How Do Boot Blousers Work? (Step By Step Guide)

Saw a military personnel carrying their pants with a balloon like area right above their boots? Not just them, there are a lot of people who go out on hiking adventures or hunting trips which are usually seen pulling off the same style. So what exactly is this style which is becoming a new fashion trend? This is what blousing of your boots is.

How do Boot Blousers WorkBlousers, boot bands or blousing bands are classic elastic adjuncts that are practically used for keeping loose fabric out of your way so that you can easily perform all the physical activities without any hindrance. Used more often in military uniforms, the boot blousers give an edgy and rugged vibe and save your pants or trousers from any kind of mud and slush. The accessory is used both for men and women and keeps your pants stay in place without obstructing the circulation in your ankles.

Amazing, right?

This article is all about the blousers. I have a straightforward guide to make you learn how to blouse your boots and why is it important to indulge in this process. After all, it’s a beneficial skill.

Why is Blousing Necessary?

In every other soldiery you can witness these puffs which is seen as a standard part of their attire. In fact, you’ll be amazed to know that proper blousing of boots is considered as an essential requirement for service members and it is important for them to learn how to blouse their boots properly. Not just them, people who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or hunting generally indulge in the same action and see blousing as a handy activity.

But why is it vital? One of the exclusive reasons is to make sure that while you are busy doing outdoor activities, the dirt or debris does not find its way inside your boots and keep you away from discomfort. Moreover, blousing makes it impossible for pestiferous insects to enter your boots which might turn out to be poisonous while you are moving in remote areas.

Not just them, blousing is needed for other reasons as well. It can prevent the outside cold air from creeping your pants during chilly winters. The air gets trapped within your pants thus help in maintaining the heat inside them. Lastly, just by blousing, you can get a cleaner and neater look which you just can’t ignore.

Four Easy Techniques to Blouse Your Boots

Now let us look at some of the easy hacks to help you learn this useful skill. In the coming paragraphs, we will guide you through the basic techniques to form a perfectly puffy area over your boots. 

#1 Blousing your boots using Blousing Bands

I find this one of the quickest and undemanding ways to blouse your boots. By using blousing bands you not only keep the cold air out but also prevent the insect entering the boots. If you are thinking that the bands might be irritating then worry not, these bands are the most comfortable to use for these are especially designed to serve this purpose.

Materials Required:

      • The boots which you have.
      • Thick socks
      • Pants which aren’t too tight like army or hunting pants.
      • Elastic blouse bands 

Steps to blouse your boots:

      1. Firstly, pull on a thick pair of socks that you have.
      2. Next, slide the bands onto your feet. 
      3. Just pull on your pants and tuck their bottom most part inside the elastic bands.
      4. After tucking you need to fold the remaining fabric over the blousing band to create a balloon like look.
      5. Pull down some fabric to hide your socks and then just wear your boots.

Blousing bands are very easy to use and are used by many (if not all) military personnel. This particular method saves your pants from slipping off from their place thus keeping you relaxed!

#2 Wear out Battle Dress Uniform Pants

Next method is to blouse your boots by utilizing a special kind of pants which are specifically designed for this. The Battle Dress Uniform pants are quite durable and are great to take a beating. If you are one of those who are interested in outdoor activities like hunting or hiking then you can really invest in these pants. But what’s so special about these boots? Well, the pants come with two layers of fabric. The inside layer has got blousing ties while the outer one easily covers the bloused boots.

Materials required:

      • A pair of battle dress uniform pants
      • Work boots, army boots or hiking boots
      • A pair of thick socks

Steps to blouse your boots:

      1. Just pull on your socks and battle dress uniform pants.
      2. Take the blousing strap and tie it around your ankles from inside.
      3. Wear your pair of boots.
      4. Once you are done with the above three steps just rearrange the outer layer of your pants over the collar of your boots and you are done.

Battle dress uniform pants are just another swift method to blouse your boots. Ideal for both military as well outdoor applications, they add extra comfort as you don’t really have to worry about purchasing extra accessories.

#3 Wearing Blousing Straps Inside the Pants

If you are not in a mood of purchasing the pants then this option is for you. This method requires a bit of dedication but it is much more comfortable than elastic blousing bands. Blousing straps helps keep your pants in place perfectly.

Things you will need:

You can also choose fashionable paracord bracelets as an alternative to tie around your ankles 

Follow these steps for blousing

      1. Wear your pants and socks.
      2. Hold the bottom of your pants and tuck them up your legs as far as you can.
      3. Tie the strings or garters around the part of your pants that you tucked in.
      4. Pull the pants up again and adjust the bottom.

While you don’t have to worry about slipping off of your pants, this technique has few drawbacks like you can’t get a typical or proper balloon shape after blousing which might make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the collar remains exposed when you blouse the boots using garters which makes your boots vulnerable to debris and insects.

Pro Tip: Always look for adjustable blousing straps and try to wear thick socks which cover most of your calves with your bloused pants.

#4 Just tuck in your pants

When you can’t get any of the above aids, just follow the simplest method that is tuck in your pants inside the collar of your boots and you’ll almost get the same result but of course, this is not the most effective method to blouse your boots and that is why this is always the last option.

Materials Required:

      • Just a pair of pants
      • Your favorite pair of hiking boots, army boots or work boots

Steps for blousing your boots

      1. Put on your pants.
      2. Just fold the extra fabric in the back and flatten it around your ankles.
      3. Get your boots on.
      4. Slide the bottom of your pants inside the boots.

Pro Tip: You can wear Suspenders to prevent your pants from slouching over your boots.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t a very effective method and your pants might slip out of your boots again and again. However, when you don’t have any blousing accessory available, this can turn out to be an effective technique to keep the debris away.

How To blouse your boots like a pro

Final Thoughts

Blousing your boots is an essential skill which comes in handy and no matter whether you use it or not, learning this a task in itself. Learning the above mentioned methods are useful because you never know when you might want to blouse your boots. So, just follow our guide and keep the debris and insects away from your feet and move freely.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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