Can I Put Insoles On The Top Of Insoles?

Are you facing discomfort from your huge shoes? Do they create blisters after a long day? Get rid of that discomfort by adding an extra insole to your shoes. Insoles are designed to provide your feet with maximum comfort and relaxation.

Have you ever considered putting an extra insole on top of your present insole to improve your experience? Are you still unsure whether to put it or not? We are here to clear up any confusion you may have about insoles.

Can I Put Insoles On The Top Of Insoles

Is it ok to wear two Insoles?

You might have heard of people using more than one insole. Is it really ok? Does it hurt? Or is it comfortable? If you are in a dilemma, let us make it easy.

First of all, it is not unusual to wear two insoles at a time. Many people suffer from foot issues, and they need to comfort their feet by putting in two insoles. Not only do people with foot issues, but runners also put more than one insole in their shoes.

You will find many reasons to wear an extra pair of insoles in everyday life. In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy a comfortable outing, you can definitely go for two insoles.

The pros and cons of putting an extra Insole

You might have many doubts regarding putting an extra insole. Here, we provide you with a list of the pros and cons of wearing more than one insole. Check this out and make your decision wisely.


1.) Warmth

Experience the warmth of a comfortable insole during winter. If you certainly have cold feet, adding an extra layer would be beneficial for you.

2.) Prevents blisters

Wearing an extra insole gives a perfect fit for your feet. And this prevents your feet from unwanted scrubbing. If you easily develop blisters, we would recommend you try an extra insole and feel the comfort.

3.) Improve your posture

Insoles are good for improving your posture. You will find different types of specialised postures that will definitely help you to get the perfect posture.


1.) Worsen your health issues

Though there are some advantages of insoles, one cannot ignore the disadvantages. If you do not buy a insole matching your issue, it might cause serious trouble. If you have any certain health conditions, it would be better if you ask your seller customized insole for your issues.

2.) Uncomfortable size

You won’t find the perfect pair of insoles all the time. Most people experience size issues with the extra insole. This would lead to discomfort while running or walking. The best way you can prevent this is by trimming the extra inches.

3.) Body ache

One of the common issue with wearing an extra sole is that it causes body aches. Reports says, the quality of insoles along with size can create body aches.

What should I consider before putting in an extra Insole?

After going through the pros and cons of an extra insole, you might be wondering how to pick the perfect pair for yourself. Worry not! We will discuss the top 3 things you should keep in mind before buying an extra insole.

1.) Determine your purpose

It should be your priority to understand the purpose of buying this extra pair of insole. After fixing the goal, look for insoles that matches with your need. Buying any insole won’t satisfy you, therefore always be specific.

2.) Material

When it comes to insole, never forget to check the material. There are different qualities of insoles which contain different material. If possible, ask for a trial before finalizing the insole. Check the comfort and pressure resistant.

3.) Fitting

Of course, it is one of the most important factors. Before going for an insole, properly measure your feet or the existing insole. If possible, go for a custom-made insole for a genuine fit. If your insole does not fit well, then you won’t feel comfortable and it may cause various health issues too.


Whether it’s your favourite pair of heels or a new pair of workplace loafers, adding a pair of insoles may quickly put a spring in your step. Insoles are useful tools to overcome many health issues.

Apart from that, it provides you with great comfort. But when you go to add an extra insole, you need to be aware of a few things we have discussed in this article.


How do you decide which Insole to buy?

When you go to buy insoles, you must consider the firmness of the insole. It should be strong enough that it does not collapse when you press down on it.

Is it helpful to put in an extra Insole?

Many people add an extra insole for comfort and other health related issues. It is common to put an extra insole above your existing insole.

What is the lifespan of Insoles?

If you are buying a pair of insoles for everyday use, they will usually last at least 6 months.

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