Are Wedge Sole Boots Good for Flat Feet?

Flat feet can be defined as a condition that happens when the arches present inside your feet become flat and encounter the ground whenever you stand up. This can be a huge issue and can lead to intense pain in the arch/heel area of your foot after a day of profound standing activity. 

Are Wedge Sole Boots Good for Flat FeetYES, wedge sole boots are good for individuals who have flat feet issues. Flat feet can be reduced to a great extent with the right pair of wedge sole boots. The sole of wedge boots runs through the entire length of the boots and makes more space for contact surface area. This helps in alleviating the pain that comes with being on your feet for a long time. 

Wedge sole boots are perfect for individuals who work on hard surfaces (For example, carpentry, iron sites, construction sites, etc.) and are required to stand for a long period on such surfaces. 

So, if you have flat feet and want to get rid of the discomfort associated with them then you must wear wedge-soled boots. Read this article till the end to know why you should wear them.

Why should you wear wedge sole boots if you have flat feet?

People with flat feet will benefit from wearing wedge-soled boots. Wedge sole boots are designed in a way that the entire sole touches the ground. Hence, these boots do not put much pressure on the feet and reduce the pressure points while you stand.

This feature of wedge sole boots helps in decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with individuals having flat feet. Another main feature of wedge-soled boots is that they are lighter than heeled shoes and provides comfort to individuals who have flat feet.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Wedge-Soled Boots for Flat Feet


      • Wedge sole boots have a larger contact surface area which provides more traction on the ground and reduces discomfort related to flat feet.
      • The soles of the wedge boots can absorb shock and cushion your flat feet while you work on hard surfaces.
      • Wedge sole boots come in a variety of designs and individuals with all foot shapes and sizes will be able to choose and fit into these boots.


      • Wedge soles do not last for a long time and your boot can wear down quickly.
      • These boots are not very grippy and the traction is limited. So, if you have flat feet and have to work outdoors for a long time then wedge-soled boots won’t be a good option for you.

Heel Vs Wedge Sole Boots for Flat Feet

Heel Work Boots Wedge Sole Work Boots
Heel Boots are heavy and put a strain on your feet. Hence, they are not ideal for individuals who have flat feet. They are lightweight as compared to heel boots and do not put much pressure on the feet. Thus, they are ideal for individuals who have flat feet.
Heel Boots focuses on specific spots on your foot (heel pad or toe pad). This can lead to discomfort or pain in your heel or toe area. Hence, these boots are not a good option for those who have flat feet. Wedge sole boots have flat soles that aid in evenly distributing the stress across the entire bottom of the foot. This makes more space for contact surface area and resolves flat feet issues.
Heel boots offer the best traction and are best for those who work in the construction, logging, linework, and electrical industries. Wedge boots do not offer the best traction and are not suitable for those who do a lot of climbing or works in outdoor environments.

Check out the detailed comparison of wedge and heel work boots.

Things to consider while buying boots for flat feet

When it comes to choosing boots, individuals having flat feet must consider the options that are stated below.

1.) Boots with custom-made orthopedic soles are a good option for people who have flat feet. These orthopedic soles offer an artificial curve that resembles the natural arch.

2.) People with flat feet should opt for boots that have reinforced heels. Boots with a reinforced heel can protect the tendon that is attached to bones of the foot to the calf muscle as well as the Achilles tendon.

3.) Individuals with flat feet need a wider boot. They should avoid boots that have a pointed or narrow front. Wide boots tend to reduce strain on the front half of the foot and prevent pain and bunions.

4.) Wearing footwear with lifted soles is ideal for people who have a flat foot. This is because the lifted soles relax the central part of the foot and also give extra support to the foot and ankles.

5.) Individuals with a flat foot must choose shoes with cushion and heel support. Cushions not only help in preventing sores but also enhances the fit of your boots.

6.) Avoid slip-on boots if you have a flat foot. Buy boots that come with laces. Laceless boots will not be able to provide you maximum arch support.

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Top 3 wedge sole boots for individuals who have flat feet

The best 3 wedge-soled boots for flat feet are listed below.

1. Thorogood USA American Heritage Work Boots

Thorogood boots are one of the best wedge-soled boots and come in both moc-toe and steel toe versions. These boots have several built-in features that help in avoiding pain associated with flat feet. Thorogood boots also have a unique Vibram rubber wedge heel that is flat on the bottom.

These soles are both slip and oil-resistant and offer moderate heel support. Additionally, a fiberglass shank is built into the wedged sole that provides more stability.

2. Wolverine W04821 Buccaneer Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Work Boot is one of the best choices for individuals having flat feet. These boots have raised arches that are both prominent and visible from each side of the boots. They can also flex with your foot and provide moderate heel support.

Apart from this, Wolverine work boots come with compression pads on the outer soles to lessen the force of impact before it reaches your foot.

3. Carhartt CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt boots are comfortable and come with a contoured arch and moderate heel support. They come with insoles that not only provide maximum arch support to your feet but also reduce foot fatigue.

Wolverine boots are light-weight and are wearer-friendly. Footbeds of Carhartt boots are made up of dual-density foam that can absorb shock. Carhartt boots offer heavy traction and are resistant to slips and abrasion.


Flat feet must not prevent you from working conveniently. By now, you have understood that wedge-soled boots are appropriate for those who have flat feet.

These boots come with extra cushion and good traction which will help you to overcome the pain associated with long hours of standing. But in case you have to work outside in harsher environments then go for traditional heeled boots.

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