal damage, immobility, ruptured tendon followed by acute pain. Wearing safety boots with slip-resistant soles can prevent you from getting injured, while working.

3.) Arthritis

This is a recurrent type of ankle pain which is very common. Your increased body-weight is one of the main causes of this.

To avoid such pain, do switch to SFC Insoles which will absorb shock and provide your feet with a comfortable cushion.

Body-weight management is a must to reduce such pain. Simple ankle exercise on a regular basis can prevent you from this.

4.) Bursitis-

The space between a bone and a tendon is cushioned by a fluid-filled sac called Bursa. Whenever you get a sudden injury, chronic arthritis or over-use of your ankle, the bursa get effected and fills up with excess fluid, causing swelling and pain.

Mild bursitis can be treated with proper rest and by applying ice on that particular area. Regular stretching, balanced diet, avoiding injuries and a slim trim body, are the keys to prevent bursitis.

5.) Wearing uncomfortable work-boots-

Safety footwear, not of proper shape, size and material can decrease your comfort level, resulting into severe pain and discomfort. Sometimes, the rigid and solid materials used for making safety boots, results into the unnatural movement of your feet and joints.

These improper safety boots create excessive pressure on your feet leading to sharp pain and discomfort. So, to avoid such situations, be very particular while choosing the size, shape and material of your safety boots. You should be very precise in this matter.

6.) Inherent Malformations-

Sometimes certain hereditary factors can also result into such pain, making the patients vulnerable.

Now that we are aware of the causes of such pain, let’s have a look at what such patients’ experiences.

Experiences of people having ankle pain while wearing boots

After long period of inactivity or a good night sleep, you will feel a pain in one or both of your feet. Initially, you may ignore it but gradually it will definitely seek your attention causing worse pain.

The skin in the surrounding area of your ankle will turn reddish and get swollen up, resulting into irritation and discomfort. Sometimes bone growths on the surface of the heels can also lead to swelling and severe ankle pain. This is called Heel Spurs.

Haglund’s Syndrome is the development of a bulge on the heel bone because of abnormal heel bone and soft tissue of the feet. This may cause you pain and restlessness.

If you experience a swelling of the tendon plate under the sole of your feet, then you have Plantar Fasciitis, which can cause severe ankle pain.

After getting the idea of the symptoms of such pain, we can now have a brief discussion on the preventive measures.

Precautions to Prevent Ankle Pain from Boots

1.) Try to maintain a normal body-weight.

2.) Practice healthy food habits.

3.) Staying physically fit and active, is a must.

4.) Always maintain a fair range of motion in your joints.

5.) Exercises on a regular basis can prevent you from causing such pain.

6.) Always remember to insert proper insoles inside your work-boots, if you find that they are hurting your ankles.

Here are some recommended treatment tips for your persistent ankle pain which will definitely give you some relief.

Given below are some common queries which may recur in our readers’ minds regarding this topic.

Let me provide you with satisfactory answers to the same.


How can one stop his work-boots from hurting his ankles?

      • Always choose your boots of your proper size.
      • Insert insoles inside your boots to give your feet a slight lift.
      • Prefer wearing double-layered socks with your boots.
      • Remember to use moleskins with your work-boots.
      • Apply heat on your boots if they become stiff, to make them flexible.
      • Use duct-tape around the heel area of your boots.

Can boots cause ankle pain?

If your boots are soft and slipper-like, then they can cause pain in your feet. These types of boots can cause torments and tendonitis.

How can you stop your new shoes from hurting your ankle?

Put on thick socks with boots. Blast your boots with dryer to make them warm and soft. The longer you keep your boots on, the better it will be.

What is the natural remedy for ankle pain?

Soaking your ankle in Epson salt solution, 1-2 times per day, gives you instant relief.

Does walking help swollen ankles?

Short walk, every hour can sometimes help you out.

How much time period does an ankle pain take, to heal?

Ankle pain generally swells and bruises for about 7-14 days. To heal up, fully, it takes few months.

Wrapping Up:

Maintaining your foot health is much more important than preventing it from pain.

You won’t care about your feet or ankle unless they get painful.

It’s human nature!

We seldom realise that it is our feet which optimizes our performance at work.

Proper footwear, proper diet, exercises and a little care can help us to stay on our feet in a healthier way.

Foot care is very essential for people having a physically demanding job.

After summing up all the factors I hope my writing will guide people suffering from severe ankle pain and provide them with suitable solutions.

Your pain is your concern!

Unless you take care of yourself, none can help you out.


Take good care of yourself and stay fit and healthy.

Remember-“Health is Wealth”.

Will be coming back shortly with something new.

Till then!

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