Are Cowboy Boots Bad for Flat Feet?

A pair of cowboy boots can define utility and fashion at the same time. Who would not wish to own a pair of rugged cowboy boots? But can everyone’s feet be loved the same way by them? Will they create a hostile nature for a flat-footed person like me?

Being an engineer, I need to have the most comfortable work boots that I can find. And cowboy boots are one of my favorite types of boots. With flat feet, I found it a bit hard to manage. So I took to the internet and found more about it. 

Cowboy boots are not comfortable for flat-footed people. Due to high shafts, heels, and absence of midsole, cowboy boots can give a hard time for feet that are flat. However, there are tricks in which you can make the boots comfy for your feet.

Are Cowboy Boots Bad for Flat Feet

Why are cowboy boots uncomfortable for people with flat feet?

There are several reasons for cowboy boots to not suit flat feet. It is the structure of the boots that make it so.

1.) No midsole:

A person with flat feet needs more support to walk than a person with normal feet. A midsole is a part of a shoe that comes as a layer between the outer layer and inner layer. A midsole helps in shock absorption as it gives a cushioning effect to the user’s feet. 

With cowboys boots, the absence of midsole is a major factor that contributes to them being less comfortable for flat feet. With feet that need extra support, this lack of arch support is a major issue.

At times, the situation can lead to critical health problems like plantar fasciitis which is the case of severe heel pain.

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2.) Sharp toe area:

Most of the cowboy boots come with sharp toe areas. For a leg to stand strong, there should be enough space for the toes to settle inside the shoe. With cowboy boots, the area is quite congested making it a little difficult for the user. 

If the person has flat feet, the problem gets even worse. Without good space, the balance gets affected leaving the person uncomfortable and unstable.

3.) High heels:

Some cowboy boots tend to come with heels that are beyond 2 inches. Heels of more than 2 inches can induce pain in the legs.

cowboy boots tend to come with heels

Flat feet need the pressure to be dispersed equally under the foot. With heels this tall, a foot with a flat bottom will not be comfortable. Chronic pain can be the result at times.

4.) Prone to slippage:

Cowboy boots do not have laces like normal shoes. The tie that the laces provide keeps the boots or shoe intact to the leg. Without laces, the legs can slip.

Walking can be difficult for a normal person. In such a case, a flat-footed person might find it even more difficult to walk in cowboy boots.

Moreover, this also has the risk of the heel skin getting chaffed and developing blisters.

Will wearing thick socks help with arch support?

No, wearing socks cannot help a flat-footed person be at ease in cowboy boots. Socks cannot be a replacement for a midsole nor can they add the needed thickness to the bottom innersole. 

However, wearing socks can prevent other harmful effects like skin blisters and prevent irritation arising from sweaty legs.

All these said socks can give a light cushion effect to the legs. But, this would not be enough to cover the absence of arch support.

Can I add support to cowboy boots for better shock absorption?

Adding support for better shock absorption is not practical for cowboy boots.

For the first thing, the shaft of the boots covers a major part of the leg to protect it from mud or other dirt while working in the field or riding. This means the access to the inside of the boots is not as easy as the other boots.

Unlike normal shoes, reaching the vamp and placing inside it an extra layer for cushioning effect is not easy with cowboy boots. Even if you manage to place an extra soft layer inside the vamp, the placement need not be correct.

The best that you can find is a pair of cowboy boots that has a thin profile. When the thickness of the body is less, the shaft can be stretched more, and hence adding an insole might be easier. 

You can also adopt other ways to stretch the boots such as boot stretch spray, soaking the boots in water, or even rubbing alcohol on the leather.

What to look for while buying cowboy boots for my flat feet?

Here are some tips you need to look out for before buying the cowboys boots to have a comfortable walk:

1.) Check the insoles.

Make sure to check the quality of the soles. The better the cushioning effect, the more comfortable the boots will be for your feet. 

Without midsoles, the boots can give you a rough time. Yet, a good quality insole can make a huge difference.

2.) Go for laces!

Yes, this is also possible. Although traditional cowboy boots come without laces, innovations have been adopted over the years.

Today, cowboy boots come with laces too. This enables the user to have a better grip and balance. Laces give tightness that traditional cowboy boots lack.

3.) Observe the toe box size.

Always, observe the structure of the boots. Some are manufactured without giving much space for the toe boxes. Go for boots with a wide toe box for better balance and a pain-less stroll.

4.) Choose the one with the best outsole

The outsole should be well gripped and broad. The broader the outsole the better will be the pressure dispersion. Also, the height of the heels should be minimal for the same reason. 

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Hope you understood why and how cowboy boots are least preferred by flat-footed people. However, with the information and interesting tips I shared, you can find the best comfortable fit for your flat feet if you are a fan of rugged boots like me. 

Happy purchasing!

See you in the next blog!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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