6 Best Leather Work Gloves for Any Job

Choosing the perfect leather work glove is a challenge especially for the rookie. Little precious research exists to offer guidance.

We try to take some of the mystery away from this by testing various gloves. Our investigation narrowed down to the following 6 gloves which made our list of best leather gloves.

Best Leather Work Gloves

For our top pick, the Wells Lamont Premium Leather Work Glovesmade the greatest impression by its overall performance. It reigned on durability, toughness, and dexterity making this the choice glove for buyers looking for a leather work glove. 

Top pick

1. Wells Lamont Men’s Leather Work Gloves 

For a leather glove that stands out for its high abrasion and anti-puncture feature, it’s hard to think beyond Wells Lamont 11321. This is a glove that is noted for its durability. 

Its adjustable wrist is suited for heavy-duty making it a favorite. If you like having a firm grip, this glove has it all – a tape and ball grip that also enhances safety. 

This is an expensive glove but if you are willing to pay you can look forward to enjoying a glove that holds a well-earned reputation. 

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Runners Up

2. AmazonBasics Leather Work Gloves 

If our top pick is too pricey for your budget, then you will appreciate our next pick, the AmazonBasics AMOOIM Gloves. Its lower price however comes with plenty of features that belie its cheapness.

Puncture resistance is high making you reliably safe for any job you want to do. It has a great wrist closure that holds your glove securely in place. 

These features make this glove the classic choice for general construction and other jobs like shop work, maintenance, and farming. We also liked it for its tough full-grain cowhide which enhances safety against hazardous items and offers you durability. 

A drawback of this glove is inconsistent information about sizing which could lead you to buy gloves that are ill-fitting to you

For Premium Option

3. Midwest 650 Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

This is another premium-priced glove that however comes with the advantage of being US manufactured – unlike many gloves whose manufacture are outsourced overseas. 

These buffalo gloves perform very well in flexibility and pliability. Dirt and grime won’t reach the inside of your glove thanks to a decent elastic wrist feature.

Getting used to it if you are new to it is also nicely short. Whether you are a man or woman you will also like its high dexterity. 

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Best for style

4. Downholm Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves 

For those looking to make a fashion statement with an eye-catching and stylish glove, the Downholm Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves is just what you want. 

The cashmere that lines these gloves gives a soft luxurious warmth. For color, you get two brown shades to pick from. So you get a choice between bright or dark. 

This is a much pricier glove than any in our list but the extra cost is matched by value – especially if you are looking for something exclusive, sleek as well as comfortable. 

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5. Galeton Rough Rider Premium Leather Driver Gloves

This glove is based entirely on tanned grained leather. It offers you unparalleled dexterity to relieve fatigue on your hands.  The cowhide leather also has a distinctive gold tan color that introduces style and taste. 

We also found its keystone thumb pattern great in offering flexibility and better grip.

Its bound leather cuffs also make the glove resistant to wear while enhancing comfort for you. Also, you can count on the elastic wrist to keep out dirt and debris from your glove.

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6. CLC Custom Leather Work right Flex Grip Gloves 

Even though CLC Custom Leather Work right Flex Grip Gloves is synthetic rather than genuine leather, we liked this product enough to put it on our list. Its lycra side panels which lead to great dexterity caught our eye immediately.

We also noted its external anti-shrink shell that makes it an excellent protector for job niches like roofing, maintenance, construction, and mechanics.

This glove thrives well for outdoor, wet drenched settings. You won’t want it for indoor tasks as it is thick and heavy leading to over warmness.

If you are looking for a long span glove, you are better off looking for something else. These gloves are only great if you want heavy-duty work that doesn’t extend long in time. 

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The research

What to look for in a leather work glove

Leather is a tanned hide that is made from many types of animals. However, keep in mind that no one leather type is like another. They all come with unique qualities that require an extra look. 

Types of leather

Cowhide is the most widely used leather type for gloves.

Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather

It stands out for warmer and more heat resistant collated to other alternatives like goat or pigskin. It also gives decent abrasion resistance as well as durability and comfort all at a moderate price

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Pigskin leather is a popular leather type that is favored worldwide as a work glove. Its appeal lies in that it is breathable and durable. It has good waterproof properties because of its oily natural surface.

Pigskin leather

Pigskin leather

Due to its flexibility, it is well suited for jobs that need flexibility. It’s the perfect leather to go for if you desire accuracy or are dealing with high-temperature jobs like welding. The flexibility of deerskin is at the cost of its durability but it has excellent heat resistance.

Goatskin leather shows more durability than deerskin as well as thinness and flexibility than most other skins. The downside is that with greater aging, it becomes less resistant to punctures. For this reason, it needs reinforcing with materials like kevlar.

It isn’t enough to choose which animal your leather comes from. Even the body area of the animal can determine the type of leather. 

The external side of a hide will produce full or top grain leather. This is usually smooth textured. The process of sanding however can cause it to give the same feeling as velvet or suede.

Leather that comes from the animal shoulder or the sides typically shows great durability. Less durable leather comes from the neck or belly which is used for cheaper gloves. 

Leather from the underside of a hide produces suede or split leather. It has less strength than grain leather and does not contain any natural grain. Belly split leather usually gives the least durability with less consistent texture. For this reason, it is cheaper. 

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Our pick

The Wells Lamont Men’s Leather Work Gloves Wells Lamont Premium Leather Work Gloves shot to the top of the list making it the favorite on all indicators that we tested. It is effective and versatile, performing impressively on durability, resilience, and comfort. 

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Our top pick is an expensive option but we think it’s still a good choice for its great performance. So we didn’t change our mind about its overall superiority.

However, the next pick we made, AmazonBasics AMOOIM is a cheaper alternative for those who may find our top pick unaffordable. 

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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