How Tight Should Your Latex Gloves Be?

Wearing a second skin is what it feels like. Latex gloves are suitable, convenient, and easy to dispose of. Today, as an unprecedented need for health and hygiene has taken over the world, these rubber gloves have become more popular than ever before.

Often, latex gloves are donned the wrong way. Either they are not the right size or they are not worn properly. Knowing the essential elements from the selection of the size to how they should fit your palms is extremely important.

Latex gloves should not be too tight or too loose. When put on, they need to ensure the coverage of your hands starting from the wrist. The material should not be stretched to make your palms and fingers stifled nor should it be loose that it would come off.

How Tight Should Your Latex Gloves Be

Knowing some essential elements in deciding the right size can help you find the right gloves.

What if my latex gloves are tight?

Latex gloves are very thin. They are made to feel like you are not wearing gloves at all. Their snug fit makes you feel comfortable and light.

Now think of how it will be if the gloves are smaller than the size that suits you. 

The material will be covering your palm but will be tensed. Your dexterity will be compromised as you will find it impossible to move your finger with ease. You cannot have a proper grip.

Your skin will be suffocated and it can get sweaty inside, all clammy with the rubber being sticky. The tightness can also result in hand fatigue.  

Making things even serious, even blood circulation can get cut if the tightness of the fabric leaves an indention around the wrist. 

The fingernails can easily puncture the gloves as the tips of the gloves’ fingers will be pressed.

To top it all, when stretched, the gloves can tear and expose your skin to contaminants making you vulnerable to hazards. 

Altogether, it will be pretty uncomfortable to be in such a situation.

So how can you know when your gloves are tight? Check out the points below:

      • Your fingers seem smaller when the gloves are on.
      • The material will be seen stretched across the palm.
      • The gloves might leave marks on your skin especially around the wrist.
      • Difficulty for the fingers to bend.

What if they are loose?

Loose latex gloves can give you quite a hard time. They can get you vexed easily for they are loose!

Working in something that can slide off your hands is quite irritating.

Moreover, loose latex gloves can result in chafing of the skin. 

It can also result in the wearer getting distracted due to the discomfort caused. You will be constantly diverting your attention to it to prevent it from coming off. This can affect the quality of your job and can lead to delays and mistakes.

Moreover, the extra loose material can get caught in machines at the area of work which can lead to severe accidents.

Like when they are tight, getting a good grip is impossible when they are too big for your palms.  

Your skin will not be secure under the gloves and can easily get in touch with debris, dust, liquids, or other contaminants.

To know whether the gloves are loose just check for the following:

      • Excess material around the palms.
      • The fingers are not completely taking up the gloves’ finger space.
      • The cuffs are loose.
      • You feel a constant need to pull the gloves to make them stay in place and give comfort.

Major factors that determine your latex gloves fit.

1.) Width

As disposable gloves come in various sizes such as small, large, and medium, with ranges within them, you need to know the exact details to find the correct width. Moreover, each brand can have slight variations of its own. 

You can measure your palm using to decide the size.

2.) Length

Measure the length of the gloves from the top of the middle finger to the cuff. Knowing this is essential in selecting the right-sized gloves.

3.) Finger width and length

The finger length and width of the gloves also matters. Enough space for the fingers to move with ease is necessary to have a comfortable experience.

4.) Overall fit

Even if you focus on each part and take measurements to suit them, at the end of the day, it is the overall fit that carries the most importance.

When put on, the gloves shall give you the satisfaction and comfort that you are looking for. And by satisfaction I mean by what you see and how you feel.

No matter the assessments you make, at times, it takes for you to try them to realize whether they are made for you or not.

How to put on latex gloves and take them off easily and safely?

Putting on these rubber coverings over your hands might seem like a simple task. But is it?

Latex gloves are protective elements that have a high significance in the workplace. Wearing them is therefore close to you saving your life from danger. You are preventing your skin from getting disturbed or infected by harmful substances and sensitive liquids.

So, the methods of putting them on and taking them off need to be done in a way that keeps your hands untouched from the contaminants.

Before you start, remove jewelry on your hands for this will lead to the gloves getting torn while you are donning them.

Step 1: Take the gloves and check for any tears or punctures in them.

Step 2: Start with the dominant hand glove. This will make it easy for you to finish the process fast. Take it and open the cuff.

Step 3: Insert your hand inside and pull the cuff down with the other hand. Make sure that your fingers are inserted in the right space so that you would not have to redo it.

Step 4: Ensure that the gloves are worn covering your wrist and that there are no folds anywhere. 

Step 5: Take the other glove and put it on the other hand in the same way with the help of the dominant hand. 

Now to doff them…

Step 1: Take hold of the outer edge near the cuff area and fold it over. 

Step 2: Pull the folded part outwards pulling the gloves, turning it inside out on the way. This prevents the outer part from touching the skin.

Step 3: Once the glove is off, hold it inside the palm of the other hand.

Step 4: Place two fingers of the bare hands under the cuff of the other hand and peel it off, turning it inside out.

Step 5: Carefully wrap this glove around the other one on the way. Thus you are not touching the interiors anyway.

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To Conclude

Latex gloves need to give you safety and comfort together. Hence, you need to find the right fit to ensure both. Once you know your size, it is easy to select the best ones based on your brand preference.

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