How Do You Know if Gloves are Too Tight?

When we purchase apparel and footwear for a job that requires us to wear safety gear for our own well-being at the workplace, especially when the work environment is hazardous, we tend to focus on the perfect size, material, quality, etc.

Similarly, gloves are a necessity too at some workplaces and they should be of supreme quality to be able to provide the protection we need for our hands. However, many times we tend to neglect the importance of wearing gloves of the correct size.

Are you not sure whether your gloves fit you well or are too tight? If your gloves are making you uncomfortable, limiting your finger movements, blocking your blood flow, and overall hampering your performance at work, that is how you know that the gloves are too tight or small for your hands.

How Do You Know if Gloves are Too Tight

In this article I have discussed the pros of wearing the ideal size of gloves, the disadvantages of wearing the wrong size, and much more, so do read on to learn all you need to about gloves.

How do you know if your gloves fit you well?

The feeling of wearing the right-sized gloves is incomparable. But how to be absolutely sure that you are in fact wearing the correct size or that they fit you well.

Here are a few helpful pointers for you to understand how a well-fitted glove should feel in your hands.

1.) There should not be any gap or space between the tip of your finger and the fabric of your glove. The sensitivity of your fingertips is ensured when the gloves give you a snug fit.

It will also reduce the chances of gashes, which in turn will help you avoid injuries and accidents when working.

2.) There should not be any extra material or fabric leftover in your pair of gloves. All your fingers must be embraced by the entire pair of gloves. This way you will be able to tackle your day-to-day activities well and prevent yourself from getting hurt.

3.) When working you do not want to be in any kind of discomfort as it will only hamper your performance or for that matter put you at the risk of getting hurt.

Therefore, there must be enough space around your wrists so you do not feel suffocated when on the job. It should not be too spacious but just the right amount so your hands are also protected from any possible risks.

4.) The gloves you choose should be made of good fabric that allows you to move your fingers with complete freedom. You should be able to close, open, and also bend your hands with ease.

For that matter even grabbing, or picking things should not be a problem. Your gloves should be flexible and breathable to give you that level of comfort.

5.) Your gloves should fit you well but not too snug that it becomes a problem for you to move your hands freely.

They should not be too tight that you are uncomfortable and your blood flow is being compromised, plus the friction from the tightness can burn your hands when rubbed.

 What are the benefits of wearing the right size glove?

You wear the right sized boots, and clothes for your work, so why not wear the right size pair of gloves as well. Below I have mentioned all the benefits that you can get out of wearing the gloves that fit you well.

1.) You will be able to perform to your maximum capacity at work without having to worry about your gloves being too tight or too large.

2.) Your hands will be protected from the harsh weather conditions that you face regularly. Especially in the winters, your hands will remain warm throughout the day. And in the summers if you wear proper breathable gloves, your hands will remain cool.

3.) The right size gloves will keep you comfortable while you focus at work.

4.) It is not uncommon to get cuts, abrasions, bumps, and scrapes at work, but your gloves will shield your hands from getting injured at work.

5.) If you deal with heavy machinery at work, the gloves can make it easier on you by adding an added layer of protection and comfort.

6.) With the right pair of gloves you will be able to move your hands freely without any restrictions.

What are the drawbacks of wearing the wrong size gloves?

You may want to believe that nothing could possibly go wrong if you wear gloves that are either too big or too tight for you, however, I am here to tell you that this is a huge mistake.

Take a look at these drawbacks that you will be calling for by wearing the wrong pair of gloves.

1.) You will be extremely uncomfortable while working in gloves that are the wrong size.

2.) If your gloves are too big for your hands, they can easily get caught onto something which can lead to serious injuries on your hands.

3.) If your gloves are too tight, the mobility of your hands will be highly compromised.

4.) Wearing ill-fitting gloves will hamper your performance at work.

5.) Your blood flow can be cut off by wearing gloves that are too tight for you.

6.) When the material is constantly rubbing against your skin, it can burn your hands due to the friction if your gloves are too tight.

7.) You will not be able to get a good grip on things when wearing the wrong sized gloves.

8.) Gloves that are big for you can easily slip out of your hands when working in them.

9.) Very tight gloves have a high possibility of tearing sooner than expected.

What is the right way to measure the size of your hands?

In order for you to buy a pair of gloves that are the right size, you can measure your hands first and then compare the measurements to the ones mentioned in the size chart.

Below I have explained the different ways to measure the size of your hand.

1.) Measure the widest part of your hands

You will need fabric tape and measure the circumference of the width of your hands. You need the wrap the tape around the widest part of your hands, which is your palm while excluding the thumb.

Measure the widest part of your hands

Make a note of the size in inches. Depending on whether you are a lefty or a righty, the hand you measure should be your dominant one. Remember to keep your fingers close together.

2.) Measure the length of your hands

Use the same fabric tape to measure the length of your hands. Place your hands flat on a surface while keeping the fingers wide apart from one another.

Put the tape on the tip of your middle finger and run it down till the part where your wrist starts. Then make a note of the length in inches.

3.) Time to calculate

The next step will be to take the higher figure between the width and length of your hands and round it up to get your correct glove size.

For instance, if your width measures 4.5 inches and the length measures 5.5 inches. Then you need to round off 5.5 inches to 6 inches, which will be the size of your gloves.

Based on the figures you have of your hands, you will be able to determine which size gloves you need to purchase for yourself.

Wrapping up

Most workplaces require you to wear gloves as a part of their protective gear, especially if the work environment is hazardous.

The sizes you get for gloves are pretty standard for adults, hence, it should not be confusing when choosing the right pair.

Just as it is important to wear the correct sized gloves, it is equally important for you to care for them so they last you for a long time. Word of advice will be to never compromise on the size and material of your gloves.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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